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Best HomeKit compatible routers in 2024

If you use HomeKit, you’d know that poor Internet can disrupt the work of all your connected Apple devices. While there can be multiple solutions to resolve your Internet issues, getting a HomeKit-compatible router can be an intelligent one.

If you are an Apple user, you might be missing Apple’s ceased AirPort router service. But luckily, the market has plenty of alternatives to offer. In this article, you will find a list of the best HomeKit routers that tick off all the necessary parameters, including speed, cost, and management.

  1. Amazon eero 6
  2. Linksys Velop AX4200
  3. Amazon eero Pro
  4. Linksys MX12600
  5. Linksys Velop Mesh Wifi System

1. Amazon eero 6 – Best HomeKit router to buy

Amazon eero 6 best HomeKit Router

Let’s accept the fact that slow Internet is irritating. With Amazon eero 6, you can quickly escape Internet dead zones and buffering issues. The TrueMesh technology aptly routes traffic to bring down drop-offs in your network, while the Wi-Fi 6 support gives superfast speed. This allows you to stream 4K videos, play high-intensity games, and talk non-stop for hours on video calls with friends or family.   

The router is a perfect tool for your home or small office setup. It offers uninterrupted network coverage to up to 1,500 sq. Ft., and with Wi-Fi speeds going up to 900 Mbps. Moreover, you can connect more than 75 devices with this single router and get seamless network connectivity. And the best part is the native eero app that guides you through setup and lets you control your network from any place.  

Amazon eero 6 is an economical pick. Apart from all this, the router features an inbuilt Zigbee smart home hub that connects compatible devices on your network with Alexa. This will free you from investing in separate home hubs for every device. The auto updates facility keeps your network fast and secure.  


  • Wi-Fi 6 full home coverage  
  • Relief from buffering and dead spots  
  • Easily connects 75+ devices 
  • Free customer support  


  • Quality issues  

Check out on Amazon 

2. Linksys Velop AX4200 – Trusted HomeKit router

Linksys mx4200 best homekit compatible routers

Smooth, speedy, and strong Internet connection can keep your multitasker self fully satiated. Fortunately, Linksys AX4200 thrives on making your work easier by delivering top-notch connectivity for nearly 2700 sq. feet of area.

Whether you need to hold important video calls with your team, stream music, watch movies, or play games – Linksys AX4200 router lets you do it in a breeze. The reliable connection saves your time and efforts.  

This Linksys Velop AX4200 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System is one of the best HomeKit routers for large homes and large families. Gigabit speeds are provided in all nooks and crannies of your home with Mesh technology and Wi-Fi 6. Furthermore, Wi-Fi 6 supports multiple data streams simultaneously without compromising on quality.  

The free-to-access Linksys App makes setting up the router convenient for everyone. Moreover, the app helps you keep track of your network usage from anywhere and anytime. The auto firmware update facility ensures that your home network is up-to-date and secure.  


  • Easy to setup and control 
  • Inbuilt Linksys app  
  • Superfast Wi-Fi 6 support  
  • Automatic firmware update 


  • Expensive 

Check out on Apple Store | Check out on Amazon 

3. Amazon eero Pro – Best router for multiple devices

Amazon eero Pro best HomeKit Router

Are you looking for an Apple compatible router that can solve all connectivity issues at your home? Congrats! Amazon eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi router is just the right product for you. This teeny-tiny rectangular box will let you stream, game, or work in every corner of your home, including backyards.

With its powerful TrueMesh technology, the HomeKit router connects multiple wireless access points to provide a disturbance-free Internet connection. The router has two gigabit Ethernet ports that let you connect it to the modem, Ethernet switch, printer, or other eero Pro routers at a speed you won’t find elsewhere.

In addition, there is a 5GHz radio that gives you an extra 1,750 sq. ft. of connectivity coverage. Also, eero issues one-time passwords for accessing the eero app to bless you with full network security. It allows only WPA2-compatible devices onto your network.    

Further, this easy-to-setup router is fully compatible with the native eero app, allowing you to control it easily. You can create profiles, set schedules, and restrict the Internet on your kid’s devices in a few taps. Moreover, the auto-update feature of the router ensures that your device is always running on the latest version.  


  • Smooth and superfast connectivity 
  • Easy to setup 
  • Remote management through the app 
  • Highest standards of network security 


  • Glitches in connectivity 

Check out on Amazon 

4. Linksys MX12600 – Best wifi router for home

Linksys MX12600 best HomeKit Router

Linksys MX12600 brings lightning-fast Wi-Fi speeds to your indoor, outdoor, and backyard spaces. The robust mesh Wi-Fi 6 coverage lets you enjoy seamless Internet connectivity for gaming, streaming videos, and operating other Apple HomeKit devices. Further, Linksys MX12600 comes in different variants offering support for up to 120+ devices, covering up to 8,100 sq. ft., and 3.5x improved Wi-Fi capacity. 

With the Linksys App, you can set up the Wi-Fi router in a few taps and enjoy its services. In addition, the inbuilt app helps you manage the mesh network from anywhere in your house or even when you are on the go. The advanced mesh technology removes network dead zones and intelligently boosts the overall speed of the network.

The support of automatic malware updates ensures that only secured devices are accessible through your network. There are multiple parental controls to keep track of what and how much Internet your little ones are consuming. You can also track and prioritize the data consumption levels of the connected devices.  


  • Easy control through the native app 
  • Connects up to 120+ devices 
  • Wi-Fi 6 supported concurrent streams 
  • Easy tracking of data consumption 


  • Poor customer support 

Check out on Amazon  

5. Linksys Velop Mesh Wifi System – Affordable HomeKit router

Linksys Velop best HomeKit Router

With Linksys Velop Mesh, your home gets smooth connectivity through an impressive HomeKit router. With this flexible mesh Wi-Fi system, every room in your house has superfast, reliable, and robust connection.

It also performs well regardless of the environment, the size or shape of the home, the service provider, and the modem. The innovative Mesh system promises full-scale coverage of Wi-Fi needs for your whole family. 

Apart from this, the router houses a sleek, modern design that can easily fit in small corners of your house. The tri-band connectivity speeds of 867, 867, and 400 Mbps per node offered by the device allow you to enjoy 4K streaming, intense gaming, and more. Moreover, because of the brand’s in-house Linksys App, you won’t have trouble setting up or controlling the Linksys Velop router.   

Linksys Velop nodes create a unified Wi-Fi network with a single name and password for high-end security. Further, the intelligent mesh system self-optimizes and adapts itself to your Wi-Fi needs flawlessly. Also, when you need more Wi-Fi coverage, you can quickly add nodes to the router’s existing system. 


  • Fast and seamless Wi-Fi coverage 
  • Tri-band connectivity speeds 
  • Increased security 
  • Portable design 


  • Issues with connectivity 

Check out on Amazon  

Wrapping up!

Routers are an ideal device for smooth network connectivity. If you thrive upon the Apple HomeKit ecosystem, a good router can simplify your work by letting you manage multiple devices effortlessly. The list here elaborates on some powerful Apple HomeKit routers that promise high speed, are easy to set up, and fit in your pocket. You can analyze your requirements and then invest in the best HomeKit router.   

Do share your reviews in the comments section. Till then, keep reading! 

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