Best AirPods 2 and AirPods Glowing Cases in 2020: Night is Bright

One great thing about Apple products is the wide variety of accessories available for them. AirPods are no different, from leather to waterproof cases; there are a variety of options. But in the current lineup, we are quirking up the things a little with these best glow in the dark cases for AirPods and AirPods 2.

In their pure form, glow in the dark cases are more or less Silicone cases. Made of durable materials, these cases can be very functional in the dark. No! They are not going to act like a flashlight, but they are undoubtedly easy to locate in the dark and looks uber-stylish as well.

Best Glow in the Dark AirPods and AirPods 2 Cases in 2020

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#1. elago Silicone Nightglow Blue Case

elago AirPods Hang Case

AirPods have become one of the most essential parts of my daily routine as I love music, and going handsfree is also very useful. This pretty case fits perfectly with both wired and wireless charging cases for both generations of AirPods. Additionally, the front LED is visible while being charged.

This case is made from a flexible and shock-resistant silicone material that protects your AirPods case from scratches and external impacts. Moreover,  a durable carabiner is included with the case so that you can safely attach your AirPods to handbags, jeans, etc.

USP: Easy Accessibility to controls
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#2. Silicone Protective Case from Catalyst

Catalyst Glow Case for AirPods

Perfectly designed for AirPods, Catalyst offers military-grade protection to your AirPods. Take your AirPods and focus on your love for your outdoor activities like running, hiking, cycling, climbing, skiing, fishing, camping, Gym, workout etc.

The case is waterproof up to 3.3ft and will protect your device against accidental drops up to 4ft and moisture. A detachable carabiner makes carrying the matter simple and secure against loss and thefts.

Additionally, the smart design gives you easy access to the Lightning port. Overall, the originality and uniqueness of this case give you ample opportunities to flaunt your top-notch earphones.

USP: Military Grade Tested
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#3. ZALU Shockproof Protective Cover

ZALU AirPods Keychain CaseMade of premium silicone and precision molded, this case gives your AirPods a perfect fit and zero hindrance to wirelessly charge buds. Zalu case gives you a hassle-free one-step installation of your AirPods. The anti-slip details on the two flanks avoid the case from slipping out of your hand and protect your music pieces from damage.

It comes with a carabiner that can be easily attached and detached to the loops of bags and jeans, meaning you don’t have to add unnecessary bulk in your pants. It is a perfect accessory for all your outdoor expeditions like running, hiking, climbing, camping, etc.

USP: Anti-slip details on two flanks
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#4. elago Duo AirPods and AirPods 2 Case

elago Duo Glow Case for AirPods

Why settle for one look when you can get a two-toned AirPods case. With two different color caps, you can decide the look as per your mood. Moreover, the body cover looks white in the day and glows luminescence in the night.

Now that’s some fantastic amount of versatility for a cover. The minimalistic design ensures that no matter which look you choose, your earbuds look dope. Thanks to a shock-resistant silicone body, your AirPods are protected against scratches and external impacts.

USP: Dual-cap design
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#5. GMYLE Night Glow Neon Green Case

Neon Green Glowing-Case for AirPods from GMYLE

Looking for something stylish, durable, and functional? Well, then this case is just that. GMYLE AirPods and AirPods 2 Night Glow Neon Green case is a perfect combination of style, protection, and value.

Not only does this case glow in the dark, but it also offers 360° protection. A Micro-matte technology makes the case 100% anti-shock, anti-slip, fingerprint, and dust-proof.

Crafted from food-grade silicone plastic, GMYLE maintains a comfortable hand-feel and keeps aging issues like shivering and scratching at bay.

USP: Micro-matte coating
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#6. BestRec Glows Fluorescent in The Dark Case

BestRec Glow Case for AirPods 2Give your AirPods a comfortable home with this glowing case that makes you feel as if you are touching a baby. It effectively stops dust from seeping into your case and is perfect for taking along with you for all your outdoor activities, be it running, hiking, camping, etc.

Made from flexible and shock-resistant elastomer materials that provide you with a perfect balance along with sturdy protection from scratches and impacts. In addition to all these, this case also prevents those nasty fingerprints that spoil the whole look of your Bluetooth Earphones.

USP: Anti-Fingerprint
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#7. Fintie Premium Silicone Green-Glow in The Dark Charging Case

Fintie AirPods Premium Silicone Glow CaseNext up in our glow in the dark AirPods case line-up is this beautiful piece by Finite. Although you might think of it as a usual glowing case, it is much more than just that. Coming with this case is a super useful carabiner that you can attach to your pants and bags while you are doing your usual daily activities or even any outdoor adventures.

The case also has precise cutouts to easily access the lightning port of your Bluetooth earphones and even the opening flap of your earphones. Moreover, the 360° full protection keeps your Apple AirPods unharmed from drops, bumps, or any scratches.

USP: Made of durable impact-resistant silicone
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#8. Airpods Drop Proof Silicone Skin Cases by Camyse

Camyse AirPods Night Glow CaseThis silicone charging case provides a precise fit to your AirPods without adding bulk. The charging port is given full accessibility without causing any hinderance while you charge your earphones. Moreover, the case also doesn’t block the LED charging light.

It is made of flexible and shock-resistant elastomers that provide your device with a perfect balance and protection from scratches and impacts. Over and above all, this case is backed by a solid one year warranty that assures us about the quality of the product.

USP: Shock Resistant
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#9. TomRich Glowing Case with Lanyard

TomRich Silicone AirPods 2 Glow CaseOne of the things that I love about glow in the dark objects is their color. The lightish green shade is one of the major reasons that draws me to this glowing AirPods/AirPods 2 case. This case is made from soft silicone material, giving you a super smooth touch and feel.

While most of us prefer carabiners to attach our AirPods to bags or pants or other loops, some of us like to keep it minimal with a lanyard. As a result, this case comes with a wrist strap instead of a standard carabiner. Although weighing only half ounces, this case is fully capable of protecting your Bluetooth Earphones.

USP: Comes with lanyard
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#10. Airbuds Glow Skins Set with Anti-Lost Strap from Deke

Deke Home Glow Case for AirPodsMade from superior quality materials, this case protects your AirPods from dirt, dust and also makes it easy for you to spot your AirPods in the dark. The case is made from super-soft silicone that safeguards your earbuds from accidental drops and bumps, also giving you a great touch and feel of your device.

Comes along with an AirPods strap, this case improves the overall usability of your earphones. Moreover, it has a precise fitting that eliminates the chance of your AirPods slipping from your case, thus providing your Bluetooth headsets with great comfort and fit.

USP: AirPods Strap
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#11. Gtinna 3D Luminous Ghost Case

Gtinna Luminous Ghost Case for AirPods

A really quirky and smart take on glowing cases, Gtinna designs a ghost cover for your AirPods. Isn’t it spooky and cute at the same time?

What’s more, the protective and quality aspect is well maintained. So both the case and AirPods are fully protected against shocks, scratches, drops, and scrapes.

The cover is sure to add some bulk to your case. However, given its price, you would like to ignore that bulk.

USP: 360° Full protection design
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If you have found the perfect glowing AirPods and AirPods 2 cases, then mention it in the comments below. Also, let us know in the comments if you want us to do some particular accessory round-ups.

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