TrueCaller iPhone App: A One-Stop Spam Buster

TrueCaller iPhone App Review

Living in a world of telemarketing takes a heavy toll on our privacy. Your mobile phone rings when you are in the middle of something important, and upon receiving a call, a strange voice brusquely tries to convince you for a product or service. This is so annoying! You can stop this nuisance by using TrueCaller app.

TrueCaller is primarily a caller ID app that shows you who is calling. From its vast database, the app displays names and contacts of the caller. The app can show you details of callers, who are not in your phone book. You can quickly identify spam caller and telemarketers.

TrueCaller iPhone App: Block Unwanted Calls from Spammers and Telemarketers

Marketing agencies, banks, insurance companies, HR agencies, and others share your phone number among each other. You cannot stop them from sharing your contact info. But you can at least ensure your safety and privacy by installing TrueCalle on your iPhone.

Call & SMS Blocking

From its database of billions of numbers, TrueCaller identifies who is calling you, making you prepared for the right decision – to pick up or not to pick up that call. Since it is a cross-platform app, it can work on Android and Windows devices as well.

Apart from blocking calls, you can also prevent spammers from sending your SMS to you. Once you download TrueCaller on your iOS device, you can enable call blocking & identification on your phone: Settings → Phone → Call Blocking & Identification → Truecaller. For SMS filtering: Settings → Messages → Unknown & Spam → Toggle Truecaller.

Database is the Essence of TrueCaller

When any other app asks permission to use your contacts, you are reluctant to tap that OK button. But people are more than willing to let TrueCaller use their contacts because the app further adds the numbers you have blocked to enhance the user experience of millions of phone users.

TrueCaller’s real power lies in its database. A mammoth database of several billion numbers identified and rated according to what they are.

Over time, the list has grown to include almost every known and unknown spam and marketing callers who pester cell phone users throughout the day.

I do have some reservations though as TrueCaller (upon being permitted to access your contacts for updating information) can easily hook the contact information to its database.

In fact, that’s how you find that even without my knowledge, my number would be up on their database because a friend of mine installed and uses TrueCaller.

Important Updates

Smart messaging and Unified Payments Interface are important features TrueCaller introduced in its latest update. Using its Chat feature, you can send and receive messages to and from your friends and family. Also, send photos and videos to anyone on TrueCaller.

TrueCaller Pay is a feature rolled out only in India, where users can enjoy safe, secure, and instant money transfers. Moreover, users in India can recharge mobile and make utility payments using the app. With BHIM UPI, they can manage their bank accounts.


That’s all friends!

Your call…

The best thing about TrueCaller is its ability to automatically identifying spam, fraud, and robocalls before you take a call. By signing up its premium service, you can remove ads and explore other features like “who viewed your profile.”

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