How to Run Wi-Fi Diagnostics on Mac for Better Network Connections

How to Use Wireless Diagnostics for Better Wi-Fi on Mac

Want the best Wi-Fi connection on your Mac? Facing network difficulties on your MacBook? It’s time that you check your Wi-Fi connection and troubleshoot it in the best way to get it sorted. One of the best ways is to troubleshoot your Mac with a Wireless Diagnostics tool.

This Wi-Fi diagnostics tool is available in most of the Macs depending on the operating system it’s running on. It can surely help to speed up the Wi-Fi speeds along with improving the signal strength as well.

How to Use Wireless Diagnostics for Better Wi-Fi on Mac

If you’re new to Mac, you probably weren’t aware of this option until now. But with our detailed guide on how to run Wi-Fi diagnostics tool, you will find it easy to do so. Here’s how you can.

Step #1: To start with, hold on the Option key on the Mac keyboard and click on the Wi-Fi network option in the title bar and select Open Wireless Diagnostics.

Click on Wi-Fi and Select Open Wireless Diagnostics on Mac

Step #2: Now, a window will pop-up on the screen. You are not supposed to take any action on this pop-up; however, don’t close the window and proceed to the next step to dig further. click on Window from the title bar.

Click on Window on macOS Wireless Diagnostics Menu bar

Step #3: Next, click on Scan from the drop-down menu.

Select Scan to View the List of Wi-Fi Networks on Mac

Step #4: Now, you’ll see a list of Wi-Fi networks available in your area, click on Scan Now if your network is missing.

Click on Scan to Find Missing Wi-Fi Network on Mac

This would show up your network in the list and it will now connect with your Mac after using this diagnostics tool. Follow the on-screen instructions if any to see what’s making your Wi-Fi slow.

Summing Up…

I hope you’re now clear about how to run macOS diagnostics tool on your Mac to improve your Wi-Fi. Let us know in the comments section if you’re facing any issues while connecting your Mac to existing Wi-Fi or a new Wi-Fi connection. Our experts will help you with the best possible solution for your Mac problems.

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Would you like to use this diagnostics tool to improve Wi-Fi speed and strength? Share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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