Best iPhone 15 Pro Max thin cases in 2023

Best iPhone 15 Pro Max thin cases

If you got yourself a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max, you’d be loving it. Undoubtedly, you’d like to protect it from external damage if it falls or hits something. However, not everyone likes big and bulky cases. If you’re one of them, I’ve curated a list of the best iPhone 15 Pro Max thin cases that don’t compromise on protection.

  2. Speck
  4. Spigen
  5. Smartish

1. PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 – Editor’s Choice


PITAKA’s slim case is one of the slimmest yet most durable cases. It’s made of 600D aramid fiber, which is mostly used in aerospace and military applications, so you can expect better protection for your iPhone 15 Pro Max. PITAKA claims that it’s lighter than two half-dollar coins and slimmer than a credit card, providing you an almost caseless feel.

Even though it’s a slim case, you get a 3D grip technology, which feels smooth but doesn’t let your iPhone slip from your hand in most cases. The case supports Apple’s MagSafe, and if you have accessories that require MagSafe, you don’t need to worry.


  • 600D aramid fiber material
  • Lightweight
  • 3D grip technology
  • MagSafe support


  • Can’t handle smudges well
  • Slightly expensive

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2. Speck thin case – Best anti-yellowing clear case

Speck Clear iPhone 15 Pro Max Case

If you’re a fan of clear cases, you’ll love Speck’s clear case. The materials used in the case keep it protected from the UV rays of the sun, making it resistant to yellowing over time. Furthermore, it has Speck GemShell technology that provides two-layered cushioning for your iPhone when it falls, providing 8ft drop protection.

There’s a raised camera ring that protects the cameras when your iPhone falls. Besides, the Speck clear case is comfortable to hold in hand while being lightweight simultaneously. Furthermore, it supports MagSafe, so you don’t have to worry if you’ve got MagSafe accessories.


  • Non-yellowing material
  • Lightweight
  • 8ft drop protection
  • MagSafe support


  • Can get oily

Check out on Amazon

3. TORRAS magnetic case – Best slim fit case

TORRAS Magnetic Slim-Fit Designed for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case

TORRAS magnetic case is perfect for those who love slim fit cases. There are 38 N52 magnets in this case, which aligns with the MagSafe ring on your iPhone and fits perfectly with your iPhone. It has a thickness of only 0.03 inches and weighs merely 18 grams while being durable.

Speaking of durability, this magnetic case has a 4-layered nano-textured coating and features 1.2mm raised lips for screen protection, 1.5mm for camera protection, and has X-shock 3.0 that keeps your corners sturdy for daily protection.


  • Magnetic slim case
  • Lightweight
  • Raised lips for camera, corners, and screen
  • Doesn’t attract smudges


  • Can be slightly stiff while removing

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4. Spigen thin fit – Best sleek case for iPhone 15 Pro Max

Spigen Thin Fit Designed for iPhone 15 Pro Max Case

Spigen is a renowned brand for making some of the best accessories for iPhones. Spigen’s Thin fit case is one of the sleekest looking on the market. Thanks to the polycarbonate TPU build, and the air cushioning technology, you don’t have to worry about durability.

Additionally, it has raised edges to protect your iPhone’s screen and camera. You can also find precise cutouts for the buttons, which are tactile when you press them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support MagSafe charging, but there’s wireless charging support at least.


  • Magnetic slim case
  • Lightweight
  • Raised edges for camera, corners, and screen
  • Air cushioning technology


  • No MagSafe support

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5. Smartish Gripmunk with MagSafe -Cheapest thin case

Smartish iPhone 15 Pro Max Slim Case

If you have a lower budget but want a slim case, the Smartish Gripmunk case is the best one for you. Even though it’s less expensive, you still get a grippy texture and have protective air-pocket corners for better durability.

Apart from that, it has raised bumper edges on the screen and camera to protect them however you put your iPhone, whether faced down or up. Moreover, this case supports MagSafe and its accessories, so you don’t have to compromise on them.


  • Slim case
  • Less expensive
  • Raised edges for camera, and screen
  • Air pockets at corners


  • Texture might not be comfortable for everyone

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Get the slimmest yet durable case…

Slim cases feel excellent in our hands and are lightweight and durable. These were some of the best thin cases that you can get for your iPhone 15 Pro Max. Most cases in this list offer the best protection for your new and shiny iPhone. Let us know which one you picked up for yourself in the comments below.

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