Xreart frame review: X-raying into Apple products

Xreart frame review

Most might not love a framed heart Xray as a gift, but a techie will surely heart ❤️ an iPhone Xray. And I have the good fortune to view, review, and enjoy Xreart deconstructed frame for iPhone 4 and Apple Watch 1st gen.

And whether you got/liked my pun or not, don’t skip this review because I will help you decide whether Xreart is worth the investment.

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Xreart Frame: Let’s preserve a piece of history

Xreart has an interesting back story. The journey of a die-hard Apple fan who fell in love with the idea of preserving old tech and the memories/special moments attached to it. They collect old phones from authorized suppliers and disassemble, clean, sterilize, place, and frame them.

They deconstruct and frame many products like iPhones, game consoles, Apple Watch, and even provide DIY tools. If you have a device with special significance, Xreart can help you create a smart frame by providing the frame, teardown template, toolset, and even adhesive.

Xreart Frame 4: Disassembled iPhone 4 makes for a great wall art  

Xreart Frame iPhone 4 review

iPhone 4 is a very special phone for the iGeeksBlog; it is literally where it all started. So Xreart’s motto of serving us technostalgia is certainly fulfilled.

Stuck over an ivory sheet is the phone that “changes everything, again,” aka a black iPhone 4 in all its deconstructed glory. Other things in the frame, from borders to text, are also in stark contrast to the ivory and sport a matt black shade, worthy of making even MKBHD jealous.

What you’ll get

While Xreart Frame 4 wasn’t a novelty for me, as I have previously reviewed Grid’s version, I loved some things more in the frame. For starters, it boasted more information, including:

  • Release and discontinued date
  • Display size, resolution, and pixel per inch
  • iPhone’s dimension and mass

Even the CPU ram and GPU version are mentioned, and it might be gibberish to some, but for a true-blue techie, that’s exciting info. You even get a Steve Job signature and one of my favorite quotes from him, “Stay hungry, Stay foolish.”

And whether it’s the display, back cover, battery, an A4 chip, flex cable, cellular antenna, or SIM card tray, every part is in mint condition. The silver bumpers are also shiny and have almost negligible scratches.

Interestingly, you’ll also find cute little screws stuck around the frame, with proper arrows that show where they belong. And while the frame size is 44.8cm*32.4cm*3cm, it will take you a lot of time to thoroughly view everything it has.

In fact, during the whole unboxing and review process, I have viewed the Xreart Frame 4 at least a dozen times and have discovered something interesting and awe-inspiring almost every time.

Price: $139

Xreart iPhone 4 frame banner

Xreart Apple Watch 1st Generation Frame: Flex some history

Xreart of Apple Watch review

Have you ever wondered how the heart rate sensor, taptic engine, speakers, among other things, fit into the tiny Apple Watch? Here’s the answer, see inside the Apple Watch and where it fits into the scheme of things.

What you’ll get 

In true Xreart frame style, the Apple Watch first-gen is stuck on an ivory base with a black strap, frame borders, and text for a stylish and elegant look.

Although, it is not in as mint condition as iPhone 4 frame. Nothing major, but you see signs of wear and tear on the watch’s back and taptic engine. However, the strap looks quite fresh, so much so our publisher Aanal has an eye on it.

There is a bunch of information from devices dimension, battery capacity and type, display size, and more. You also get a quote by Tim Cook,

“You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change.”

There is just one flaw, though, the company hasn’t mentioned who the quote is by in the frame, so, if you know, you know. Plus, since Apple Watch first gen. is rare, you’ll have to pay some premium price.

Price: $189

Xreart Appe Watch first gen frame banner

Is Xreart frame worthy of your heart and money?


Build quality
Gift worth  
Value for money

Xreart might not make sense to spend on a phone or watch that doesn’t even work on paper. But for tech lovers, this frame holds a lot of value.

It inspires them, reminds them of a time, and shows how far technology has come. So, it makes for a wonderful gift, whether you’re gifting it to yourself or a fellow geek.

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