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iGBAppsAnyFix Review: Resolve 330+ iPhone, iPad & iTunes Issues

AnyFix Review: Resolve 330+ iPhone, iPad & iTunes Issues

Problems such as iPhone battery drain, a frozen screen, stuck in recovery mode, or disabled screen can arrive at your doorstep without invitation. However, the real issue is how to resolve them without compromising your data or iPhone’s integrity? An acclaimed software AnyFix boasts to be the one-stop solution. But could AnyFix, fix any iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and iTunes issue? Let’s thoroughly test the software for answers.

AnyFix: Quickly Resolve All iPhone, iPad, and iTunes Errors

AnyFix by iMobie is a software toolbox that can handle almost any issue your Apple device is facing, whether it’s as irritating as the device not charging or as scary as being stuck on Apple Logo for hours.

The all-inclusive recovery software can manage over 330 issues related to iPhone, iPad, iTunes, and Apple TV. What’s unique is its troubleshooting approach, simple solutions for mild problems, and stricter actions for complicated problems.

The Three Repair Modes

When we build our troubleshooting guides, factory reset is one nuclear option we tend to suggest last. If some tweaks could solve things, why wipe out all your settings and data.

Following a similar line of thought, AnyFix offers three recovery modes:

1. Standard Repair: A basic repair plan is intended to fix simple common issues like battery drain etc. without data loss. Your device and its data remain intact while the problem is entirely resolved.

2. Advanced Repair: If the problems are a bit stubborn, like won’t update or power on, AnyFix offers brings out some more powerful tools. Though it will bring your device back on track, the data will be lost in the process; hopefully, you have a fresh backup.

3. Ultimate Repair: As the name suggests, this one for the ultimate issues. Whether the device is frozen or stuck in black/white/blue screen, it will bring your dead device back to life.

How to Use AnyFix to Revive Your Apple Devices

Resolving any system or software issue with AnyFix is indeed relatively easy. And it all starts the moment you launch the app. The welcome dashboard is efficient and straightforward.

  1. Start by selecting System Repair from the on system repair in anyfix ios system recovery software
  2. Select 50+ iPhone Problems and Start 50+ iphone problems and click on start now
  3. Then choose the Mode you wish to use depending upon your preferred option in anyfix software
  4. AnyFix will ask you to download a Firmware, click on firmware
  5. Once the download is finished, click on Fix on fix now to resolve system issue in anyfix software
  6. From here on, follow the onscreen instruction and let AnyFix work its magic.

And that’s it; whatever issue your device might have been facing would mostly be resolved. Remember, if the problem is hardware-related, AnyFix won’t be able to help.

One App, Many Uses 

As we have mentioned earlier, and you might have also guessed from the above-listed repair methods, iMobie’s AnyFix means business. You can fix around 130+ iOS/iPadOS/tvOS problems and 200+ iTunes errors.

But that not all… AnyFix also boasts:

Recovery Mode Controller

Another great feature of the app is that it enables you to enter or exit the recovery mode in just a click. Thanks to this, you can quickly recover your device without the risk of losing any data.

enter or exit in recovery mode using anyfix software


iOS upgrades can sometimes invite bugs or other issues. Understanding the same, iUpdater collects all upgrade/downgrade versions available for your device, including the latest iOS beta version.

use anyfix software to upgrade or downgrade ios with just one click

Stored in the AnyFix resource library, you can select any version upgrade or downgrade with ease and comfort. It will also notify when new updates are available, and you can explore the latest iOS in the beta version without developer profiles.

Reset Locked iPhone/iPad 

Locked out of your iPhone and can’t remember the password? With the help of AnyFix, you can reset the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without entering a passcode. This method will update the latest supported iOS version, and all data will be erased after reset.

select preferred option to reset your ios device using anyfix recovery software

Smart Scan

A neat feature that simultaneously scans multiple threads to discover potential iTunes errors, from iTunes components to system files. As it analyzes the cloud data, multi-pattern matching algorithms check for errors, and fixes them quickly.

fix itunes sync errors with just one click using anyfix ios recovery software

Why Entrust Your Device to AnyFix?

Both the device and data inside are precious to you, and handing it over to a third-party software is a serious decision. And we now test AnyFix’s worthiness for handling your device.

Force Repair 

AnyFix automatically matches and encodes the required IPSW files according to the device chips and system versions. Thanks to which it can effectively bypass the iBoot of Apple devices and use the programmed IPSW file to analyze the device data and deeply repair it.

And even when the phone won’t restart or cannot enter Recovery mode, the software boasts the highest success rate.

24/7/365 Customer Service 

Help is always welcome, especially when you are dealing with the delicate matter of solving potent issues. And it is definitely a plus that you can take aid from the experienced developers anytime and anywhere.

Money-Back Guarantee

But what if you are not satisfied with AnyFix services? Well, the software comes with a worry-free purchase experience with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Our Verdict 

AnyFix indeed has a fix for multiple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Apple TV issues. What’s great is that solutions are just a few clicks away. The interface is neat, well-organized, and pretty simple to understand and employ.

However, I experienced a glitch while testing my iPhone running the iOS 14 beta version; it got stuck on Apple Logo while repairing. Apart from the issue probably caused by an iOS 14, all was a smooth sail, including a Standard Repair of another iOS 13 running iPhone.

Price: $45.99/Month (1 Device or 1 Mac)

Buy AnyFix

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