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No matter how much storage space our devices get, it seems like it is never enough. Though cloud backup provides large storage space, it requires a steady internet connection. However, a smooth internet connection is not always accessible. To solve this problem, reliable flash drive like iKlips C is what you need.

iKlips C Review: World’s First MFi Certified Lightning & USB-C Flash Drive

iKlips series has been specially designed to make data storage and transmission easier for iOS, macOS, and iPadOS devices. As USB-C connectors have been commonly used on Apple products, iKlips C is made with a dual-interface, supporting both lightning and USB-C compatible devices.

With iKlips C, sharing large files between iPhone/iPad and other devices can be done at ease. As an MFi certified flash drive, iKips C is fast, smooth, user-friendly, and multi-functional. After I’ve thoroughly tested the drive, here is what I like about iKlips C.

A Top-Notch First Impression

Use iKlips C Apple MFi Certified USB-C and Lightning Flash Drive for iPhone Data Backup

iKlips C has instantly caught my eyes with its elegant and practical design. The high-strength aluminum shell makes the drive durable and gives it a fine feel. The connectors on both ends are well protected by a quality “lost-proof” silicone cover.

With a smooth and flexible connection between the two port covers, the innovative and smart design enables handy attachment to backpack or keyrings, making it amazingly user-friendly.

The Easy-Peasy App

iKlips, the free app comes with iKlips C, is available for iPhones, iPads, and iPad Pros, offering multi-format support for images, files, and videos, enhancing the functionality of the flash drive.

iKlips iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The flash drive does not stop at backups and data transfers. It extends its services to media viewing, password protection, iPad split view, Apple AirPlay, Apple Music, and iTunes integration. In short, thanks to the app, your flash drive becomes more than just a file manager.


Back up MacBook Pro with iKlips C Apple MFi Certified USB-C Flash Drive

When it comes to external storage, read and write speed matters a lot. iKlips C is exFAT format, making it exceptionally fast. Though the superspeed is a great feature, I am also impressed by its varied options.

For instance, the single tab flexible backup options. You can either backup all photos, calendar, and contact together or separately. Moreover, the app also avails options to backup your Instagram, Facebook, and Evernote accounts.

Another interesting option is the file management interface. When you pull down the screen in the files section, a toolbar comes into action. Here you find options similar to your Finder window; search for a file, choose which files to view, select how to see them, and sort them as per convenience.

A Bow To The Security Options

The security quotient hasn’t been compromised for convenience. You can password protect your iKlips C and the app via a digital password, Touch ID and Face ID. In case you need to secure specific files, individual file encryption can also be activated. The encrypted files can only be unlocked on your devices via iKlips App.

Along with the necessary safety certificates, the flash drive also holds an MFi certificate, as well. So, you can rest assured that your iPhone/iPad and data are in safe hands.

More Than A Flash Drive

Keep Your Data Safe with Watertight Security Using iKlips C USB-C and Lightning Flash Drive

I have to give a big thumbs up to ADAM element for designing such a smart and versatile flash drive. With the award-winning app, you can do more than just backup with iKlips C. iKlips App can be used to take photos and record audio and video. The most amazing part is that the photos and videos you capture and record via iKlips App are being stored on the drive directly, freeing you from the hassle of transfers.

Watching, storing, sharing and deleting – all these instructions can be done on iKlips App without taking up any space on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Pro.

Final Words 

During my usage, I did not encounter any issues with this versatile flash drive. In terms of speed, compatibility, safety, design and functionality, iKlips C does stand true to its claim.


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