Best iPad Car Chargers in 2019 to Charge your iPads While Traveling

Loaded with advanced charging technology, these top 10 car chargers for iPad in 2019 are fully capable of turbocharging your tablet on the go.

Having an iPad car charger makes it easier to handle the power needs of your iPad. If you use the tablet extensively, you’re most likely running into low battery alerts on it. If you’ve got a car charger lying around, you can charge your iPad on-the-go and keep it ready for use at all times.

Based on the ability to charge an iPad with top speed, these are the best iPad car chargers. They provide the complete safeguard from short circuit and over/low voltage. Made of high-quality fireproof material, the car chargers are very efficient and secure. Let’s get to know more about the top car chargers for iPad!

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Best iPad Car Chargers of 2019

#1. Vogek

Vogek 4.8A 24W iPad Car Charger

Having two USB ports, the charger excels in juicing up multiple devices at one go. They are equipped with smart identity technology and deliver up to 50W total power.

The advanced circuit design enables it to knock down multiple hazards like overvoltage and overcharging. Rugged construction coupled with CE, FCC & RoHS certification makes it a perfect travel companion. Besides, Vogek is available in black color.

USP: Two USB ports
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#2. Maxboost

Maxboost iPad Car Charger

The Maxboost car charger has all the features to be part of the best. The 12-18V input and DC 5V 4.8A or 24W output makes it robust in its own right.

The car charger comes with the double injected frame with a polycarbonate inner layer and soft TPU exterior which provides better grip. The superior circuit design safeguards from short-circuiting, overheating, over-currents, or and over-charging. The dual USB ports quickly detect your devices and charge efficiently.

USP: Short-circuit protection
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#3. Gembonics

Gembonics Lighting Car Charger for iPad

Made of high-quality fireproof material, Gembonics car charger provides complete safety. The charger comes with an original Apple lightning connector and authentication chip that makes it fully compatible to charge and sync with iOS devices.

The high output of 3.1 Amps helps it charge your device with lightning-fast speed. Whenever there is overcharging, over/lower voltage, charging stops automatically to protect your device. The portable design allows you to carry it comfortably.

USP: Ultra-portable design
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AUKEY iPad Car Charger

AUKEY CC-S1 is highly efficient for charging your device with good pace and desired safety. Solid construction coupled with the impressive design reinforces its durability. With the two USB charging ports, the car charger enables you to juice up two devices in one go.

The 4.8A output makes it very competitive. It’s capable of protecting your device from short circuit or overcharging. Lastly, the car charger is available in two colors—black and white. Beyond features, AUKEY CC-S1 car charger is available with the 24-month warranty.

USP: Highly efficient
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#5. BliGli

BliGli iPad Car Charger

What about picking out a car charger that can also enhance your both music time and hands-free calling experience? BliGli comes with a built-in microphone to provide clear audio so that you can communicate freely. The high-stereo sound ensures your favorite songs continue to weave magic in their full-fledged form.

You can quickly answer, reject or redial calls. There is also an option to let you go to the next or previous track and even adjust the volume. As for charging your iOS device, it’s got two ports and offers enough output to charge your device fast.

USP: Multifunction Car Charger
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#6. Anker PowerDrive 2

Anker 24W iPad Car Charger

Anker PowerDrive 2 comes with PowerIQ Technology that empowers it to charge your device at a rapid speed. The ability to offer charge speed up to 2.4 amps per port or 4.8 amps overall makes it very handy.

The high output of 24 watts through two ports allows you to power up two devices at once. MultiProtect safety system ensures your iOS device has complete safety from short-circuiting, overcharging and overcurrent.

The compact and lightweight design makes it ultra-portable. Beyond portability, PowerDrive 2 comes with the 18-month warranty.

USP: MultiProtect safety system
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#7. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics 4-Port iPad Car Charger

AmazonBasics car charger offers you all the comfort you would want to power up your device with needed safety and speed. With the Apple MFi certification, it’s fully compatible to let you charge and sync your iPad.

It charges your device through the car’s DC adapter. With four advanced USB ports available, you will be able to juice up four devices at once. The car charger delivers 2.4A output, which is up to the mark for charging your iOS device at a rapid speed.

The charger provides the necessary security from common threats like short-circuiting and also allows you to use your device while it’s being powered up. You have three colors to choose from: black, white and black/red. Lastly, AmazonBasics comes with a one-year limited warranty. Note: AmazonBasics with two USB ports is priced at $7.64.

USP: CE, FCC, and RoHS certified
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#8. Sngg

SNGG Car Charger for iPad and iPhone

When it comes to efficiency, Sngg is rated at par with the best car chargers available in the market. It delivers 2.4A output to powers up your iOS device at a blazing speed. Additional socket allows you to charge two devices at a time. Plus, it also works with Quick Charge technology so that you can charge your device at blazing speed.

The intelligent circuit design enables it to keep off the challenges like overcurrent, short-circuit. Due to the strong built-up, you can trust this car charger to last long. Durability aside, Sngg car charger comes with the 18-month warranty.

USP: Intelligent circuit design
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HUNDA iPad Car Charger

Hunda car charger for iPad boasts a sporty look, perfect if you have a sports car. It has two USB ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously. In addition to that, it also protects your device from common charging related issues like overcharging, overheating, and overcurrent.

Apart from the USB port, it also has three lighter port that can be used for other car accessories like GPS, or a vacuum cleaner. Lastly, there are no color choices available.

USP: Sporty look
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#10. Aonear

Aonear iPad Charger

If you like to keep things simple in your car, then Aonear car charger for iPad has got a minimalist design along with enough elegance. It has a light LED light that indicates charging. It also comes in handy to find USB port while driving in the dark. There are two USB ports to charge a couple of device at once.

Apart from that, it also protects your device from the most common charging related issues. Overall, it is a great product with fair pricing.

USP: Minimalist design
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Signing Off

Now, use these top chargers to juice up your iOS devices with optimum convenience even on the drive. With the necessary protection from excessive current or short circuit, they ensure your iPad has complete safety while charging. Is any of your favorite charger missing from this list? I would like to know its name.

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