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PhoneTrans App: Transfer Data to New iPhone or Android Easily

Our data is the most crucial thing on our devices. And losing those contacts, photos, files, etc., can be scary. Whether you are upgrading your iPhone or switching from Android to iPhone, data transfer can be a risky business. PhoneTrans by iMobie can be a boon, with its 1-click transfer interface, cross-platform device transfer, extensive data type support, and flexible transfer mode.

Let’s check out the app and its various features in detail.

PhoneTrans Features – Transfer Your Data Securely & Quickly

iMobie is a master at developing user-centric software. From AnyFix to AnyTrans, they have managed to make user-friendly and helpful apps quite successfully. Their latest addition, PhoneTrans, is no different.

The software’s interface is well-organized and pretty simple to understand. Even if you are a layman, finding a feature won’t be an issue as everything is laid out neatly on the sidebar.

What’s more? The data transfer takes just a few steps:

  1. Connect both the devices to your Mac and select Phone to Phone.
  2. Click on Transfer.Connect both devices to Mac then select Phone to Phone in PhoneTrans App
  3. Select the data you want to transfer and click on Transfer Now.Select data to transfer and click on Transfer Now in PhoneTrans App

The Transfer process will start; it may take some time depending upon the size of the data. See how simple it is! But this is just the icing; let’s dig into the cake a bit more.

Another exciting and potent feature is that PhoneTrans does not overwrite existing data on the new phone unless you opt for device cloning.

A Wide Range of Compatibility for Data and Device 

Whether you are moving from iPhone to iPhone or iPad or Android phone or tablet, iMobie PhoneTrans supports over 20,000+ devices. And thanks to auto-conversion, the data reach the new device in a fully-compatible format.

PhoneTrans bridges the gap between various mobile operating systems and supports 32+ iOS/iPadOS & 12+ Android data types. As per the developers, it is the only solution that offers such exhaustive data support currently.

Flexibility to Choose Migration Mode

The most notable feature, as per me, is the freedom to manage your data your way. And alongside 3 device-to-device migration settings, PhoneTrans also brings backup and restore options on the table.

Transfer options in PhoneTrans app to transfer iPhone data
  • Quick Transfer: Select the data you want and transfer it efficiently in a click. So, instead of GBs of unnecessary data, you only pluck out what you need.
  • Phone Clone: When setting up a new phone, you can make a 1:1 clone of data and settings. This brings important messages, call logs and even custom ringtones to the new device.
    Note: Cloning will erase existing data on your new iPhone.
  • Phone Merge: Migrate and merge data from multiple devices without losing any data. What’s more? PhoneTrans can smartly auto-skip the duplicate content.
    Notably, the clone and merge features do not support cross-system transfer, i.e., you can transfer from iPhone to iPhone and Android to Android.
  • Backup and Restore: If direct phone-to-phone transfer is not feasible, you can transfer data via restoring a backup. Interestingly, you have the flexibility to either restore full-device or selective data.
Backup options in PhoneTrans app to transfer iPhone data

Managing Apps & Services has never been Simpler

When we switch devices, restoring our go-to settings and apps can be a task, especially if you have downloaded and logged in to each app individually. PhoneTrans brings ease to that process as well.

Apps Transfer Instructions to manage apps in PhoneTrans
  • Move apps in one go: Whether a social media, financial, food, or work-related app, you can move all their data to your new iPhone with a click of a mouse.
  • Even WhatsApp Data: While the cloud system is good, it can be slow and bandwidth-consuming. PhoneTrans can help you to securely transfer the entire chat history to your new device in a jiffy.
    Apart from WhatsApp, PhoneTrans also covers LINE and Viber. As of writing this article, the support for messages & data transfer between iOS and Android wasn’t available. However, the developers say that it will come to PhoneTrans pretty soon.
  • Align your iTunes, iCloud & Google Account: Understanding that your data might be scattered across various IDs and places, the software brings this nifty feature into the mix.

You can integrate data from multiple sources like iTunes library and Google Photos. Furthermore, it auto-adopts a supportive format, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Restoring PhoneTrans Backup to Your iPhone

What Makes PhoneTrans a Great Data Transfer Solution?

I particularly enjoy a product or software that is designed keeping the end-user in mind, and PhoneTrans, in its very essence, is just that. It efficiently understands that different users have different needs.

Plus, users may have varying skill sets. So, it beautifully maintains the balance between a friendly interface and flexible features.

And what I loved is the software’s honesty. If there is something it can’t do currently, it is mentioned as a note under each website’s feature.

Overall, PhoneTrans is efficient, reliable, quick, flexible, and easy-to-use. It does what it promises, and I am pretty impressed and satisfied with its performance.


  • Monthly Subscription (2 Devices/1 Mac) – $39.99
  • Annual Subscription (5 Devices / 1 Mac) – $45.99
  • One-time Purchase (5 Devices / 1 Mac) – $55.99

Download PhoneTrans App

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