Best Apple Watch Series 3 Bands in 2019: Fascinating Match for Your Pricey Watch

Still looking for a perfect match for your all-new watch? Check out this adorable collection of top 10 bands for Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm and 42mm) in 2019 to present your smartwatch an elegant match.

Apple Series 3 may not have got a brand new design, but the smartwatch has certainly become more independent than ever before. And it’s all thanks to cellular support. I know you have just got the all-new Watch and are willing to buy a befitting match for it, aren’t you? Take a closer peek at these best Apple Watch bands to choose a stunning companion for your endearing smartwatch.

Considering that not everyone buys a watch band for the same reason, we have included a variety of bands to suit different needs. From a simple, sporty band to an eye-catching bracelet, this collection has you covered from all aspects! All the below-mentioned Apple Watch Series 3 Bands are available for both 38mm and 42mm models.

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Best Apple Watch Series 3 Bands in 2019

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#1. U191U

U191U Apple Watch Series 3 Stainless Steel Band

Metal wristbands are my personal favorite. The cold feel that it gives on the wrist along with stunning looks is what catch the eyes. They are durable and does their job very well. This metal band is no different; it has all the qualities that you may look for in a watch band.

It also comes with a toolkit to adjust the size as per your wrist. Made with stainless steel, it securely holds the Apple Watch no matter what you do. Lastly, there are six color options at your disposal.

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USP: Size adjustment toolkit included
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#2. Mkeke

Mkeke Apple Watch 3 Band

If you have a penchant for vintage design, Mkeke would instantly catch your eyeballs. Carved out of genuine leather, this watch band is the durable companion of your Apple Watch. The neat stitching showcases its craftsmanship.

As leather is anti-slip and sweat-absorbent, you will feel comfortable wearing it. The large-sized Silver stainless steel buckle and multiple holes boost user-experience. This refined strap comes with a one-year warranty and is available in two colors: black and brown.

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USP: High-quality craftsmanship
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#3. JFdragon

JFdragon Apple Watch Series 3 Leather Band

The unique feature of JFdragon wristband is that it is crafted from “Crazy Horse” leather. The peculiarity of this leather is that the touch or scratch changes the shade of the band. Besides that, a slight bend also fades the tone of the band. This makes it unique and impressive, as every band is different.

Besides design and look, the band securely holds the Apple Watch without letting it fall. Lastly, there are a plethora of color choices available to suit your preference.

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USP: Crazy Horse leather
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#4. Autoseeker

Zyra Apple Watch Series 3 Band

This one is primed for the folks who are looking for super comfy sports watch band. Created with the top-grade silicone material, it’s very soft and improves airflow so that you have the desired convenience while wearing it.

The strap comes with lugs on both ends that perfectly lock onto the watch. Pin and tuck closure allows it to fit snuggly. Above all, this chic watch band is available in five excellent color options.

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USP: Pin-and-tuck closure
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#5. eLander

eLander Apple Watch 3 Band

eLander features a dynamic profile with the top-of-the-line stainless steel material. The double folding clasp allows you to install and remove the band comfortably. Courtesy of the durable built-up, it lasts longer. Adjustable length snuggly fits your wrist.

The included watch link removal kit and screwdriver offer you the required convenience to fine-tune it to your best comfort. That aside, you get three color options: silver, space gray and rose gold to select the ideal companion for your watch.

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USP: Double folding clasp
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#6. IYOU

IYOU Apple Watch Series 3 Band

The simple and refined design make IYOU a good deal for the folks who like to give their smartwatch a jaunty look. Crafted out of soft silicone material, the band has a nice feel, and you will love wearing it for hours. Smooth texture further enhances the comfort level.

The watchband features lugs on either side that allow you to install and remove it effortlessly. You get more than thirty attractive colors to pick from.

USP: High-quality silicone material
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#7. Mifa

MIFA Apple Watch 3 Leather Band

I’m fascinated by Mifa’s pro-looking design. With the genuine leather, the watchband looks authoritative with the smartwatch. The handmade design topped by visible stitching makes it an excellent pick for your high-profile outing.

The soft leather texture feels pretty comfy to the touch. Multiple holes offer the desired flexibility to adjust the band as per your comfort level. Besides, Mifa comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in three colors: black, brown and oyster.

USP: Classy design
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#8. Secbolt

Secbolt Apple Watch 3 Band

“Gorgeous” is the perfect word for Secbolt. Created with the top-grade stainless steel material, it has a glowing profile. What brings more charm to it is the rhinestones.

You can resize the band with ease just by folding the clasp. The availability of four beautiful colors: black, rose gold, gold, and silver offers you more freedom to pick a suitable match for your smartwatch. This nice-looking watch band comes with a one-year warranty.

USP: Glowing rhinestones
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KADES Apple Watch Series 3 Leather Band

One more genuine leather band secures its place on the list. The uniqueness of leather is that every band is different. Even if you buy two similar wristbands from the same company, both will have a different texture.

When it comes to safety, the band holds around the Apple Watch tightly without letting it fall. In addition to that, the clasp is made using 316L stainless steel that will securely hold on to your wrist. Lastly, there are six color options as well.

USP: Protective and secure
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#10. AdMaster

AdMaster Apple Watch 3 Nylon Band

For everyday use, Winmy Watch band is up to the mark. The nylon band features soft cushioning to ensure you feel comfortable while wearing it. The watch lugs on both ends enable it to lock into the wearable device securely.

Like vibrant colors? With twenty color options, you have plenty of options to select the most elegant pair for the watch.

Furthermore, the manufacturer provides a 12 months warranty on this watch band.

USP: Soft cushioning
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#11. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

SUPCASE Apple Watch Series 3 Band

Flaunting a stylish design, SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro looks dapper on Apple Watch. With the snap on design, you can install and remove the band without any trouble.

The rugged construction makes it extremely durable. Precise cutouts ensure you have comfortable access to all the functions of your watch.

Better still, you have four stylish color options like black, blue, gold and red to select from and available for both the Apple Watch models.

USP: Rugged construction
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#12. JETech

JETech Apple Watch Series 3 Band

Pick this stylish band to give your Watch a handsome look. Made of high-grade stainless steel, it’s a long-lasting companion for the smartwatch. Metal clasp lets you quickly adjust the band to your comfort level.

The included tool allows you to fine-tune the length with ease. Additionally, this modish band comes with a reliable lifetime warranty.

USP: Superior craftsmanship
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COVERY Apple Watch Series 3 Leather Band

This wristband from Covery is simple, yet attractive and impactful. The genuine leather is soft on your wrist but at the same time boasts the elegant look. It uses stainless steel connectors which are durable and won’t tear and fall your Apple Watch.

Whether you are a professional or a student, this wristband has a beauty that suits every age group and gender. Lastly, there are also seven color options available to suit your Apple Watch.

USP: Genuine leather material
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That’s all folks!

What’s your favorite band?

Which one of these awesome watch bands have got lucky to pair with your all new smartwatch? It’d be really cool to know its name and the features you have found adorable in it.

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