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MacKeeper for Mac – Cleaning and Optimization Tool

Today I just couldn’t keep the truth suppressed anymore! Having concealed it in the sea of silence, confusion, and surprise for long, I thought I should now vent out what had been churning within.

A couple of months ago, I was peeved by the sluggishness of my MacBook Pro. So horribly the laptop was running that I decided to take the help of utility software to remove the cached data and speed up the notebook. One of my friends suggested me to try MacKeeper.

I used the tool to remove the junk files and unnecessary apps. And much to my surprise, my MBP returned to normalcy. I upgraded the software, and I have consistently used it since then. Thoroughly impressed by its performance, I suggested it to my family and friends, and they have found it truly appreciable. But that is my personal experience. More after the jump:

MacKeeper for Mac Review

Most Proficient Cleaning Tool

Right from the day one, I have found this cleaning tool very effective. But its latest version has gotten smarter and automatically optimizes and monitors your Mac’s RAM while you are performing your daily tasks. And when you scan your notebook, it provides accurate information showing exactly what you need to do to get rid of unnecessary data.

MacKeeper RAM Cleaning Tool

You can use the advanced option of Memory Cleaner to set up automatic cleanup. Then, you will be able to run Memory Cleaner from the menu bar quickly.

To ensure junk files are neatly eliminated, the app has inbuilt specific tools designed to take control of different types of cache. For instance:

  • Binaries Cutter: It enables the app to scan your apps and locate the files designed for other platforms. When detected, these files are marked for removal. And the ones, which have been designed for the platform that your macOS uses, will remain untouched
  • Languages Cutter: It assists the Mac software in scanning your system and your apps for different interface languages that waste disk space
  • Logs Cleaner: It scans your hard drive for system and user log files that hog disk space
  • Cache Cleaner: It scans your hard drive for system and user cache files that consume your disk space
  • Smart Uninstaller: It lets you get rid of the unnecessary apps, their widgets, preference panes and plug-ins. Hence, you are able to completely remove any apps from your Mac
  • Duplicates Finder: It lets you find file copies with different names
MacKeeper Smart Uninstaller

The tool is very effective in discovering junk files including temporary caches, logs, unused language packages and legacy application parts which take up a lot of hard drive space and slow down your Mac. Apart from perfectly scanning your computer and finding out all the redundant files hogging storage or killing performance, the app does a great job of cleaning them up fast. That means you don’t have to spend a lot of time in searching what ails your device and what’s needed to be done to cure it off.

Trusted Online and offline Protection

Beyond cleaning useless data from your Mac, the app is very reliable in providing the much-needed safeguard your Mac from various things like phishing scams and malware, spyware and adware, unsafe downloads, viruses and identity theft.

Protection feature of MacKeeper for Mac

Even better, its advanced anti-theft technology lets you track and even lock your missing Mac.

In case of theft, you will be able to access your Mac’s current geolocation and network details from your Kromtech account and in the Track My Mac app on iPhone.

You will also receive a detailed report in case anyone tries to log in to your Mac. Besides, the report also includes an iSight snapshot of the thief so that your police will be able to nab him.

Camera and Microphone Protection to Prevent Cybercriminals from Accessing Sensitive Data of Your Mac

Cybercriminals use various advanced tools to access sensitive data on the computer. As per the latest consumer reports, every eleventh Mac user has encountered a major spyware issue. The G DATA 2017 report says that every 4.2 seconds a new malware specimen emerges. Recently malware attacks on Macs have hugely increased. Therefore, it’s imperative to be extra cautious and offer the essential shield to the confidential data.

To ensure your computer has the much-needed safeguard to thwart the nefarious design of hackers, MacKeeper now provides trusted protection for the camera and microphone of your Mac.

The security software monitors all third-party app attempts to access Mac’s camera or microphone. As soon as it detects any unauthorized attempt to access the webcams and microphones on your computer, it immediately alerts the user. This feature has added yet another significant layer of protection against spyware.

Adware Protection

The newest version of the Mac optimization tool keeps adware at bay. For those unfamiliar, it’s the sort of software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material like banners or pop-ups when a user is online.

Hence, with the adware protection onboard, you will be able to browse web not just securely but also be able to prevent those sensitive and unnecessary ads from ruining your user-experience.

As a user, I find this protection extremely pivotal. Beyond security, it also makes web browsing a smooth-sailing experience.

Optimize Your Mac to Deliver the Best Performance

Once you have flushed out the useless files from your Mac, you can optimize its performance using various effectual tools. For instance, you will be able to reduce the boot time of your machine, by controlling which apps launch every time you start the computer.

MacKeeper Mac Optimization Tool

There is also an update tracker that ensures you never miss out on any significant security patches or software upgrades.

MacKeeper Mac Update Tracker

The feature checks each app installed from the App Store or any other source on your Mac for available updates and informs you to update them. As a result, your computer continues to run smoothly.

Apple Certified Support 24/7

Anytime you need help or not sure how to fix a particular problem related to your Mac; you can contact its Apple certified support. They will always be up and ready to help you.

MacKeeper Mac Tool Support


MacKeeper is available in four pre-paid plans: monthly ($14.95), 6-month ($59.64), 12-month ($95.40) and 24-month ($118.80.)


The Verdict

Based on my personal experience, this Mac cleaning software is an absolute beast and a must-have if you wish to get the most out of your macOS device. What makes it so handy is the versatility. In other words, the tool does the job of 18 different apps. And that speaks volume of its capability.

As for price, I think it’s quite competitive and fully deserves it. If your Mac is not able to live up to your expectation or running too slow, give it a chance to bolster its performance. As it’s available for free trial, have a go at it and let us know your feedback about the same in the comments below.

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