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iGBWallpapers8 Fun Boruto wallpapers for iPhone (Free download)

8 Fun Boruto wallpapers for iPhone (Free download)

Initially, I presumed that Boruto was just a tactic to encash Naruto’s popularity. But boy was I wrong; as usual, the Shinobi universe is phenomenal. And if you sailed in the same boat, here are some amazing Boruto wallpapers for iPhone to appreciate the series.

How to get these wallpapers? Click the Download button and save the image to your iPhone, then set them as your Lock screen or Home Screen wallpaper.

1. Boruto Uzumaki iPhone wallpaper

Boruto Uzumaki is a prodigy with his grandfather-like intelligence and fatherlike unpredictability. But that’s not what makes him special. It’s his zeal and honesty to put all his knowledge and skills to good use.

iPhone Boruto wallpaper


2. Naruto and Boruto

Boruto is so much like his father, loud, energetic, and stubborn. Although, as a fan of Naruto’s candidness and impulsiveness, I miss the idiocy and innocence portrayed in the original series, do you?

Naruto from Boruto iPhone wallpaper


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3. Sasuke iPhone wallpaper

Is there any redemption arc as interesting as Sasuke’s? He becomes the arch-enemy of his childhood best friend Naruto, who goes to any ends to get Sasuke back. And now Sasuke is Boruto (Naruto’s son) mentor.

Sasuke from Boruto iPhone wallpaper


4. Boruto wallpaper for iPhone

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you think Boruto’s fighting style matches Naruto’s style? Comment below.

Boruto Uzumaki wallpaper for iPhone


5. Boruto and Kawaki wallpaper

What Sasuke was to Naruto, Kawaki is to Boruto. Foes, who became BFFs and then became a nemesis. But will Kawaki has the redeeming arch as Naruto did? Well, only time can tell.

Boruto and Kawaki wallpaper iPhone


6. Boruto Kāma look wallpaper

While Boruto maintains his normal attire otherwise, the right side of his body drastically changes when his Kāma is activated, from the glowing blue curving geometric patterns on his hands to the Momoshiki-like horn.

Boruto background for iPhone


7. Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki iPhone wallpaper

Talking about Boruto’s Kāma, how can we miss the person he got it from, the pale-skinned Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki.

Momoshiki-Ōtsutsuki Boruto iPhone wallpaper


8. Kawaki wallpaper for iPhone

Like the perfect way to start the Boruto wallpaper series was with a Boruto wallpaper, the perfect way to end this series is with Kawaki one. So here you go.

Kawaki wallpaper for iPhone


Dattebasa! Hope you enjoyed the wallpapers. Ping us if you want more; we will happily oblige!

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