Explore reading and gaming experience with these iPhone apps. Designed with some beautiful story-telling sessions and gaming sessions, these will surely make you addicted. If you are the one that loves novels, then these visual novels are must-have apps for you.

From survival challenges, to romance, these novel apps give you a variety of experiences to enjoy.

Best Visual Novel iPhone Apps

Best Visual Novel iPhone Apps

#1. Roommates Visual Novel

Roommates Visual Novel iPhone App IconRoommates Visual novel gives you an option of either playing as Anne or Max. You have to experience their first year of college with them. You can help them in surviving their college and roommates by taking up side jobs, competing assignments and choosing partners for parties. This game is a light game that includes the fun of college life with interesting story session. You can experience some great music and realistic graphics that make you attached to this tale.
Price: Free
Download Roommates Visual Novel

#2. Ripples Visual Novel

Ripples Visual Novel iPhone App IconRipples Visual Novel is a story of young romance. The game has an idealistic girl who meets a reserved boy and the changes they make to each other’s life. The game has mixture of great artwork, text, music and realistic story. You will need to play each chapter by reading and choosing appropriate answers.

Price: Free
Ripples Visual Novel

#3. Little Fear

Little fear iPhone App IconLittle Fear is a visual novel stating story set between horror and phantasmagoria. The game uses more than 30 screens to tell the tale of children fighting against dark while their parents are asleep. The interesting animation and sound effects will keep you intrigued till the end.

Price: Free
Download Little Fear

#4. Imaginary Range

Imaginary Range iPhone App IconImaginary Range is a blend of comic and gaming experience. You need to read the scenes of the story and then play the various game segments. You will able to play the game separately once you have finished the entire story. You have to collect coins through the story and gaming section to unlock the gallery mode of this game.

Price: Free
Download Imaginary Range

#5. Camp Myth

Camp Myth iPhone App IconCamp Myth app is has taken inspiration from Camp Myth book series. The game has a summer camp with various creatures who have to sustain themselves mutually in the camp. You are required to read the story and earn merit badges to go further into the camping experience. The game provides you weekly chapters to be read whenever you want. Through this app you get a chance to meet mythical character and interact them. You can unlock entire chapter by paying $0.99.

Price: Free
Download Camp Myth

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