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Best 9.7-inch iPad Leather Cases in 2024

Premium leather cases are the most classic suits for my iOS devices. The ones with the state-of-the-art quality and inimitable class charm me no end. Do you also adore them? If yes, you would genuinely admire this roundup of the best 9.7-in iPad leather cases. These leather covers are designed for folks who love the executive profile. Whether it’s making a suitable match or offering the Desired shield from falls, they have all the bases covered. Head over to discover more about the top 10 leather cases for 9.7-inch iPad 2018 (aka 6th-gen iPad).

1. Hulorry

Hulorry iPad 9.7-inch 2018 Leather Case

Hulorry is designed to be an executive folio case, which you would love to carry in your office or high-profile meeting. Soft PU leather exterior and microfiber interior endow it enough vigor to shield your iPad from minor drops and scratch. The anti-slip outer shell offers better to prevent slip-up.

You can adjust the built-in stand to position your tablet at the desired angle for a more comfortable hands-free calling. And yes, there are also multiple slots to let you keep cards inside. As the cutouts are very precise, you won’t face any roadblock while using your device.

USP: Executive design
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KAVAJ 2018 iPad 9.7-inch Leather Case

KAVAJ exhibits both class and elegance. In terms of workmanship, it’s set a gold standard. Genuine cowhide leather topped by handcrafted design gives it an authoritative look.

You can rely on this folio case to survive minor falls. Soft flannel ensures the touchscreen has the required protection from scrape. Thanks to the magnetic closure, it automatically turns on/off the screen to extend the battery life of your iPad. As for colors, KAVAJ comes only in two options: black and brown.

USP: Genuine cowhide leather
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3. Icarercase Vintage Series

Icarercase 2018 iPad 9.7-inch Leather Case

Absolute Class! Well, that’s how you can describe “Icarercase Vintage Series” cases. The beautifully crafted from cowhide leather and features a sleek profile. With the form-fitting design, the iPad looks very impressive with this case on.

Courtesy microfiber interior, scratch is not able to destroy touchscreen. There is also a stand feature to liven up both your typing and video time. As the cutouts are precise, you will be able to access all the features of your device without any hiccups!

USP: Classic design
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4. Bear Motion

Bear Motion 2018 iPad 9.7-inch Leather Case

If you appreciate retro design, Bear Motion will instantly appeal to your taste! The folio case is made of cowhide leather and looks compact. It doesn’t add much bulk to your iPad without compromising on protection.

The non-slip surface feels comfy in the palm and also prevents the device from slipping—perfect for the folks who have butterfingers! Lastly, Bear Motion folio case comes in four nice-looking colors: black, brown, purple and the ever-charming pink.

USP: Retro design
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DTTO iPad 9.7-inch 2018 Leather Case

DTTO’ practical design is worth serious consideration. Apart from letting you enhance both your media watching and typing experience with multiple angles, it also lets you securely carry cards. Besides, you can keep your Apple Pencil in the built-in holder as well.

The combo of synthetic (exterior) leather and microfiber (interior) may not offer defense from nasty drops, but it’s good enough to give a good fight to low-intensity falls. Oh yes, you have four enhancing color variants to pick from: black, brown, red and blue.

USP: Card slots
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6. Ztotop

Ztotop iPad 9.7-inch 2018 Leather Case

With suave design, Ztotop means business! What makes it so cool is the 360-degree rotation. That means you can comfortably position your iPad both vertically and horizontally to type out emails or watch fun-loving videos more conveniently.

As for protection, this folio case is reliable to absorb shock and also keep away scrape. With Apple Pencil holder and card slots onboard, it takes care of all of your basic needs. That’s not all, Ztotop comes in four hot colors: black, brown, navy blue and red.

USP: 360-degree rotation
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7. Spigen

Spigen iPad 9.7-inch 2018 Leather Case

If you are willing to have an affordable synthetic leather case that can give a long run to expensive genuine leather covers, the Spigen folio case would be a smart pick. It’s got a refined design that gives your iPad a formal look. To offer the needed protection from bumps, it has PC shell.

It also has a large pocket to let you securely keep cash and cards. The inclusion of magnetic closure offers more safety to your valuables. Lastly, there are only two colors to choose from: black and brown.

USP: A large pocket for cards and cash
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8. ESR

ESR 2018 iPad 9.7-inch Leather Case

ESR may not be a premium leather case, but when it comes to functionality, it’s almost everything to win you over. The case has the synthetic leather outer shell and features a soft microfiber interior. For all being sophisticated, it can resist impact and also fight out a scratch.

It has a big pocket for storing cash, cards and also some documents. The built-in holder allows you to securely keep your Apple Pencil. Moreover, ESR folio case comes in three colors: black, blue and brown.

USP: Multiple viewing angles
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That’s all, folks!

Your favorite leather case

Now that you have explored the top leather cases tell us about the one that’s going to pair with your iPad. Plus, also tell us about the cases that we have missed out.

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