How to Restore Deleted Safari Bookmarks in Mac OS X

Bookmarks save us a lot of our research time. They come in handy when we have to find instant information from various sources. However, if these bookmarks are deleted, than it can be a quite a “situation”! However, don’t panic, there’s a perfect solution for it.

Were you aware that your Mac is equipped with a program called ‘Time Machine’ which backs-up and helps in re-installing your deleted bookmarks? With the help of this program, you can easily transport back in time and get your bookmarks back from the past!

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How to Restore Deleted Safari Bookmarks in Mac OS X

Here is how to restore deleted Safari bookmarks in Mac OS X:

Step #1. Launch Finder on your Mac.

Step #2. This is a crucial step: hold down your ‘option key’ for some time.

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Step #3. Select “Go” and then “Library.” (The library option will not appear unless you hold down the ‘Option’ key.)

Step #4. Once you see library, tap open “Safari” folder.

Step #5. There will be a file called, ‘Bookmarks.plist’ that has all Safari bookmarks.

Step #6. Next, click and open your Time machine and select “Enter Time Machine.

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Step #7. Time Machine will run in your Safari window. Therefore, you just have to navigate back to the time when you accidentally deleted the bookmarks.

Step #8. Tap “Restore” after you have reached the exact day and time.

Step #9. You will be given an option to either keeping original (which replaces the current file) or having both.

Step #10. According to your choice, hit on the desired option. Preferably, you’ll want to keep both so you get the deleted bookmarks as well as keep the new ones.

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Note: If you choose to keep both, then the older file will be named as Bookmarks(original). plist. You can also use your recovery backup data system for restoring your bookmarks.

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