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How to Turn Off Autocorrect Spelling on Mac

We all make mistakes while typing, especially when we type very fast. While auto correction on Mac is a handy tool, it is not completely reliable. Being a spelling auto corrector tool, it sometimes changes your words or guess wrong words as corrections. This can end up in more editorial work than if auto-correct weren’t running.

When you are drafting a letter in English, auto-correct comes in really handy. But the auto-correct will often lack context and will replace misspelled words with words that don’t fit the context. That’s a problem because you can easily miss the correction unless you proofread thoroughly. That is why some folks turn off autocorrect feature in macOS.

How to Disable Autocorrect on macOS

Step #1. Click on Apple Menu → Choose System Preferences.

Click on Apple Logo and then click on System Preferences on Mac

Step #2. Click on Keyboard.

Click on Keyboard in Mac System Preferences


Step #3. Now, click on the Text tab.

Click on Text tab in Mac Keyboard Settings

Step #4. You will see a checkbox in front of the option, Correct Spelling Automatically. Uncheck this option and you’ve turned off auto-correction.

Turn Off Autocorrect on Mac

Any app that uses the system auto-correct feature will no longer autocorrect misspelled words. In apps like Pages, Notes, TextEdit, etc. where the misspelling is underlined, you’ll be able to proofread easily. In other apps, you’ll have to wear the editor’s spectacles.

The feature can be turned on back again when you feel like getting auto-correct assistance.

Signing off

We haven’t heard much about how good the auto-correct contextual-abilities have gotten in macOS Mojave, but I think Apple would have punched in some cool features for this.

In iOS, we still end up with funny autocorrects (an entire cult has already been established). Autocorrect disasters aren’t all that popular on Mac (largely because you aren’t typing many informal messages in Pages or TextEdit). Nevertheless, should you find the auto-correct annoyingly obtrusive, you now know how to disable it.

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