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iGBWallpapersBest The Mandalorian iPhone wallpapers in 2024

Best The Mandalorian iPhone wallpapers in 2024

The Mandalorian is the first live-action spin-off in the famed Star Wars franchise that’s a treat for fans worldwide. So if you love this epic story about a lone bounty hunter, we have some equally epic Mandalorian iPhone wallpapers for you.

From the adorable Grogu or The Child – aka Baby Yoda – to the stunning Gina Carano as Cara Dune and the iconic Mandalorian helmet, we’ve featured all your favorites. Explore the images below and click the links to download the high-res HD wallpapers for your iPhone Home Screen and Lock Screen.

1. Baby Yoda iPhone wallpaper

Whether a Star Wars fan or not, you must have heard of the meme sensation Baby Yoda. His real name is Grogu, and seriously, how cute is this wallpaper of him!

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 1


2. Cara Dune wallpaper

This Gina Carano wallpaper from The Mandalorian is a must-have for all fans! The badass special forces warrior can inspire you to be fierce and unstoppable.

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 2


3. The Mandalorian portrait wallpaper

If you can’t get enough of The Mandalorian, adorn your iPhone screen with this cool wallpaper featuring the lead character.

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 3


4. Cute Grogu iOS wallpaper

Baby Yoda, The Child on The Mandalorian, is a massively loved character for his cuteness. This wallpaper certainly captures his charm!

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 4


5. The Mandalorian Season 2 wallpaper

Here’s an iconic scene from Season 2 of the series that will look amazing as your iPhone wallpaper.

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 5


6. Aesthetic Mandalorian wallpaper

Every fan will love this Mandalorian iPhone wallpaper that’s suitable for OLED iPhone screens too.

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 6


7. The Mandalorian helmet iPhone wallpaper

The helmet holds a deep significance in The Mandalorian. I love this minimalist wallpaper featuring this iconic gear.

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 7


8. This is the way wallpaper

If you love the theme song as much as I do, you’ve got to get this Mandalorian ‘This is the way’ iPhone wallpaper featuring the helmet.

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 8


9. Abstract Mandalorian wallpaper

Here’s a unique wallpaper featuring some colorful artwork to make your screen stand out.

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 9


10. The Mandalorian Baby Yoda wallpaper

Add a touch of cuteness and color to your screen with this simplistic wallpaper featuring everyone’s favorite character.

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 10


11. Dark theme Baby Yoda Wallpaper

If you prefer Dark mode, this wallpaper is the perfect choice for your Home Screen and Lock Screen.

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 11


12. The Child and butterfly wallpaper

Here’s the precious child and a butterfly to add a beautiful aesthetic to your iPhone.

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 12


13. Minimalist Baby Yoda wallpaper

I’m sure you’ll love seeing this adorable face every time you glance at your phone screen!

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 13


14. Iconic Mandalorian wallpaper

This Mandalorian iPhone background is inspired by Blade Runner 2049 – the perfect choice for fans of both franchises.

mandalorian iphone wallpaper 14


That wraps up our collection of Mandalorian iPhone wallpapers. Don’t forget to share them with fellow fans and check out our Star Wars wallpapers too.

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