There are many, just like us, who feel it annoying when we receive unwanted notifications on our iPhone or iPad. That is because our device is just a device, a machine and we do not want to them to forcefully show us something that we never asked to! If you are among us, here is the piece of information you would surely like and after reading, will surely thank us. We are going to tell you how to stop apps sending alerts and notifications to an iPhone or iPad.

It is a simple procedure that will save your brain getting angry looking at those troublesome good for nothing notifications! There are applications that try sending you notifications by default. In addition, there are some Apple bundled applications that opt into such flow and appear on your gadget’s screen. Clearing them does not work all the time. The best thing you have is disabling those applications’ functioning that keeps notifying your iPhone or iPad.

Stops Apps Sending Notifications on iPhone and iPad

To make you understand, we will show the complete procedure of disabling the notifications so that they will not appear on your iPhone or iPad screen without your permission. How is that? Good? Then let’s go for it! Incoming notifications or alerts have some source, says the Apple Store in this case. They come bundled on almost all Apple devices running on iOS.

As a genuine provider, Apple App Store pushes limited notifications or alerts on your device but the culprit are the third party apps that go haywire on your devices tickling your brain. You can get rid of this agony by following simple step. This will prevent undesired notifications and alerts on your devices.

How to Stop Apps Sending Notifications and Alerts on iOS 8 for iPhone or iPad:

Step #1: Go on ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone or iPad

Step #2: Choose the option of ‘Notification

iOS Notification Settings

Step #3: Find and select the app for what you want to modify the push notifications behavior from. This will be available on Notifications Settings’ list.

Apps Notifications Settings

Step #4: There you see the option of ‘Allow Notifications’ – your happiness lies there!

Allow Notifications for Apps on iOS

Step #5: Flip it to ‘OFF’. This will result in toggling the option to ‘OFF’ position with button grayed.

Step #6: Repeat the procedure for all applications where you want such setting to be done

The beauty of this option in notification settings is the changes are in effect immediately. Having said this, if you, for instance, disable notifications for an app like Temple Run, you will command this app to have no inbound alert, banner or even lock-screen notification. This is because you have simply disabled these apps and they are now lame!

Something to keep in mind
While this serves you as the best option to get rid of notifications from a particular app, you must understand that notification ‘off’ means it will turn off ‘all the notifications’ including sound effect, banners, buzz etc. If you do not want this all to be blocked, you need to adjust the setting accordingly. For this, you need to ’mute’ concerned notification such as the mail sound alert.

It all depends what all you want to block and iPhone and iPad provides you with this flexibility. Whether you need a notification or an alert for Facebook comment, or when someone drops you an email or message? It is up to you. Change the settings of that particular app and set yourself worry free!

Enjoy, your gadget is now customized and will show you what you want and not what vendors want! :)