I like to pair my Apple Watch with premium leather bands. The smartwatch looks luxurious with a high-quality leather strap featuring state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Primarily based on appreciable quality, these are my best Apple Watch leather bands.

Made with genuine leather, these leather straps for Apple Watch boast fabulous design. They are sweat absorbent and skin friendly. With multiple precise holes and metal clasp, they have been crafted to fit most wrist sizes. Let’s dive across to find more about these top Apple Watch leather bands!

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Best Apple Watch Leather Bands

Best Leather Bands for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Leather BandsFeatures 
Sonamu New YorkFrench Barenia Leather
KarticeAbulous Handcrafted Design
ValkitGenuine Cowhide Leather
Marge PlusSophisticated Design
Benuo VintageHigh-Quality Grain Leather
V-MoroSuper Comfy
JETechAdmirable Craftsmanship
eLanderHigh-Quality Grain Leather
KolleaElegant Design
JisoncaseTop Quality Calf Leather
J&D TechSoft-Textured Design
MkekeGenuine Vintage Leather
TvokaGenuine Synthetic Leather

#1. SONAMU New York

SONAMU New York Apple Watch Leather Band
SONAMU New York Apple Watch Leather Band has been carved with the premium French Barenia leather. Enriched by the handcrafted design, it has both the luxurious look and adorable quality to be a great match for your smartwatch.

The stainless steel clasp allows you to easily lock the band. A courtesy high-quality material, the leather strap is very durable. It fits 160-210mm wrists and is available only in two colors—black and brown. This watch band is compatible with 42mm Watch model.

USP: French Barenia leather
Price: $170.00 [$119.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
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#2. Kartice

Kartice Apple Watch Leather Band
Kartice Watch band has been handcrafted with genuine leather. It features impressive stitching and has an elegant design. It comes with stainless steel buckle that allows you to lock the band with ease.

The leather strap is lightweight and offers you desired comfort while wearing smartwatch. It comes only for 38mm Watch model and is available in as many as 35 charming colors to let you pick the most suitable companion for your device.

USP: Fabulous handcrafted design
Price: $23.88 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
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#3. Valkit

Valkit Apple Watch Leather Band
Created with the high-grade cowhide leather, Valkit watch band is a long-lasting companion for your smartwatch. As it's sweat absorbent, you will love to wear it. The stainless steel clasp and adapter allows you to easily install and remove the leather band.

Multiple alternative holes let you perfectly adjust it. This leather band fits 145mm-220mm wrist and is available for both 38 and 42 Watch models. The 16 different colors offer you a great chance to handpick a cool strap for your watch.

USP: Genuine cowhide leather
Price: $29.99 [$20.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
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Marge Plus Apple Watch Leather Band
MARGE PLUS watch sports a refined design. Crafted out of soft leather, it's very comfortable to wear. The appreciable craftsmanship augments its profile. It has stainless steel polished buckle which lets you easily lock and remove the band.

Being anti-slip and sweat absorbent, it provides all the comfort you would want to wear the watch with the required convenience. This stylish leather strap fits 5.5″-7.5″ (140mm-190mm) wrist and is available for both 42mm and 38mm Watch models.

USP: Sophisticated design
Price: $69.99 [$16.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.]
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#5. Benuo Vintage Series

Benuo Apple Watch Leather Band
Benuo Vintage Series watch band has been crafted with grain leather and features handmade design. You can perfectly adjust it as per your comfort level.

This leather band fits arms with 140-220mm sizes. Stainless steel clasp not just enhances its design but also lets you easily install and remove it. This refined leather band comes in only two colors—black and brown and is available for both 42 and 38mm Watch models.

USP: High-quality grain leather
Price: $43.99 [$19.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
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#6. V-Moro

V-Moro Apple Watch Leather Band
V-Moro watch band has been carved out of the genuine leather. The impressive stitching improves its design. Microfiber interior offers the needed comfort to wear the band for long.

