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How to Restore Deleted Safari Bookmarks on​ Mac

Bookmarks in Safari help you to save links for easy access. They’re a great way to keep and organize webpages in one place. So it can be frustrating if you accidentally delete bookmarks that you need. But don’t worry because it’s pretty easy to recover your lost links with a few different methods. Whether you want to recover a single URL or many, here are three ways to restore deleted bookmarks in Safari on Mac.

How to Restore Deleted Safari Bookmarks with iCloud

  1. Open in the Safari browser on your Mac
  2. Log in to your Apple ID and password.visit icloud website and sign in using apple id
  3. Click on your name on the top-right corner of the on profile in icloud account on mac
  4. From the options, click Account on icloud account settings in safari
  5. Scroll down and select Restore Bookmarks at the lower-left corner of the on restore bookmarks on icloud account
  6. A window with a list of deleted bookmarks will pop up.
  7. From the list, choose the deleted bookmarks you want to recover and hit the Restore button in the bookmarks and click on restore to recover deleted safari bookmarks using icloud account

All your selected bookmarks will be restored and will appear under the Bookmark section in your Safari browser.

How to Recover Deleted Bookmark in Safari Using Time Machine

Mac’s in-built feature can let you travel back in time and access the list of bookmarks you’ve lost accidentally. Go through the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Press Command + N or launch Finder on your Mac.
  2. Hold down the Option key on your Mac for some time.
  3. Click Go and then select the Library. 
  4. In Library, open the Safari folder.
  5. Inside the Safari folder, click on the Bookmark.plist file that contains all Safari on library select safari and click on bookmark.plist file in finder on mac
  6. Now open your Time Machine and choose Enter Time Machine.
  7. When Time Machine runs in the Safari window, go back to the time you’d accidentally deleted your bookmarks.
  8. Hit Restore after entering the exact date and on restore to recover deleted bookmark in safari using time machine
  9. You’ll be provided with options to either replace your current bookmarks file with the older one or to keep both ones.
  10. As per your choice, select the suitable option. (Keep both the files – a recommended option).

Also, when you keep both files, the older file will be renamed as Bookmarks(original).plist.

By Using Third-Party Recovery Software

Some third-party software can help you to restore lost Safari bookmarks conveniently. They pledge a way better solution than Time Machine with a 100% restore rate and no data loss.

Signing Off

So which way you’re going to proceed to restore deleted bookmarks in Safari? Tell us in the comment section below. Furthermore, if you want to back up deleted files on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, check out our thorough guide.

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