macOS Catalina Features: Everything You need To Know

macOS Catalina Features

The first day of WWDC 2019 started with full of surprises. Whether it was about watchOS or iOS 13, there were surprises all along the way. In all the applause and cheering from the crowd, Apple also announces the new macOS Catalina, with some out of the box features for users as well as developers.

For the very first time, Apple has bought iPad, iPhone, and Mac apps under one roof. The best part was the cross-platform support for developers to build their awesome apps for all of the Apple devices. And yes, it’s not “Marzipan,” its official name is Project Catalyst that will allow developers to design apps for multiple devices.

Apart from these, there are a plethora of other announcements for the macOS Catalina, and we cover everything under this post. So head south and check out the list.

macOS Catalina Features

Apple Music app, Podcasts, and Apple TV app

Apple has finally pulled the plug for iTunes. This may be a significant emotional setback for people using iPhone and iPod for almost a decade. It was the one stop for music, podcasts, movies, and also syncing the iPhone and iPod. But remember, change is the only constant in life. And the new change brings new opportunities.

Going by that thought, Apple has launched the Apple Music app for Mac that will cater all your Music needs. To manage your podcasts, there will also be a dedicated Podcasts app for Mac. And lastly, for Videos and Movies, users will have Apple TV app that will also let you view other streaming services.

Syncing iPhone and iPad

After the breaking news of iTunes, you may be wondering how you will back up and sync your iPhone and iPod? The good news is that you can do that right from the Finder app. The best part is that now when you connect your iPhone to your Mac, there won’t be any intrusive iTunes pop-up asking you to sync or trust the device.

Use the iPad as a second display for Mac

You may be using multiple displays at your work connected to your Mac. But that’s not the case when you are on the go or going for a presentation to a prospective client. In such a case, your iPad will work as a secondary display to your Mac.

Not just that, you can work on the iPad while connected to the Mac, and the changes are directly shared on the Mac screen. That’s the power of two Apple devices right there.

Control everything on Mac with voice control

As part of accessibility, Apple has taken a quantum leap. With macOS Catalina, you can control everything and anything using your voice. This may not sound like a big deal, but if you have watched the demo delivered during the Keynote event, you would be more than thrilled to try it right now.

Find My – New app for Mac

Instead of Find my iPhone, Find My Mac, and Find My Friends, Apple has combined all three in one single app. Doesn’t sound interesting? Then let’s make it. You can now locate your Mac even if it is offline. Same with other iOS devices.

Apple has introduced Bluetooth beacon with macOS Catalina that starts emitting signals to nearby Apple devices. These devices will then transmit location detail to your iCloud account. All this is done in an encrypted way without compromising anything.

Screen Time for Mac

Apple is keen on bringing the entire family under its ecosystem. Maybe for that reason, the company has introduced the Screen Time app for Mac as well. You can keep track of all your devices’ usage, including Mac using the Screen Time app.

Project Catalyst

It was long rumored that Apple is working on something that will make things easier for developers to design apps for all Apple devices with minimum efforts. That thing has finally seen the light of the day. Apple calls it Project Catalyst with ability to checkbox in Xcode and selects the device – iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Xcode will compile the app for that platform after making necessary changes according to the platform. Not just that, developers having an existing app for iPhone or iPad can launch the same for Mac in only a few minutes.

Photos, Notes, Reminders, and other updates

The Photos app on Mac will be completely revamped with macOS Catalina with different view options, large photo preview, auto-playing live photos and videos, and other enhancements.

Even the Notes app has received a lot of new features like powerful search, view-only collaboration, new checklist option, shared folders, and a few others.

Reminders app for Mac is completely revamped from grounds up. Whether it is about its looks or features, interacting with Reminders is a bliss.

That’s all for now!

Signing off…

This is just the glimpse of significant announcements made about the new macOS Catalina at the WWDC. And remember, it’s just the day one. Make sure to revisit this page for updated information about the latest macOS.

Which macOS Catalina feature did you like the most? Share it in the comment section.

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