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iGBAccessoriesBest 2018 iPad Cases in 2024

Best 2018 iPad Cases in 2024

Apple has surprised its users at the onset of 2018 by launching an iPad Pro 9.7-inch in March. Then in October, Apple released two iPads – iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. While iPad Pro 9.7-inch was explicitly designed for students, the other two are made to attract pro-users. If you have already got the device or planning to buy one, think of its protection. The premium device needs complete protection, and you can rely on our list of the best 2018 iPad Cases.

Best 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 Cases


ZUGU CASE iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2018 Case

ZUGU CASE provides extreme comfort and convenience to all iPad Pro users. This case is ergonomically designed, and therefore, you can use it anywhere, anytime. Whether you are in your bedroom or kitchen, you can use your iPad Pro to watch movies and recipes. You can use its multiple angles to adjust the screen as per your need.

Its magnetic stand allows you to attach your iPad Pro to your fridge and continue watching videos or movies while cooking your favorite dishes. On the back, ZUGU CASE provides a dedicated slot to fix Apple Pencil.

USP: Multi-adjustable angles
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2. ESR

ESR Yippee iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2018 Case

ESR has become a leading name in the world of iPad accessories. For your 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2018), ESR brings a lightweight stand case, which boasts auto sleep/wake feature. Since ESR case has this feature of auto sleep/wake, it saves your iPad’s battery. Another notable feature is microfiber lining and hardback cover; both features protect your device from the damage.

ESR gives you a case with a tightly sealed front cover that protects your device from scratches. The auto sleep/wake feature works for a long time as there are stronger magnets installed in the cover.

USP: Tightly sealed front cover
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3. Ztotop

Ztotop 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 Case

Ztotop brings a minimalist smart case, which has an ultra-slim profile. Its strong magnet quickly closes and opens the cover; moreover, the case has auto sleep/wake feature to save battery life of your iPad Pro. The durable material retains the classic and professional look of your iPad Pro, which is protected by PU leather exterior and soft microfiber lining of this case.

This case does not cover your iPad Pro completely, but there is a blessing in disguise. You can attach your Apple Pencil to the side of your device and charge it wirelessly. The tri-fold stand allows you to watch movies, browse photos, and read eBooks on your device. Last but certainly not the least, it is a great comfort for you to use a keyboard on your iPad.

USP: Classic and professional design
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4. Spigen

Spigen 2018 iPad Pro 12.9-inch Case

Spigen is a name to reckon with among big brands of iPhone and iPad accessories. This case for 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2108 is arguably the best thing you can cover your device with. Spigen has designed this case precisely so that you can quickly access ports and controls on your iPad. Its portfolio design allows you to carry your daily essentials and Apple Pencil.

You can use the cover as a stand to view contents in hands-free mode. Privacy and full coverage are two notable features that come with secure magnetic closure.

USP: Privacy and full coverage
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5. Poetic

Poetic TurtleSkin 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 Case

Poetic’s TurtleSkin series presents a case, which scores less on style but delivers excellent performance on strength. If you want a robust case for your iPad Pro, Poetic’s TurtleSkin case is the best answer. This case has two notable features: corner protection and protective silicone.

The silicone case is soft and comfortable to hold with its rounded edge design. The case tightly fits on your iPad Pro; the tyre pattern offers an anti-slip grip on both sides.

USP: Non-toxic silicone
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6. WWW by Homelove

WWW iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2018 Case

Homelove brings an iPad Pro case with luxury laser flower pattern. The brand has used premium PU leather to protect your device from potential damages. Apart from its strength, Homelove has paid equal attention to the style of this case. You can select any one color from a range of seven shades, which include black, gold, navy blue, purple, magenta, mint green, and rose gold.

The magnetic closure not only makes easy snap on/off but also secures your iPad Pro. With an elastic band, you can hold your device comfortably even while you are walking through crowded places.

USP: Elastic band
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7. ProCase

ProCase 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 Case

ProCase is one of the reputed names in iPad accessories. As the brand has some accolades in its kitty, you can rely on this fresh piece from its factory. This iPad Pro case from ProCase is a vintage stand folio cover that protects your device and supports Apple Pencil charging. This classy folio has premium composition leather exterior and soft interior.

