Touchscreen Gloves from Mujjo (leather and insulated)

Touchscreen Gloves from Mujjo

The temperature is somewhere in minus 🥶 and you have got an urgent phone call. But by the time you remove your gloves (because they aren’t touch screen compatible), the call stops ringing. And now you have cold hands and a silent phone. Been there? Dump that.  

I mean, dump those gloves, as Mujjo has a lineup of touchscreen-compatible gloves that protect your hands from the freezing cold weather. I’ve had the opportunity to try out three of these, and I’m sure there is one for everyone.  

Check out the review for touchscreen gloves by Mujjo to find your perfect match:

  • Insulated touchscreen gloves 
  • Leather touchscreen gloves 
  • Leather crochet touchscreen gloves 

Insulated touchscreen gloves from Mujjo

I’m a minimalist, and I can assure you that I’m always on the lookout for products that have a clean, simple, and practical design. Also, you can never go wrong with products in black color.

The Mujjo insulated touchscreen gloves are made to be used in moderately cold climates, and these gloves place utility over design. Intrigued? Read on.  

Mujjo insulated touchscreen gloves

Build and Design 

The outside of the Mujjo insulated touchscreen gloves is laminated with triple layers of 3M Thinsulate in a sandwich design. Thinsulate material is very similar to polyester, except it is slimmer. Apart from thermal insulation, it is widely used for acoustic insulation.  

Mujjo insulated touchscreen gloves 4

Rubber grips are well placed on the outside throughout the palms and the fingers. These grooves ensure that your phone doesn’t slip and fall from your hands. This shows the designer’s intent and attention to detail while designing the product. 

The inner sides of the gloves feel warm and soft. The credit goes to a layer of polar fleece that increases the insulation. All of this results in a pair of gloves that are comfortable to wear and fit well. 


The Mujjo insulated gloves feature touch screen compatibility on all 5 fingers and even the palm. Suppose your fingers are preoccupied. You can swipe to answer a call with your palm. However, the touchscreen capability is only available on the palm side of your hand and not the knuckle side.  

Mujjo insulated touchscreen gloves 2

Also, these gloves are meant for answering calls, clicking pictures, etc. Please don’t go in expecting that you’ll be able to type long messages with accuracy or play games while wearing these gloves.  

I tried doing so, and texting is not feasible as you’ll accidentally tap the letter next to the desired one. And that’s because of the protrusion caused by all the layers of material.

But what good is a pair of gloves if they check all the boxes except protecting your hands from freezing in the cold? Well, these Mujjo gloves have got you covered from the cold too.  

Mujjo insulated touchscreen gloves 3

It isn’t cold (but the aircon is set to 68-degree Fahrenheit) where I live, so I can’t evaluate how warm they can keep your hands. But putting on these gloves is comforting. In a couple of minutes, it gets quite warm. Other reviews who’ve used gloves in cold temperatures claim that these protect from the cold.  


Value for money

The Mujjo insulated touchscreen gloves are priced at $36. They’re priced well, and the decision boils down to the design factor. The touch functionality is commendable, and they can keep your hands warm in moderately cold climates.  

These won’t fit several outfit styles, and Mujjo has a few offerings to cover those aspects. So read along, and you’ll find something perfectly tailored for your taste.  

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Leather touchscreen gloves by Mujjo 

I’ve already told you I like minimalist design, and leather has always been my primary choice for accessories. The Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves are a product that fits in perfectly. It is made out of Ethiopian leather, comes in an all-black design, and doesn’t have any fancy engravings.

Also, it looks amazing on most outfits, especially denim jackets. Let’s dive in and find out how well these perform.  

Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves

Build and Design 

The Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves are made from Ethiopian leather, which is soft to the touch, will ensure to keep your hands warm, and is also claimed to be durable.  

Leather, when used carefully, ages very well and develops a patina that enhances the product’s look. Also, I feel like a hitman when I put these on. That’s how badass they look.  

Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves 3

To ensure that these gloves do not slide out of your hands, they house a leather strap and snap closure. The strap features two snap fasteners for different wrist sizes. The faces of the snap fasteners come in a matte black finish, which subtly blends with the gloves.    

