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Skills Co iPhone and iPad App

Internet is a space where skill is worshipped. An utterly blank space is filled with useful information and knowledge that helps others solve problems. But the most significant obstacle is to share your skills with millions and to make money from your skills. This is where Blake Heron can help you. Founder of Skills Co., Heron has developed an excellent app that works as a bridge between knowledge-seekers and knowledge-givers.

If you are an expert in something, you can get paid for your expertise. And if you wish to learn something new in your life, you have access to the best videos created by experts. It seems that the app is built on the idea of James Lendall Basford, who wrote: “Pull and Push are inscribed on the doors of the Temple of Knowledge.”

Skills Co iOS App Review: Sell Your Skills to the World for Free or Learn New Skills

How Skills Co. Works?

This app is easy to work. First, it is free, and there is no in-app purchase unless you wish to buy some paid skills uploaded by experts.

Once you download the app on your iPhone or iPad, you can create your profile, no matter who you are – an expert or learner.

If you are a learner, who wants to get knowledge on different subjects, you need to select categories of skills, which include Life, Finance, Business, Digital, Fitness, Sports, Beauty, Marketing, Health, and more.

Skills iOS App

For experts, Skills Co. allows them to create their profile as a professional, who boast some skills. You can upload your videos on cooking, sports, technology how-tos, creative writing, performing arts, music, trades, and others.

You can either let learners view your video courses free or ask for some payment. Make sure you set up your account information using STRIPE for getting payments of your skills.

Your YouTube Channel and Skills Co

Some users might think of YouTube to create how-to or instructional videos. To your surprise, Skills Co offers you an opportunity to monetize your channel more effectively. YouTube only provides you advertisements as a source of income.

Although how-to videos are popular on YouTube, this platform is not suitable for learning new skills. You can send your YouTube viewers to the course video you have created on Skills Co. Views on your videos become your potential income. Here is more on how to get paid with YouTube.

Should you download Skills Co?

If you ask us, Skills Co. is your one-stop destination to learn and earn. As of now, the app has few footfalls, i.e., users. With the passage of time, it will grab the attention of many users and professionals. One must download this app on the iOS device to learn new skills and earn bucks.

Price: Free

That’s all, friends!

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Is there any other skill sharing app that can compete with Skills Co? Share your feedback with us in comment section.

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