I'm quite excited about the personal assistant apps and the market in general because that's where cutting-edge artificial intelligence turns into practical stuff that can be used in normal life. To that extent, we've got a ton of personal assistant apps for the iPhone/iOS devices out there.

Siri really fulfills everything when it comes to smart assistance. However, we do know that there are alternatives and depending on your liking and requirement, they could be smarter than Siri.

Personal Assistant iPhone Apps

Best Siri Alternatives: Personal Assistant Apps for iPhone

So here we go. These are some of the best personal assistant apps you can get your hands on right away.

#1. Google Now

Google Now iPhone App IconGoogle's omnipresence is kind of exemplified with this particular tool called Google Now: which pools data from various Google services that you use, including Gmail, Calendars, Maps, Search, YouTube etc. and provides information that it thinks you need right now. Google Now has been often made to compete with Siri and if you ask me, it does good.

Some of us do feel the Big Brother effect with Google Now running and monitoring things but if you're comfortable with it, this can be as smart a personal assistant app can get.

(Google Now is not an app but comes built right in with Google Search).

Price: Free

#2. Cortana

Cortana iPhone App IconCortana is an ultra-advanced personal assistant. It can carry out a number of things like letting you know when is the right time for you to go back home or leave for a meeting depending on the traffic as well as the weather condition. Besides, it's always ready to answer your queries instantly.

And if you want to spend some time playing around with it, the personal assistant will thoroughly entertain you with its witty answers. The best thing about the virtual assistant is that it will become even smarter once it knows your preference.

Price: Free

#3. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

HOUND Voice Search iPhone App IconAre you looking for a smart personal assistant that can provide fast responses to your questions? HOUND can be a viable option to get your job done comfortably. Whether you want to play any latest or top song, get the most recent news, make phone calls, send a text message or browse the web, it can let you do all those things and much more perfectly.

With this virtual assistant, you can speak naturally as it is smart enough to understand your particular accent and what you are after. Depending on your need, you can filter, sort and even add more information to make the assistant more intelligent to have the better result.

Price: Free

#4. 24me

24me iPhone App Icon24me, rated as one of the top 10 productivity apps on App Store, is a clear-cut way to manage your day. It doesn't come with a lot of bells and whistles but it sure knows its way. 24Me works great for reminders, data and sending messages and micro gifts to your friends on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Price: Free

#5. DataBot

DataBot Personal Assistant iPhone App IconDataBot is a terrific personal assistant that has been designed to stand up to your task. The virtual talking robot quickly answers your queries. It's able to create customized multi-media presentation using voice, text as well as images.

The virtual assistant can even let you share your answer using SMS, email and social networks. Based on your preference, you can customize the assistant's language, voice, name, and even behavior. The assistant gets better over time as it learns you and your preference. DataBot is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

Price: Free

#6. My Virtual Assistant

My Virtual Assistant iPhone App IconNika, the virtual assistant is fabulous in getting your task done in real time. She can carry out a number of things like reading the events stored in your calendar, horoscope. Besides, she can keep you updated with the daily news of your favorite topics.

You can schedule notifications for your horoscope, calendar events, news to remain alerted and never miss out on any important thing. With the easy-to-use interface and simple features, it's very impressive regarding functionality. Most interestingly, you don't have to put much effort into making Nika understand exactly what you want her to do.

Price: Free

#7. Kawaii Assistant

Kawaii Assistant iPhone App IconKawaii Assistant is not only pretty beautiful but also highly interactive. The Japanese girl assistant is capable of handling all of your tasks with aplomb. She can help you to make notes and even take better decisions about things you do.

And if you are getting bored, the assistant will even play games with you to keep your mood refreshed. The gameplay mode is exactly what you would want to have more fun. The other interesting thing is that she won't take as much time to be pleased as your girlfriend. It supports multiple languages.

Price: Free

#8. EasilyDo

EasilyDo iPhone App IconIf you're all about moderation in how much data an app accesses and knows, EasilyDo is the way to go. The app isn't exhaustively smart as Siri or Google Now are but it sure gets things done with reminders, automatic message send-outs etc.

EasilyDo is a safer app to hang on to than other data-hungry tools that we find on the internet.

Price: Free

#9. Evi

Evi iPhone App IconEvi isn't a full-fledged personal assistant but it can handle a lot of your questions and find out answers quickly. Maps, locations, POIs, answers to general knowledge questions: Evi handles these things. While being a simplified app, Evi can also send messages to your friends so that's the bit where it begins to act like a personal assistant. And it works pretty well.

Price: Free

#10. My Personal Secretary

My Personal Secretary iPhone App IconMy Personal Secretary is very competent and does the task of a responsible voice assistant who handles your typing job with ease. To be more precise, it allows you to type fast using your voice. Simply start speaking, and words will instantly convert into text.

With the use of the error-correction algorithm and a language model, it types your words correctly and with the desired speed. Better still, it supports 23 languages. You can share your text via Facebook, email, Twitter and other mediums. If you no longer want to type while replying to any question, texting or socializing with friends on social networks, this personal assistant is the right option for you.

Price: Free

Signing Off

These personal assistants are really cool, aren't they? What I like about them all is that they are so smart in getting your task done. So, which one of these virtual assistants is your favorite? Do let us know that in the comments below and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for more such interesting posts.

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  • Cloudsecretary

    While Google Now is pretty powerful and effective on things you want it to get done, I am one of those people who are not comfortable being in the Big Brother house, with Google monitoring my activities and selling my searches to advertisers.

    Great list, btw.

  • pravin007techno

    As its good that siri is the smart assistant which can handle a lot of your questions and find out answers quickly, as its a initial app in the market so alternative apps are now developed with more features but the those all are not equal with siri apps, its the best means i don’t say other apps are have low features. and i too use the Skyvi app, SpeakToIt apps mostly. even your content s good regarding the smart assistant apps for free.
    previously i too went with some similar sites. but its sounds good!! hope to post more about these….i ll be in teach with these post activities.