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How to View Multiple Photos at Once on Mac

Almost everyone by now is aware that you can easily Quick Look preview on Mac. It can be done by highlighting a file and pressing the spacebar key. But you might not be aware that Quick Look preview can be used for multiple files as well, and this even includes photos.

You can easily browse through individual selection using left or right arrow key on Mac to get the preview. But we are going to guide something better than that. Here we are talking about viewing both: files or photos simultaneously using Quick Look feature. Check the guide below to understand the process.

How to Use Quick Look to View Multiple Photos on Mac

Step #1. Very first thing is to select the files you wish to have in Quick Look and then press the Space Bar key.

Step #2. Now press and hold Command+Return key on your Mac keyboard.

That’s all; it was very simple. Now, if you want to see any particular file in a bigger window, simply click on it for full view. Apart from this, you can also have Quick Look preview in full screen, refer below for the details.

How to use Quick Look in Full-screen Mode on Mac

Step #1. Like we did earlier, first select the files.

Step #2. Now press and hold Option along with Space key on your Mac keyboard. This will take Quick Look in full-screen mode.

You can also preview photos in their actual size using Quick Look. The Process to do the same is quite simple like the two we discussed above.

How to View Actual Size Photos in Quick Look on Mac

Step #1. First things first, open multiple photos in Quick Look full-screen mode. To do so, follow the second process given above.

Step #2. Hold Option key to zoom in on any photo.

Step #3. You can also use your cursor to move around the image.

Have got any other tips for Mac OS X? Share with us by commenting below.

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