Best Free Visual Novel iPhone and iPad Apps in 2023

Free Visual Novel iPhone and iPad Apps

Explore reading and gaming experience with these best Free Visual Novel iPhone and iPad apps. Designed with some beautiful story-telling and gaming sessions, they are a delight to play. From survival challenges to romance, these novel apps give you a variety of experiences. Though they are available for free, most of them allow you to unlock more features to let you bring some additional spice into the play. Don’t wait and Scroll through the list and pick the one that catches your eyes for a long gaming session!

1. Moe! Ninja Girls

Moe! Ninja Girls Visual Novel iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Do you have a penchant for love-story games? If yes, you would really enjoy playing “Moe! Ninja Girls.” In this game, you get a chance to fall in love with a nice girl. You need to unmask the identity of the girl and also find out the big secret behind Mizaki School.

The ending of this love story game will change depending on the choices you make during the story. With great artwork, motion effects and fascinating soundtrack, the game keeps you hooked for more.

Price: Free

2. The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

The Arcana Visual Novel iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

So, much about the plain love story. Let’s indulge in some mystery romance. The Arcana is an excellent mystery romance game, and the entire story is set in a mystical Tarot world. At the crux of the story is a murder mystery, which you have to solve.

As it’s filled with a lot of surprises, you’ve got to play the game very carefully. Hence, reveal secrets and make choices cautiously as each of your action will have a huge impact on the result.

Price: Free

3. Gacha Memories

Gacha Memories Visual Novel iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you love playing the role of a savior, you would find Gacha Memories worth a shot. The novel has an intriguing concept that keeps you engrossed throughout.

The world is in danger and you have a big task of safeguarding it against destruction. As you set out to save the world, you will go through several ups and downs.

Along the way, you will also experience romance, drama, and friendship. And the outcome will depend on how you tackle every challenge coming your way!

Price: Free

4. Everlasting Summer

Everlasting Summer Visual Novel iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Everlasting Summer has an intriguing story that keeps you engrossed throughout. The entire story revolves around Semyon, the game’s main character.

One day the boy falls asleep on a bus. And when he wakes up in the middle of a hot summer, he finds a great camp called “Sovionok.” His former life is related to the camp. To discover what happened to him, he will have to know the local people. Can he unravel the mysteries?

Price: Free

5. The Letter Horror Visual Novel

The Letter Horror Visual Novel iPhone and iPad Visual Novel App Screenshot

Great mix of romance, friendship, and drama, “The Letter Horror Visual Novel” has got all the colors of emotions to bowl you over! And yes, there is also the horror to keep you on your toes.

It has put more stress on the relationship and character development. The novel has very intriguing non-chronological storytelling with seven chapters. There are seven characters with different personality and approach. The choices you make affect the story, so you have to go on very carefully. With English voice acting and animated backgrounds, the novel can hold your interest until the end.

Price: Free

6. Roommates Visual Novel

Roommates Visual Novel iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Roommates Visual novel gives you an option of either playing as Anne or Max. You have to experience their first year of college with them. You can help them in surviving their college and roommates by taking up side jobs, competing assignments and choosing partners for parties.

This is a light game that includes the fun of college life with interesting story session. You can experience some great music and realistic graphics that make you attached to this tale.

Price: Free

7. Amnesia: Memories

Amnesia Visual Novel iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What if you happen to forget your memory and find yourself in a situation where you don’t know anything about your past? It would be bizarre.

“Amnesia: Memories” is the story of a girl who finds herself without any memories from before August 1st. She has forgotten everything from relationships to her identity. She comes across a young boy named Orion appears. Under Orion’s guidance, you have to try regaining your memories.

Price: Free

8. C14 Dating Visual Novel

C14 Dating Visual Novel iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

C-14 Dating is a combination of archaeology, friendships, and love. You get to play as Melissa Flores, a 3rd-year anthropology student who is participating in a summer archaeological internship.

The field school is held in Belgium, which is around 5000 miles away from your native California. You have to stay there for a couple of months. Apart from getting the opportunity to excavate at an authentic prehistoric site, you can forge a great friendship with others and also find love.

Price: Free

9. Heirs and Graces

Heirs and Graces Visual Novel iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Heirs and Graces” is quite filmy. This visual novel is about a boy named Marcel who is the son of Lord Sandor, a wealthy person. Marcel’ mother had left Lord Sandor to live a life of poverty due to some unknown reasons.

Though Marcel knows that Lord Sandor is his father, he wants to know more about him. So, he applies for a job as Sandor’ servant. However, his biological father recognizes him and makes an offer to him. What will he do?

Price: Free

10. Solve It – A Visual Novel

visual novel iphone app

Investigate the death of a famous CEO in this thrilling visual novel. There are plenty of suspects, and your job is to investigate them and find the killer. The app will keep you engaged in a highly interactive story where each choice you make determines what happens next!

On the path to solving the murder, you’ll meet suspicious characters and have the opportunity to get involved with them in different ways. This adds a lot of intrigue to the story and is bound to keep you hooked.

Price: Free

That’s all, friends!

Your favorite?

So, which one of these visual novels for iOS have you chosen? Is it the one that’s completely based on the love story?

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