How to Turn ON Lights Out Dark Mode in Twitter on iPhone and iPad

I guess you had also been willing to enable full-fledged dark mode called 'Lights Out' in Twitter on your iOS device to use the app comfortably at night. Head over to this upfront guide to get started!

Even though I’ve liked using Twitter’s Night Mode, I had been waiting for a full-fledged dark mode that could take advantage of the OLED screen of my iPhone. After a long wait, the app has finally listened to my wish with a much better implementation.

Apart from providing the blue/grey theme, the news app has now added “Lights Out” with the pitch-black color palette. On top of all, you can choose to turn on the automatic dark mode in the Twitter app for iOS to use the app comfortably at nights. The best part about this feature is that it gets activated itself in the evening and disabled in the morning. Let me help you put this neat feature into action!

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How to Enable Automatic Dark Mode in Twitter on iOS device

Sticky note: Be sure Twitter is updated on your device. To do so, head over to App Store → Updates and then look for the app and hit the Update button.

Step #1. Launch the Twitter app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, ensure that the home tab is selected at the bottom. Tap on your profile icon at the top left.

Tap on your Profile icon in iOS Twitter app
Step #3. Next, tap on Settings and privacy → Tap on Display and sound.

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Tap on Settings and privacy and then Display and sound in iOS Twitter app

Step #4. Up next, you have multiple options.

If you want to set the dark mode to automatically turn on in Twitter app in the evening or morning, toggle the Automatic dark mode switch to ON position.

Turn ON Automatic dark mode in Twitter app

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Should you want to have manual control over this feature, turn on the switch next to Dark Mode. Now, you get two options:

Turn ON Twitter Dark Mode on iOS

Dim: It’s the same Night Mode (Blue/grey color) that had existed in Twitter since 2016. If you want to have a slightly low-intensity dark theme, go for this option.

Select Dim to enable Twitter blue-gray color dark mode on iPhone or iPad

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Lights Out: It’s the all-new dark mode (pure black color palette) that has arrived with the latest update. Should you want to have a full-fledged dark theme, it’s the way to go.

Select Light out to enable Twitter Lights out dark mode on iPhone or iPad

There you go! Now, use your device more comfortably as your eyes will no longer feel strained. As a result, you will also have better sleep. Later, if you decide to turn off Twitter’s Dark Mode, follow the steps explained above and then turn off the toggle in the end.

Worthy Addition…

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Personally, I’ve found this new add-on worth having a go. Twitter had introduced this feature for its Android in 2017. Since then many iOS users had been asking for it. And I’m really glad that Twitter has listened to the feelings of Twitterati just like Facebook Messenger.

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