Best iPad Air Screen Protectors: Anti-scratch, Anti-glare and More

Should you use a screen guard for the iPad Air? Is it absolutely necessary? Debatable questions as they are, it still makes a lot of sense to have a screen protector for the iPad Air. It serves a couple of purposes right off the bat: it prevents accidental scratches that are way too frequent and it prevents oily or humid fingerprints from impacting the display.

The market is flooded with iPad Air screen protectors. Some of the military-grade screen guards retail for over $30 and just when you think “who’d be spending so much on a simple screen guard”, let me tell you that these products are mighty popular.

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We picked five of the best iPad Air screen protectors. Check them out. Prices given are retail, Amazon prices are far cheaper.

1. Tech Armor
Tech Armor’s iPad Air screen guard is a considerably thin HD transparent film. It’s the same Japenese PET screen that most screen-guards are made of. The screen protector doesn’t affect the touch experience. The screen mostly prevents fingerprints too and can protect the iPad Air display from scratches and dust. It’s a pretty good armor for the screen.

Price: $24.99
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2. Supershieldz
Supershieldz is a matte screen guard. It’s hard, it comes with anti-glare features designed to lend a very clear, crisp and accurate display. The shield doesn’t come in the way of touch sensitivity: given the matte finish, it’s incredibly smooth and works very well. This is made from Japanese PET too. Designed with specific cutouts for the iPad, Supershieldz is an excellent, long-lasting screen protector for the iPad Air.

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Price: $14.99
Buy it from Amazon

3. iCarez
iCarez has a 3-H hardness rating. It’s one of the hardest screen protectors around. But it’s not so thick that it affects the usability of the iPad Air. iCarez features pretty much the same specs as other screen guards for the iPad: it’s anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-dust and prevents fingerprint imprints so you have a clear screen all the time.

Price: $29.99
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4. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield
ArmorSuit is perhaps the only military-grade screen guard for the iPad Air out of this list. There’s not much of a difference in the way these screen guards function though. The one big difference is that the screen guard supposedly withstands impacts from sharp-pointed objects too, besides protecting the iPad Air from scratches and dust. Varieties include a privacy shield which prevents others from being able to look at your iPad screen from an angle.

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Price: $29.95
Buy it from Amazon

5. Anker
Anker’s iPad Air screen guard is a hard-coated screen guard. With a 4H level hardness, Anker is truly hard but it’s terrifically smooth. It comes with those anti-glare and anti-fingerprint features that make sure your iPad Air experience is unhindered by the screen guard. And it prevents scratches and the impact of regular wear and tear on the iPad’s retina screen.

Price: $19.99
Buy it from Amazon

Which screen protector do you use for your iPad Air?

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