Your iPad Pro is guarded against daily usage. There are multiple slots provided to rest your device against horizontal angles. Get full access to all ports, controls, and buttons. There is a one short-coming of this case though; it doesn’t support Smart Keyboard.

USP: Protection against daily use
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8. Fintie

Fintie SlimShell 2018 iPad Pro 12.9-inch Case

Fintie’s iPad Pro case supports Apple Pencil second generation; this means you can charge your stylus when you are on your travels.

This case is exclusively designed for iPad Pro 12.9-inch third-generation, and therefore, you should not try it on any other iPad Pro with the same size. This SlimShell case offers easy clip-on application; once you install the case, you iPad Pro automatically wakes or puts your device to sleep when you shut the lid.

Tri-fold front cover can transform your case into a viewing stand and keyboard stand. To keep your Apple Pencil secure, Fintie has attached a stretchable elastic pocket. This slim, lightweight, and durable case is made of premium quality PU leather to protect your device against scratches.

USP: Stretchable elastic pocket
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Best 11-inch iPad Pro Cases

1. FYY

FYY iPad Pro 11-inch Case

FYY has crafted this case from premium genuine leather and a soft cloth; for external protection, the brand has used leather and for internal security, there is soft cloth. Both the materials offer firm grip and durability to your iPad Pro. Those who love to watch movies and video chats on iPad, FYY gives adjustable stand with multi-viewing angles.

Fashion is always linked to FYY products, and this lightweight case is not an exception. The ultra-slim case offers you quick access to ports and controls on your iPad. This case is available in three vibrant colors: black, wine red, and brown.

USP: Fashionable design
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2. Bear Motion

Bear Motion iPad Pro 11-inch Case

Bear Motion has emphasized strength and not on style. However, if you want style, you can check that another case in blue color. This black iPad Pro case has no fashion; it is made of 100% high-quality silicone material to protect the back and sides of your iPad. Don’t miss those raised bezels to protect camera lenses of your iPad.

Bear Motion has created a shock-proof design that protects your iPad from accidental drops and bumps. The silicone material provides a firm grip when you hold your iPad with one hand.

USP: 100% silicone material
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DTTO 11-inch iPad Pro Case

DTTO has made an iPad Pro case, which supports Apple Pencil pairing and charge. You can attach your Apple stylus magnetically and it will precisely align with all 102 magnets – the credit goes to uncovered edge design. This case is made of premium synthetic leather, which provides excellent protection to your precious device.

For FaceTime and video calls, you can use tri-fold stand mode, which also allows you to type long contents comfortably. You can create documents or projects on your iPad Pro by using an Apple keyboard, or you can use any third-party keyboard to your iPad.

USP: Durable material
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4. Hocase

Hocase iPad Pro 11-inch Case

Hocase brings burgundy flowers and mandala flowers – both designs will attract women of substance. This smart case is made of PU leather and plastic hard back cover. While leather ensures elegance, the hard plastic back protects your iPad Pro from potential damage like scratches and all.

The floral pattern of this case is also perfect for girls, who own an iPad Pro 11-inch. Listen to your favorite music on Apple Music by using hands-free and experience comfortable typing with tri-fold front cover.

USP: Floral pattern
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5. Spigen

Spigen iPad Pro 11-inch Case

Spigen is one of the leading brands in iPhone and iPad accessories. This smart fold is exclusively designed for iPad Pro 11-inch 2018 for full privacy and coverage with secure magnetic closure. For comfortable viewing, you can use its cover that doubles as a stand.

Since the case boasts auto sleep/wake feature, you can save your iPad Pro’s battery as the case turns on and off your device automatically.

USP: Full privacy and coverage
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6. Infiland

Infiland 11-inch iPad Pro Case

Infiland presents an iPad Pro 11-inch 2018 shell cover case with a translucent back protector. This case supports second-generation Apple Pencil wireless charging and auto wake/sleep feature. The case is so precisely crafted by Infiland that you can easily access all the ports and buttons on your iPad Pro.

