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i-Blason cases for iPhone 13 series review

Are you someone who likes to make a statement in everything they do? Then you’ll also want an iPhone case that fulfills that desire. Something that looks panache and stylish, something like i-Blason cases. But do they have what it takes to be a good iPhone 13 series case?

Let’s find out in this review!

An introduction to i-Blason 

i-Blason’s vision is to make your every day beautiful with their extraordinarily bold designs, strong and stylish accessories. Adorned with gorgeous patterns and colors, their cases will help you stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, they are ever-ready to protect your device from day-to-day bumps, scrapes, and falls. I got my hands on their signature Cosmo and Ares cases for iPhone 13 series. Let’s see how well these promises are kept.

  1. Ares Series
  2. Cosmo Classic
  3. Cosmo Wallet

1. i-Blason Ares: For ultimate protection

The Ares case will allow you to show off your iPhone 13 while keeping it nestled away from the daily grind. The full-body cases boast a transparent, scratch-resistant clear back and a built-in screen protector.

It mixes flexible TPU and polycarbonate to lend 360° protection and offers CNET-certified drop protection up to 20 feet.

Besides the enclosed design, other elements such as port plugs, deep bezels, and extra-cushioned corners protect from drops, dust, and dirt. An interesting design feature is the metallic-looking inner lining in contrast colors. This adds that distinct look we are promised.

Although a bit bulky, the case is surprisingly lightweight. I would surely recommend it for travel and adventure junkies.


  • Full-body design offers 360° protection
  • Drop tested at 20-feet
  • Scratch-resistant back
  • Wireless charging compatible


  • Bulky
  • Affects the screen sensitivity
  • Fingerprint magnet

Colors available:

  • iPhone 13 mini – Black and pink
  • iPhone 13 – Black, blue, pink, and ruddy(red)
  • iPhone 13 Pro – Black, blue, and gold
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – Black, blue, and gold

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2. i-Blason Cosmo Classic case: The signature cases

The Cosmo Case by i-Blason decorates the full-body design with their signature glossy marble print and gold accents. Thanks to the bold and bright graphics, it is bound to grab everyone’s attention, at least for a few seconds.

And alongside attention, you also get protection. Sandwiched between the screen protector, back cover, impact-resistant TPU bumper, and raised bezels, your iPhone can survive up to 10-feet of drop.

What’s more? The casing is scratch and scrape-resistant and won’t fade or discolor with use. So, both the device and case will look fresh and new for a long time.

Overall, the case is quite glossy and feels super soft in hand. Thanks to the TPU bumper, you get a secure grip. It feels a bit bulky on the phone but surprisingly maintains a lightweight profile.


  • 10-foot drop-tested protection
  • Soft to touch and decent grip
  • The design won’t fade or discolor easily
  • Wireless charging compatible


  • Slightly bulky
  • Screen sensitivity is not 100%
  • Might be too glossy for some users

Colors available:

  • iPhone 13 mini – Ameth, marble, ocean
  • iPhone 13 – Ameth, marble, ocean, pinkfly, bluefly
  • iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max -Ameth, marble, ocean, butterfly, pinkfly, bluefly

*The butterfly, pinkfly, and bluefly designs are different than the marble series

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3. i-Blason Cosmo wallet cases: Beauty with utility

My favorite of the lot, and not just because it carries my credit cards for me . It’s sleek, slim, smart, and protects your iPhone. The Cosmo wallet case boasts i-Blason’s signature marble-effect print and a built-in card slot.

You can stash up to 2 cards and some cash in there. A neat thumb hole helps you see, select, and use the card you want; it’s all a breeze.

The shock-absorbing TPU helps protect the phone from daily wear and tear. Plus, it is also scratch and scrape-resistant and will be its glossy self for a long time.

It could surely make for a perfect shopping companion; you’ll get to show off the phone and case. However, the cards don’t go all the way in, and you can easily see their tops. And as smooth it might be for you, it may be risky for your bank account.


  • Slim and sleek form
  • Smooth, built-in card holder
  • Scratch-resistant back
  • Easy to snap on and off
  • Wireless charge-compatible


  • Cards are visible
  • The gloss is not for everyone

Colors available:  Ameth, marble, ocean

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Is i-Blason the perfect match for your iPhone? 

i-Blason certainly has a variety of bold, interesting, and protective cases that’ll help you make a statement. And as true with any bold choice, they are not for everyone. You’ll either love-love these cases or not like them; personal preference plays an important role here.

I have seen and used quite a few i-Blason cases in the past, and I am happy to report that the quality is well maintained. However, I am not too happy with the repeated design, graphic, and color story.

Agreed, they are the signature cases, and yes, the flower- and butterfly-inspired collection is also amazing, but the brand certainly needs to explore a bit more if they want to maintain their ‘stand out’ status.

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