Cashmere lining graces the insides of the gloves, which ensures extreme comfort. The inner lining is soft, smooth, extremely thin, and has a snug fit. However, make sure you pick the right size.  


All five fingers and the palm area of the gloves feature touchscreen compatibility. Again, only the palm side of the glove has this and not the knuckle side, a feature similar to other gloves in Mujjo’s lineup.  

They come with the same set of pros and cons. They’re great for answering calls, clicking pictures, and other tasks that don’t require a lot of touch accuracy. The protruding sides will make it a tough task to type accurately.  

Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves 2

The design of this product is what makes it an alluring buy. It’ll look good on a wide range of outfits while fulling its basic functions, especially when the gloves are made of leather and have a cashmere lining. 

Both these products are found in nature and protect animals from harsh climates, ensuring you needn’t worry about freezing from the cold. The company also claims that it is water and windproof. But I do recommend not exposing them to water if and when possible.  


Value for money

The Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves are priced at $36, which is the same price as the Mujjo insulated touchscreen gloves, and I’d recommend you pick these if you want something subtle yet beautiful.  

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, leather doesn’t disappoint as it ages like wine. The older it gets, the better it looks. 

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Leather crochet touchscreen gloves from Mujjo 

Do you fancy a pair of gloves that look like your grandma knit them for you from one angle but also make you look like a hitman from another? Well, the Mujjo leather crochet touchscreen gloves reflect these attributes and if that is what you’re into, read on.  

Mujjo leather crochet touchscreen gloves

Build and Design 

The Mujjo leather crochet touchscreen gloves are made out of a total of three materials. The knuckle side of the outer layer has a crocheted finish. I’m not certain if it’s wool or cotton, as it feels like a mixture of both as it is not as soft as wool and feels as strong and durable as cotton.  

Mujjo leather crochet touchscreen gloves 1

The design of these gloves is quite unfamiliar until you put them on, and they feel at home. The outer layer on the palm side features Ethiopian leather. Again, the quality is top-notch as it’s soft to the touch and also feels durable.  

The cashmere lining on the inside facilitates this feeling of warmth and comfort. It also has a similar leather strap and snaps closure. Again, with two snap fasteners for different wrist sizes, the faces of these fasteners are in a matte black color, which subtly helps them blend in.  


All five fingers and the palm area are touchscreen compatible. However, it is only on the palm side, not the knuckle side. None of the gloves mentioned earlier has supported touchscreen functionality on the knuckle side; the same applies throughout the products in this review.   

Mujjo leather crochet touchscreen gloves 2

It performs the basic tasks of making or answering calls, clicking images, etc. However, accurately typing while wearing them is difficult as they protrude on the edges to help insulate your hands from cold. The protruding edges on the fingers contribute to better insulation but hamper the typing experience.  

The outer crotched layer alongside leather ensures that these gloves will be able to keep your hands warm and cozy even in cold conditions. Also, the design isn’t very polarizing and seems to appeal to the masses. It neither is too much in the face nor is it very bland. It balances utility and design very well.  


Value for money

Yes, the quality and design of the Mujjo leather crochet touchscreen gloves scream premium. But they are also priced accordingly, coming in at $60. Almost double the price when compared to other touchscreen gloves in Mujjo’s lineup. 

However, they provide a feature set that is rare to come by without compromising on the build or design. I’m here to help you make an informed decision, and if you have the money, these are a great buy.  

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Are MUJJO touchscreen gloves worth it?

You’ll find several products on the market today that can keep you warm or provide touchscreen capabilities. If they come with touchscreen capabilities, it is still restricted to only the fingertips, which isn’t the case with Mujjo’s lineup of touchscreen gloves.

The Mujjo touchscreen gloves are compatible with all five fingers and even the palm (touchscreen compatibility is only restricted to the palm side of the hand and not the knuckle area). They also feature an excellent design and build without compromising on the ability to keep your hands warm outdoors.  

Factoring in all these attributes and how well the gloves perform under each, the price-to-performance ratio of these gloves is quite high.

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