It wraps twice around your wrist and comes with Apple Watch Lugs on either end. You can comfortably install and remove it. This leather band is available only for 38mm Watch model.

USP: Super comfy
Price: $59.99 [$18.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.]
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#7. JETech

JETech Apple Watch Leather Band
JETech leather watch band showcases superior craftsmanship. The genuine leather built-up gives it a polished look. Metal clasp adorns its profile; allowing you to comfortably put on and remove the leather strap without any hassle. The cut holes let you perfectly adjust the band as per your wrist size. The JETech leather strap is compatible with only 42mm Apple Watch model and comes in only black color.

USP: Admirable craftsmanship
Price: $9.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
Buy it from Amazon (42mm)

Buy it from Amazon (38mm)

#8. eLander

eLander Apple Watch Leather Band

Embellish your Apple Watch with the eLander top-grain leather band. Its stainless metal clasp exudes style and luxury for your smartwatch. One of the striking features of the band is that you don't need any other help to slide it into your watch. The smooth leather maintains a subtle and unique texture that is skin-friendly.

The precise holes along with the metal clasp bring more comfort into the play. This sophisticated leather strap supports both 38 and 42mm Apple Watch models and is available in two colors—black and brown.

USP: High-quality grain leather
Price: $16.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#9. Kollea&USAMS

USAMS Apple Watch Leater Loop

If you are looking for a classy Apple Watch leather strap at a competitive price, Kollea/USAMS is the one that will ideally meet your need. The band has been created with quality leather and exhibits refined design.

It feels very smooth to the touch and fits perfectly with the watch. The multiple cut holes and metal adapter enable you to adjust the leather band as comfortably as you want. This elegant leather strap is compatible with only 38mm Apple Watch model.

USP: Elegant design
Price: $7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#10. Jisoncase

Jisoncase Apple Watch Leather Band

If the classic design is what appeals you the most, Jisoncase JS leather band would be a magnificent pick for your watch. Handcrafted with the calf leather, this leather strap has rich quality.

Beautified by superior craftsmanship, it is exceptionally durable. With 12 cut holes, it can comfortably fit most wrist sizes. This good-looking leather strap is available only in brown color. You will get it for both 38 and 42mm Watch models.

USP: Top quality calf leather
Price: $25.99 [$17.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon

#11. J&D TechJ&D Tech Apple Watch Leather Band

J&D Tech leather band gives your Apple Watch a professional look. The neat craftsmanship and soft-textured design showcase its elegance.

Since it's skin-friendly, you will have a comfy time while wearing it. Metal clasp and several holes enhance the comfort level. The eight gorgeous colors help you choose a right match for your watch. This cool strap comes for both 38 and 42mm watch models.

USP: Soft-textured design
Price: $14.85 on Amazon while we are writing this.
Buy it from Amazon

#12. Mkeke

Mkeke Apple Watch Leather Band

Mkeke watch band means business. Primed with quality leather and decorated by rich craftsmanship, it has got everything you would want to give your watch a premium suit. The leather is sweat absorbent; providing the necessary peace of mind to wear the smartwatch for long.

You can fully trust this leather band to last long. There are multiple holes to let you adjust the band perfectly. You have only two colors—black and brown. (Available for both 38 and 42mm Watch models.)

USP: Vintage Genuine Leather
Price: $29.99 [$20.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon

#13. Tvoka

Tvoka Apple Watch Leather Band
I like the classy design of Tvoka leather band. The genuine synthetic leather with the neatly crafted design is on display. It's pretty lightweight and pairs nicely with the smartwatch. You would love to wear it at the high-profile meeting. The perfect cut holes help it ideally fit most wrist sizes.

USP: Genuine Synthetic Leather
Price: $29.99 [$16.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon

Signing off

Which of these leather bands is going to pair your Apple Watch? Do let us know your pick and the one quality you like most in your favorite leather band.

What makes these leather bands class apart is the high-quality material and impressive design. They are very durable and provide the essential comfort to wear the watch for long.

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