Gone are the days when you had to log on to your laptop to check your emails. Now, with smartphones, you have easy access to mails. A step further, you have the comfort of checking emails on your smart watch. Incredible but true; with the help of below mentioned Apple Watch email apps, you can read, answer and deal with your emails on the go. Go through the best Apple Watch email apps and download on your Watch.

Best Email Apps for Apple Watch

Best Email Apps for Apple Watch

#1. TL;DR

TLDR Apple Watch App IconFor professionals and businessmen, time is money. Therefore, they need to check all communications quickly, including their emails. TL;DR gives the quickest email experience on Apple Watch; so much so that it cuts your time spent on email to half. With this app on your Watch, your inbox becomes an amazing news feed. Read mails and send reply with a single tap.

Price: Free
Download TL;DR

#2. CloudMagic Email

CloudMagic Email Apple Watch App IconTake your email experience beyond receiving and sending messages with CloudMagic Email app on your Apple Watch. The app allows you to do many things from your wrist; this easy-on-battery app allows you to access several of your accounts like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, AOL and other IMAP accounts. Moreover, you can save your emails to other apps like Wunderlist, Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, Trello, Zendesk, Salesforce.com, Asana, Instapaper, OmniFocus and many more. Use your email in your choice of language from the list of English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

Price: Free
Download CloudMagic

#3. Dart

Dart Mobile Apple Watch App IconWhen the size of your digital screen has shrunk, it is quite obvious that you would never welcome a situation where you have to type in more characters or words. Working on this insight, Dart offers a better email solution to Apple Watch users. Dart email app is a new way to send short, concise emails and ensure you get the response you need quickly. After typing your concise email, this app allows you to set predefined answers; the recipient is required to click a button to reply. If your recipient has Dart in its Apple Watch, s/he can reply your email with a single tap.

Price: $0.99
Download Dart

#4. myMail

myMail Apple Watch App IconAll your email accounts are synced into myMail, another Apple Watch email app for smart watch users. The app supports any IMPA and POP3-enabled mailbox. Some of the features of myMail are: instant notification of new messages, turn notifications on or off for an account, set a “quiet time” for each account to separate your professional life from your personal life. For social animals, this app allows them to pick many pictures from gallery all at once and share those pics. For Apple Watch, the app has got special features like view inbox summary, easy handling of notifications, PIN lock and Touch ID support and more.

Price: Free
Download myMail

#5. Mail Pilot 2

Mail Pilot 2 Apple Watch App IconAlmost all the big shots from blogosphere have penned praises for Mail Pilot. The app has got impressive features for Apple Watch users; the app prioritizes your emails according to tasks. It deletes advertisements and also remembers when to pay your telephone bill. For a consummate professional and businessman, this app is a must as it sets reminders for messages; Mail Pilot gives you alerts when it is time for any action to be taken. Get rid of those unimportant messages in your inbox and never miss a meeting, bill payment, and delivery or due date.

Price: $9.99
Download Mail Pilot 2

#6. Mail.Ru

Mail.Ru Apple Watch App IconMail.Ru is a simple and quick mail app that supports multiple accounts. Apart from sending and receiving mails, you can share photos and documents, learn about new messages instantly with push-notifications; configure time, folders and services and more. To escape those unwanted advertisements and bulk mails, you can personalize your spam filter. In its latest version, the app lets you dictate a message or use a text template and send it to your most popular contacts list.

Price: Free
Download Mail.Ru

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  • DrBob

    Thanks for at least a start.

    I really wish someone out there would take the time to do genuine comparison / reviews that were meaningful. Whether they use an external cloud service like CloudMagic (a definite no-no for privacy reasons especially with business email), whether they will talk to Exchange servers, IMAP servers, or just to Google, how well/whether they syncronize well with desktop emails and task managers, whether and how the Watch lets you reply… short blurbs only? dictation enabled?