Best AirPods Max ear cushions replacement in 2023

Best AirPods Max ear cushions replacement

Although expensive, AirPods Max are definitely not invincible. For instance, the ear cushions are prone to wear, tear, dust, and more. But thankfully, you can switch these magnetic beauties easily. Besides, there are multiple AirPods Max ear cushion replacements available. Here, I have listed the best options. Read on!

Note: Except for the original AirPods Max ear cushions, all other options will affect the sound output to some level, mostly noise cancellation.

  1. Apple
  2. Link Dream
  3. Earrock
  4. Damex
  5. JustEarbuds
  6. Seltureone

1. Apple AirPods Max ear cushions – Editor’s choice

Apple AirPods Max ear cushions for comfort

You can’t compete with the original now, can you? Apple will always have a monopoly for certain accessories, and AirPods Max ear cushions are one of those. And though they are expensive than other alternatives on the list, they are the perfect match.

Everything from the color and comfort to noise cancellation is on point. Moreover, as Apple advertised, you can choose a different color to mix and match things.


  • Apple original
  • Perfect color and noise cancellation


  • Expensive

Check out on Apple

Link Dream replacement ear cushion for AirPods Max

Designed for all-day comfort, Link Dream employs high-quality foam and protein leather. Plus, it maintains original-like sound quality while successfully blocking outside sound.

And thanks to the strong magnetic system, you can easily install the replacement pads, and they’ll stay put as long as you want.


  • Soft and durable
  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy to attach and detach


  • Only available in black & white

Check out on Amazon

3. Earrock – AirPods Max earpads with acoustic foam

Earrock AirPods Max earpads with acoustic foam

Earrock offers the best of both worlds. You get to experience original-like sound and premium experience and also get color options to match or spruce up your AirPods Max.

Further, it employs an acoustic memory foam enabling a slow rebound effect and supreme comfort to your ears. However, the noise cancellation performance is slightly affected.


  • Luxurious protein leather
  • Acoustic memory foam
  • Plenty color options


  • Noise cancellation is affected
  • Leather gets sticky during a hot day

Check out on Amazon

4. Damex – Dust-resistant earpads for AirPods Max

Damex dust resistant earpads for AirPods Max

Damex smartly uses protein skin to craft skin-friendly, dust-resistant, easy-to-clean earpads. Furthermore, they have thickened the cotton memory foam from 0.70inch to 0.78inch, unlocking all-day comfort.

And just like the original, it boasts magnetic suction making installation a breeze. While the noise cancellation stays on point, it affects the music output slightly.


  • Easy to clean
  • Thicker foam for more comfort


  • Hampers the sound
  • No color options

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5. JustEarbuds – Colorful earpads for Airpods Max

JustEarbuds colorful earpads for Airpods Max

JustEarbuds turns the one flaw I have been quoting and turns it into a massive strength. It offers as many colors as Apple itself; you have red, green, blue, black, and silver options to choose from.

And there’s more! You get a mix of luxury and comfort with the premium soft protein leather on the outside and a thickened (0.78″) memory cotton foam on the inside.


  • Luxurious protein leather
  • Plenty of colors
  • Comfortable, thick foam


  • Affects the music output
  • Different prices for colors

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Bonus: Seltureone earcup cover – Protect your AirPods Max cushions

Seltureone earcup cover for AirPods Max ear cushion

Why replace those expensive cushions when you can cover and protect them? While you are picking the best ear cushions for your AirPods Max, let me direct your attention to this beauty.

Seltureone brings a colorful range of covers that’ll protect your existing or newly bought cushions from dust, dirt, sweat, germs, and other harm. Moreover, their super-strength silicone rubber is durable, washable, and won’t deform with use.


  • Protects from dust and germ
  • Washable
  • Budgeted option


  • Tricky to install and remove

Check out on Amazon

If you are a headphone person, you’ll know the ache of a hampered ear cushion. So, I hope you found the right and matching ear cushions for your AirPods Max. But if you have any residue questions or queries, feel free to reach us via the comment section below.

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