This case retains sleek profile of your iPad as it doesn’t not any bulk to your smart device. Moreover, you can easily fold its front cover when you wish to draw or sketch something on your iPad. Want to cook your favorite dish? Use stable stand and explore some mouthwatering recipes on YouTube.

USP: Precisely crafted
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7. TurtleSkin from Poetic

Poetic TurtleSkin 11-inch iPad Pro Case

As the name suggests, this case is as strong as turtle’s tough skin. Taken from Poetic’s TurtleSkin series of iPad Pro cases, this one gives maximum protection to your device. A glaring feature of this case is its non-toxic silicone, which makes the product childproof. Moreover, Poetic has installed tactile side grip and unique rear turtle shell design for excellent grip.

For corner protection, this case is equipped with ultra-thick silicone surrounding and perforated shock-absorbing design. Your iPad Pro is safeguarded against extreme shocks and impacts.

USP: Non-toxic silicone
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TiMOVO 11-inch iPad Pro Case

Take an Apple Pencil wherever you take your iPad Pro 11-inch with TiMOVO’s smart case. The case has a secure magnetic attachment, which holds your Apple stylus and wirelessly charges the Pencil. The slim and lightweight profile makes a lot of difference for users, who are always on the go. You can move effortlessly while holding your iPad Pro in your hands as the case offers excellent grip.

This thin case protects your iPad Pro from all sides and corners; its magnetic flip securely closes your iPad for safe and convenient usage.

USP: Slim and lightweight
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9. Sonmer

Sonmer iPad Pro 11-inch Case

Sonmer presents an impressive range of colorful cases for 11-inch iPad Pro. After looking at the cases listed here, it seems that Sonmer wants to target kids and women. There are colors, flowers, monuments, and more designed in beautiful cases. This case is made of soft PU leather, which keeps it lightweight yet strong and durable.

Since Sonmer has used high-quality materials, the case doesn’t smell nasty, and it is good for your kids. This case seamlessly supports second-generation Apple Pencil for wireless charging. To watch videos and type contents on your iPad Pro, just flip the case into tri-fold.

USP: No smell
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Best 9.7-inch iPad 2018 Cases


ZUGU 2018 iPad Case

What I have found admirable in ZUGU is the ultra-protective design that works as a trusted shield for the iPad. The extremely rugged outer shell can resist impact, while the soft TPU bumper empowers the case to endure drops up to 5 feet. Non-slip exterior offers improved grip so that you can hold the iPad comfortably.

Due mainly to the magnetic kickstand, you have fabulous viewing angles. Therefore, you will love watching movies and chatting with friends. Additionally, ZUGU comes in two colors: black and navy blue.

USP: Shock-absorbing design
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2. CaseMade

CaseMade iPad 2018 Leather Folio Case

Case Made’s folio case is a synonym of superior quality. The slim profile exhibits executive design that snaps around the iPad spotlessly. Praiseworthy workmanship has beautified cowhide leather structure. And with the leather texture on offer, you feel comfortable holding the cover in your hands.

The inclusion of polycarbonate mold fortifies the construction, enabling the cover to withstand drops. Horizontal stand amps up your media time with more convenient viewing angle. With the auto sleep/wake functionality, the cover plays a vital role in extending the battery life of your iPad.

USP: Executive design
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DTTO New iPad 9.7 Inch 2018 Case

DTTO folio case flaunts a sophisticated profile. Made from synthetic leather, the case has a soft-textured surface, which has a nice feel. TPU soft interior ensures the desired protection from scrape while also helping the case to endure minor bumps.

Magnetic closure supports auto sleep/wake functionality to extend the battery life of the device. With the stand functionality, you have multiple viewing angles to liven up your video time. Beyond viewing experience, DTTO comes in four attractive colors like black, blue, brown and red.

USP: Soft microfiber interior lining
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4. JETech

ESR 9.7-inch iPad 2018 Case

If you are hunting for a highly affordable 9.7-inch iPad case that can live up to your basic needs admirably, go for JETech! The combo of high-grade PC and soft TPU has given it enough vigor to offer the essential shield to your tablet to withstand accidental falls. Thanks to the soft interior, your iPad has the additional safeguards against scratch.

