Best iPad Pro 10.5 Heavy Duty Cases in 2020

With the extremely rugged construction, the case is able to resist impact immaculately. They come with a built-in stand to provide delightful hands-free experience. Willing to check out what’s more they have in store for you? Head over to scroll through the top 10.5-inch iPad Pro heavy-duty cases!


ZUGU CASE iPad Pro 10.5-inch Heavy-Duty Case

iPad Pro has begun to replace your Mac laptop, and accessory makers have got the hint. Therefore, manufacturers like ZUGU-CASE design iPad Pro cases that are heavy-duty in profile and flexible in use. ZUGU-CASE has used fiberglass material, which has gone through multiple quality tests.

Since users have started using iPads as laptops, ZUGU-CASE has installed a magnetic kickstand with eight secure viewing angles. Whether you are sitting on your couch or at the office, you can adjust the angle and use your iPad as a laptop.

USP: Eight viewing angles
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BRAECN iPad Pro 10.5-inch Heavy-Duty Case

iPad Pro’s size makes it uncomfortable for you to handle. BRAECN offers a welcome solution: hand strap and shoulder strap. When you are in the office or home, you can use a hand strap to hold your iPad firmly in your hand. Out of office, you can hang your iPad from your shoulder with a long strap.

Apart from convenience, BRAECN has taken enough care of your iPad’s protection, and for this very reason, the brand has combined plastic and silicone materials. This combination makes the case shockproof as it can resist the impacts of drops and bumps. The 3mm raised edges to protect your iPad’s screen.

USP: Hand & shoulder straps
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#3. MoKo

MoKo Heavy-Duty Case for iPad Pro 10.5-inch

MoKo needs no introduction. This brand has successfully carved a niche in iPhone accessories. This iPad Pro heavy-duty case from MoKo is the best companion of your tablet as it comes with multiple features. Its robust, dual-layer protective case requires special attention as it can endure drops, bumps, and shocks.

Even if you are in the middle of a lot of actions, you should not be bothered about your pricey tablet. This case is made of high-quality material and equipped with PC hard-shell and flexible TPU. For the safety of your iPad’s screen, MoKo has built a screen protector as well.

USP: Built-in screen guard
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BENTOBEN Heavy-Duty Case for iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Enjoy the purple patch of your life with BENTOBEN’s heavy-duty case in purple. This rugged case from BENTOBEN exudes feminine features, but when you hold it in your hands, the case shows its muscles. The impact-resistant case flaunts hybrid hard PC material combined with a soft silicone body. It is shockproof but slim so that your tablet won’t become bulky.

The soft silicone material provides you an anti-slip grip; you can move around casually without having to worry about your tablet. Better handling is a boon when you have to walk through crowded places, carrying your tablet in hand.

USP: Anti-slip soft silicone
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#5. TSQ

TSQ iPad Pro 10.5-inch Heavy-Duty Case

Here is another heavy-duty iPad Pro case with two straps – for your hands and shoulder. TSQ iPad rugged case provides 360-degree protection to your premium tablet. TSQ has used a plastic bumper on the back to resist high impact. Moreover, it offers a sturdy 360-degree foldable kickstand to watch videos.

TSQ has used three layers of a hybrid defender to give extra protection to your iPad Pro. Your tablet is protected by a robust PC shell, drop-proof silicone outer cover, and a front frame. This multi-layer security ensures your tablet is safe inside the cocoon.

USP: Three-layer protection
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#6. Poetic TurtleSkin

Poetic 10.5-inch iPad Pro Heavy-Duty Case

Offer strong defense to your iPad against any accidental falls. With Poetic TurtleSkin, your tablet will come out unscathed from any bumps thanks to the powerful outer shell. The turtle shell design not just boosts its strengths but also provides enhanced grip.

The quality silicone construction is pretty soft to the touch. While the cutouts allow easy access to all the functions, the responsive buttons let you easily control your device. What’s more, TurtleSkin’s case is available in four attractive colors including black, blue, green, and purple.

USP: Non-toxic silicone
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SKYLMW iPad Pro 10.5-inch Heavy-Duty Case

Heavy-duty cases with wide and raised edges usually prevent users from typing on the screen keyboard. SKYLMW has taken special care of this feedback and designed this heavy-duty case that allows you to interact with your iPad screen effortlessly. You can use the Notes app and other productivity apps with remarkable ease and finesse.

This kid-friendly iPad Pro case is easy to install. SKYLMW knows you will use your tablet as a substitute for a laptop, and therefore, it has provided kickstand for better convenience. You will love to watch videos and type long content on your large tablet.

USP: Full-body protection
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#8. Valkit

Valkit Heavy-Duty Case for iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Valkit has packed two crucial features in this heavy-duty case: lightweight and slim design. People hardly think of a heavy-duty case to be slim. But Valkit has made it possible with its excellent design and marvelous engineering. This semi-transparent, matte-finished case has a rugged profile.

Don’t miss that extra protection for four corners; Valkit has processed those corners with premium quality TPC, which is thickened to avoid damage when you drop your iPad accidentally.

USP: An attached Pencil holder
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#9. TianTa

TianTa iPad Pro 10.5-inch Heavy-Duty Case

TianTa presents a range of colorful iPad Pro cases for kids. Since children are more likely to drop the tablet, TianTa has installed two straps to carry your iPad in hand and hang it down the shoulder. Silicone skin, plastic frame, and a plastic shell create three-layer protection for your iPad.

The case is precisely cut so that your kids can quickly access essential buttons and ports on their iPad. The rotatable kickstand allows you to adjust the screen of your tablet while watching videos and using the FaceTime app.

USP: Kid-friendly design
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#10. Fintie

Fintie Heavy-Duty Case for iPad Pro 10.5-inch

Fintie’s Tuatara magic ring is a notable feature in this iPad Pro heavy-duty case. With this ring, you can hold your tablet securely in your hands, and the same ring can be used as a kickstand to watch videos. You can adjust the ring in vertical and horizontal modes and fine-tune different angles.

Fintie has used two layers of TPU skin and PC hard shell to protect your iPad Pro against shock and impact. Also, check a dedicated Apple Pencil slot to carry your stylus with you always. The built-in screen guard protects your iPad screen from scratches.

USP: Magic ring
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Your Favorite?

Which one of these heavy-duty cases has impressed you? Let us know its name and the quality you have liked in the protective suit.

Personally, the one quality I like a lot in these cases is the robust construction that offers a reliable safeguard to your iPad against drops. Besides, they are available at affordable prices.

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