There are only two types of smartphones—while one is the iPhone, the other is the rest. The former has been ruling the roost for a decade and looks poised to carry the legacy for long. Indeed, 10 years of iPhone have been a remarkable journey!

Introduced by iconic Steve Jobs, it’s exactly a decade since iPhone was launched on 29th of June 2007. iPhone has played a major in the way we use a smartphone today. Whether it’s unmatched speed or excellent performance, Apple’s phone is supremely reliable and exactly what you would want to revolutionize your digital world. What was termed as an exceptional by critics ten years ago has turned out to be indispensable for millions of people around the world—today.

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iPhone Facts

The unparalleled success of iPhone is too big to be shortened in just 10 or 20 facts. However, it’s worth giving a look at some of those stunners that have transformed the mobile device experience. Let’s jump over to know some of the lesser known facts at iPhone’s 10th anniversary!

10 iPhone Fun Facts [Infographic]


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iPhone’s 10th Anniversary: Most Interesting Facts You Need to Know

Fact #1. The invention of the Year Award!

In 2007, iPhone won the covetous award of “Invention of the Year” by Times Magazine. With a superior design, powerful OS and impressive performance had just bowled over fans and experts alike.

Fact #2. The Jesus Phone

Following a hugely successful release, a large section of media in the US had begun to call “iPhone”—The Jesus Phone. Hundreds of customers had rushed to Apple Store across the country to buy the iPhone. The ones who bought the couldn’t help talking about it and the ones who couldn’t buy it began to envy it!

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Fact #3. Developers amassed over $20 billion

According to Apple, developers earned more than $20 billion from App Store in 2016 alone—that’s a massive increase of 40% from 2015. Since the App Store came into being in 2008, developers have been able to earn over $60 billion.

Fact #4. About 49% of the people sell their old iPhones before purchasing new ones!

That’s really great because you don’t see that for any other phone in particular. Sure, people sell their old phones almost always, but for a particular smartphone, the number is huge.

Fact #5. Apple’s Major Competitor Samsung Manufactures Processor for iPhone.

Apple and Samsung are the two largest smartphone vendors of the world. The South Korean tech giant never misses any chance to copy or take a swipe at the former. However, despite being arch-rival, the latter produces the processor for Apple’s smartphone.

Fact #6. iPhone Endured the Falls of over 13, 000 Feet.

A Skydiver named Jarrod McKinney had lost his iPhone while jumping from 13, 000 feet. Fortunately, when he found his smartphone, it was still live and kicking—only the screen was cracked.

Fact #7. Over 90% Profit

Even with less than 20% market share, Apple reaps more than 90% profit of the smartphone industry.

Fact #8: The Secret Behind 9.41.

Do you wonder why iPhone ads always show 9.41 time? It’s because the late Steve Jobs had introduced the first iPhone at exactly the same time in 2007.

“We design the keynotes so that the big reveal of the product happens around 40 minutes into the presentation,” “When the big image of the product appears on screen, we want the time shown to be close to the actual time on the audience’s watches. But we know we won’t hit 40 minutes exactly.” Former Apple executive Scott Forstall once said.

Fact #9. iPhone was initially started off as a tablet project!

Apple had been putting their best efforts to prepare a breakthrough tablet. But when Steve Jobs had an interaction with iPad design with a virtual keyboard, he twisted the entire concept and switched it for iPhone. That’s how the phone that reinvented smartphone came into being.

Fact #10: Massive Success of iPhone 4s helped Apple become Largest Smartphone Vendor

Apple sold more than 1 million iPhone 4s models within 24 hours of its release in October 2011.

Courtesy of huge volumes of the iPhone being manufactured as well as its high selling price, Apple became the largest smartphone maker in 2011, overtaking Nokia.

Know any other Interesting Fact about iPhone?

Do you know any cool fact about iPhone? If yes, make sure to share it with us and let us know why you like Apple’s smartphone.

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