Tri-fold front cover offers multiple viewing angles to let you comfortably watch videos and also type emails. With the precise cutouts, you have painless access to all the functions of your iPad. Lastly, you can choose JETech in four charming colors: black, blue, purple and red.

USP: The tri-fold front cover
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YOUMAKER iPad 9.7-inch 2018 Case

Should you think of providing a fully shockproof case to your iPad so that it remains protected at all hazards, YOUMAKER would be a handsome choice. The case has been made of hard PC and extremely soft TPU. Courtesy the rubberized bumper and rugged outer shell; it’s capable of dispersing impact.

There is also raised edge that offers an extra defense to touchscreen against scratch. With the built-in kickstand onboard, you will have more enhanced hands-free calling experience. Besides, YOUMAKER is available in six color options like black, black/gold, red, etc.

USP: Built-in kickstand
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6. New Trent

New Trent iPad 2018 Case

Sporting a muscular profile, New Trent is designed to be a highly durable case for the 9.7-inch iPad. The dual-layer construction is strong enough to survive even nasty bumps. There is also soft interior to keep scratch at a fair distance.

Built-in kickstand allows you to transform the case into a handy horizontal stand for convenient media watching. And yes, the leather strap allows you to carry your tablet comfortably.

USP: Dual-layered casing
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7. Favormates

Favormates iPad 2018 Keyboard Case

How about picking out a top-notch keyboard for your iPad? With the ultra-compact design and exceptionally tactile keys, Favormates is one of the finest keyboard cases.

130 degree rotating clamshell cover offers multiple viewing angles to ensure both your watching media and typing needs are ideally fulfilled. It has seven backlight colors and three brightness settings, which helps you use the keyboard conveniently at nights.

As for protection, you can expect it never to disappoint your tablet. As for protection, you can expect it never to disappoint your tablet. Besides, you can choose Favormates in four attractive colors: silver, black, gold and rose.

USP: 130-degree rotating clamshell
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8. ProCase

ProCase iPad 9.7 2018 Case

Simply put, ProCase is one of the most adorable folio cases in the market. It’s beautifully crafted with top-quality synthetic leather. With the smooth interior, the case doesn’t let scrape hurt your iPad.

Stand feature does a fine job of letting you make the most of funny videos at a more comfortable angle. There is also stylus holder to let you securely keep your Apple Pencil. Lastly, ProCase comes in seven charming color variants including red, teal, black, gray and more.

USP: Multiple viewing angles
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9. Fintie

Fintie iPad 9.7 inch 2018 Case

Fintie is a nice-looking folio case that makes a fascinating match with the iPad. To me, the biggest highlight of this case is the availability of several vibrant colors. That means you have a number of options to experiment and decide which one looks hot on the iPad.

Another notable feature is the 360 Degree Rotating Stand Cover that offers both vertical and horizontal viewing angles. It also has the support of auto sleep/wake functionality to prevent unnecessary battery consumption.

USP: 360 degree rotating stand
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10. ESR

ESR 9.7-inch iPad 2018 Case

If you have a huge penchant for colorful profiles, ESR is readied to be a dashing match for your iPad. Carved out of polyurethane, the case has got a pretty nice design. Soft microfiber lining keeps scratch at bay.

Tri-fold front cover provides both typing and viewing angles. What’s more, you can pick out ESR folio case in a number of attractive colors. Hence, you won’t have any problem in choosing a stunning pair for your tablet.

USP: High-quality polyurethane
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11. Dteck

Dteck iPad 9.7-inch 2018 Case

How cool Dteck looks! Showcasing funky design, Dteck has got the fascinating profile to win you over at the very first glance. The case has been carved out of finest PU leather. TPU interior has reinforced the structure, giving it the required strength to resist abrasion. Magnetic strip lets you securely close the case. Even better, you have more than 30 eye-catching colors with different patterns to choose from.

USP: Various color options
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That’s all, folks!

What’s your pick?

Which one of the above cases is going to pair with your iPad? Is it the one that looks funky or the one that has a suave design? It would be great to know its name.

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