Best Accessories for iPad Pro [2018] in 2023

Best Accessories for iPad Pro

First, the choice of an accessory entirely depends on where your priority lies. Though some accessories can be an automatic choice, there are those whose necessity depends on your needs. For instance, if you are a frequent traveler and never want your tablet to run out of juice, a power bank can benefit you. However, I’m sure the following collection of the best 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 and 11-inch iPad Pro accessories can ideally fit your needs.

1. Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for 12.9 and 11 inch iPad Pro

An iPad Pro without a keyboard case is incomplete. Well, I say it because the powerful tablet has got all the qualities to become your sophisticated laptop.

When you think of going for a top-notch keyboard case, Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio comes to the mind immediately. The cover is well-built and boasts a full-size keyboard.

The keys offer a responsive feel and make it easier to type. However, the best thing about Smart Keyboard Folio is that you don’t need to connect it to the iPad or worry about charging.

USP: Full-size keyboard for smooth typing

Check out on Amazon (for iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 3rd Generation)

Check out on Amazon (for iPad Pro 11-inch, 3rd Generation)

2. Oxford Leather Folio from Pad & Quill

Pad & Quill 12.9 and 11 inch iPad Pro Oxford Leather Folio

I have a special liking for a luxurious folio case. And this one from Pad & Quill is simply the best in the market.

The quality that stands out this classy folio cover is the high-grade American full-grain bridle leather coupled with rich craftsmanship. Marine-grade nylon stitching adds more flair to its pro-looking design.

UV resistance quality helps the leather retain its vintage profile for long. Plus, the cover features a soft leather interior to additional protection from drops.

Magnetic ON/OFF functionality keeps the unnecessary power consumption in check, while the self-propping stand makes sure you have enhanced the viewing experience.

USP: American full-grain bridle with rich craftsmanship

Check out on Pad&Quill (for iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 3rd Generation)

Check out on Pad&Quill (for iPad Pro 11-inch, 3rd Generation)

3. Evo Sleeve from Harber London

Harber London Evo Sleeve for iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 inch

Harber London’s Evo collection is for the folks who admire top-of-the-line craftsmanship. The sleeve sports aesthetic design and is carved out of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather.

Dense wool felt strengthens the padding so that the sleeve can absorb shock. There two small pockets on either side for storing extra things which makes this one of the must-have iPad Pro 2018 accessories.

It has a secure holder wherein your Apple Pencil will rest peacefully. As for colors, Evo sleeve is available in tan and black colors.

USP: Top-of-the-line craftsmanship

Check out on Harberlondon

4. Beats Studio3 Headphones

Beats Studio3 Headphones for iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 inch

“Beats Studio3” is primed for audiophiles. The over-ear-headphones sport a trendy design and are blessed with amazing sound.

One notable feature is the adaptive noise-canceling technology that ensures your hands-free calling remains peaceful. Thanks to the W1 chip, you can instantly pair it with your iPhone.

As for battery life, Studio3 can last up to 22 hours on a single charge. Besides, you can enjoy three hours of play after just a 10-minute charge. And yes, you have as many as 10 attractive color variants like red, matte black, gray and more at your disposal.

USP: Amazing sound quality
Check out on Amazon

5. Apple Pencil 2

Apple Pencil 2 for 12.9 and 11 inch iPad Pro

If you are a designer or love sketching images, you shouldn’t miss out on Apple Pencil 2. The digital pen boasts industry-leading low latency that makes it a cut above the rest

Apple touts that the stylus delivers pixel-perfect precision. From what I’ve experienced it does live up to the high expectation.

The digital pen features a flat design that attaches magnetically for automatic pairing and charging. It has an intuitive touch surface that supports double-tapping to let you change tools with ease.

USP: Industry-leading low latency
Check out on Apple

6. Stouch Stand

Stouch 12.9 and 11 inch iPad Pro Stand

This tablet stands from Stouch is highly rated and can be a fine companion for your iPad Pro. What I personally like the most in this stand is the solid build thanks to the high-grade aluminum alloy material.

You can position your 2018 iPad both horizontally and vertically. With the stable base, Stouch remains steady while holding your tablet.

You will use this stand not just with your 12.9-inch, 11-inch iPad Pro but also 9.7-inch iPad. Furthermore, both the silver and gray hues look impressive on it.

USP: High-grade aluminum alloy
Check out on Amazon

Bose Bluetooth Speaker for 12.9 and 11 inch iPad Pro

I’ve chosen Bose SoundLink mainly because of its superior sound quality. It’s more than fine to light up your music time. Lithium-ion battery helps it deliver up to eight hours of playtime.

Design-wise, the Bluetooth speaker looks compact and sports soft-touch silicone exterior. With the built-in mic, it can also bolster your hands-free calling.

Even better, it works with both Siri and Google. Plus, you will choose SoundLink in multiple colors such as coral red, aquatic blue, polar white, and soft black.

USP: Superior sound quality
Check out on Amazon

That’s pretty much it! I guess you have loved exploring the iPad Pro accessories with me.

Stay Tuned With Us For More…

With a good many accessories vying for your attention, choosing the right one shouldn’t have been a big deal. May you want to spill the beans about them and the qualities that have caught your eyes in those goodies.

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