10 Best iPad Air Keyboard Cases You’ll Ever Get Your Hands On

Accelerate your typing experience! There are several user-friendly features that make these top 10 keyboard cases for iPad Air apart from the rest. For instance, they sport a form-fitting design and very responsive keys that are designed to improve your typing.

With top-notch performances, the iPad Air definitely looks like one of the best tools for business and professional work. While most tablets stay at a distance when it comes to porting most of the work that you do on a PC/laptop, the iPad has consistently proven to be a strong performer.

Nothing enhances the iPad Air experience like a leather case which lets you carry your iPad safely while also providing a better way to type and interact with documents on the iPad. A few months ago, we had just a handful of iPad Air keyboard cases in the market. Today, we’ve got quite a lot of them.

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Best iPad Air Keyboard Cases

The iPad Air is physically not the same as older iPads. It’s thinner, bezels are thinner, and it’s “different” which is why many older iPad cases don’t fit the iPad Air (5th gen) perfectly.

Here’s a collection of ten of the best keyboard cases forĀ iPad Air out in the market. We’ve tried pick from a variety of price-points so remember that you get what you pay for. Higher end models that come with a ton of features and quality-standards are going to be costly but worth every penny you spend.

Round-up of 10 Best iPad Air Keyboard Cases

#1. Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio

Logitech Fabric Skin Keyboard for iPad Air

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FabricSkin from Logitech is one of the two amazing iPad Air keyboard cases they’ve made. It’s one of the thinnest keyboard folios that have an interesting design – minimalist, clear and extremely friendly. On a regular use of 2hrs/day, Logitech FabricSkin promises a 3-month-long battery life.

The iPad Air fits perfectly, the folio case is easy to carry around, and you can pop it open securely. The keyboard in itself is ergonomic, strong and comes with essential shortcuts that allow you to copy, cut and paste.

USP: Long battery life
Price: $47.99 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

#2. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air

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Ergonomically, Logitech’s Ultrathin is a kickass product for the same price that FabricSkin costs. The primary difference between these two keyboard cases for the iPad Air lies in the design of the cases. The Ultrathin Keyboard folio looks cooler than FabricSkin. Ultrathin is specifically designed to make portability an easy thing for iPad Air owners. With the same battery backup, Ultrathin keyboard folio should come as an excellent, stylish keyboard case for your iPad Air.

USP: Ultra-sleek design
Price: $59.95 on Amazon.com

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#3. Belkin QODE Slim Style for iPad Air

Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air

Belkin QODE oozes elegance with top-of-the-line features and impressive design. Crafted with the aircraft grade aluminum, the keyboard case looks premium. Due mainly to the sturdy construction, it’s got the strength to withstand drops and be a long-lasting companion of your tablet.

The full-size keyboard makes typing smooth sailing. Multiple prop angles and foldability makes the QODE Slim Style an enormously popular iPad Air case. Better still, 280mAh high-capacity battery offers a huge 1900-hour active battery life.

USP: Aircraft grade aluminum
Price: $129.99 [$74.58 on Amazon.com]

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#4. ZAGG Folio Keyboard Case

ZAGG Keyboard for iPad Air

The ZAGG Folio Keyboard case may not boast a sleek design, but if you are after an excellent typing experience, you can’t go wrong with it. Courtesy multi-layered construction, the case is fully capable of shielding your tablet from accidental drops. Snap-on design helps it fit immaculately on the iPad. Despite having such a sturdy structure, it doesn’t look bulky at all!

Depending on your need, you can prop up the keyboard case to have desired viewing angle. Backlit keys and the large typing area make your typing pretty easy-going.

USP: Backlit keys and the large typing area
Price: $149.99 [$84 on Amazon.com]

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#5. Tezzionas

Tezzionas iPad Air Keyboard Case

Tezzionas features a compact design, which makes a good-looking match with your iPad. The tactile keys are very responsive that immensely enhances your typing experiences. There are three brightness modes (high/medium/low) seven backlight colors.

The High-grade aluminum alloy material reinforces its construction, while the useful hinge offers more comfortable viewing angle. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 5-10 hours when used continuously. Moreover, Tezzionas keyboard case comes with 2-year warranty.

USP: Tactile keys
Price: $55.99 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Favormates

Favormates iPad Aor Keyboard Case

I like the slim and form-fitting design of Favormates. The 130-degree clamshell offers multiple viewing angles. It features seven backlight colors and three brightness modes to let you use your tablet comfortably even in dark environments.

The lithium-ion battery delivers 120 hours of continuous work time and up to 330 days of standby time. Auto sleep and wake functionality prevent unnecessary battery consumption. What’s more, you have nice-looking colors (rose gold, gold, silver, and black) to choose from.

USP: 130-degree clamshell
Price: $55.99 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

#7. CrazyOnDigital

CrazyOnDigital iPad Air Keyboard Case

If you’d rather prefer a decent, budget-friendly, standard-quality iPad Air case, the CrazyOnDigital Keyboard case for iPad Air should be a better option. It’s definitely not a fancy case, but it looks very professional with its leather texture.

The keys are smooth and easy to press so you won’t have any problem while typing. With the built-in stand onboard, you will have a more convenient viewing angle.

USP: Smooth leather texture
Price: $18.95 on Amazon.com
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#8. Anker Ultra-Slim Folio iPad Air Case

Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case for iPad Air

What puts Anker folio keyboard case a smart pick is the ability to take care of all of your needs with good effect. It has a form-fitting design that goes along perfectly with the iPad. The keys are very smooth to the touch and offer better feedback.

The folio case ideally meets your typing and viewing needs thanks to the availability of multiple prop angles. And yes, you have a robust 800mAh battery that lasts over six months between charges.

USP: Form-fitting design
Price: $32.99 on Amazon.com
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#9. MoKo iPad Air Keyboard Case

MoKo iPad Air Keyboard Case

With simple and neat design, MoKo keyboard case looks urbane on the iPad. The combination of ABS plastic and PU leather has given it enough strength to withstand impact. Smooth leather offers improved grip.

Low-profile keys with crisp feedback make typing easy-going. Stand functionality ensures you have preferred viewing angle. Additionally, the 280mAh battery is good enough to deliver uninterrupted 90 hours work time.

USP: Low-profile keys
Price: $26.99 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

#10. New Trent Airbender 3.0 iPad Air

New Trent iPad Air Keyboard Case

The New Trent Airbender Star looks like a super suit for the iPad Air. The hard clamshell keyboard with detachable back case offers you more flexibility. Optimized keys are primed to accelerate typing.

The case looks pretty compact and snaps on immaculately on the iPad. With the precise cutouts, you have unhindered access to all the functions of your tablet.

USP: Hard clamshell keyboard with detachable back case
Price: $33.95 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

That’s all, folks!

What’s your favorite?

Which one of these keyboard cases have stood up to your test? Is it the ones that define elegance or the one that sports a low-profile design? Feel free to let us know your feedback in the comments below.

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  1. The Logitech Ultrathin case design is inferior. After a couple of weeks, it stopped working. The issue is that the batteries fail to mate properly with the case. This critical design flaw is becoming increasingly well-known.

    Now you know.


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