How to Disable “Trust This Computer” Alert on iPhone and iPad

After you update your iDevice, the first time you connect the iPhone or iPad to your computer, you get a “Trust this computer” message. You press “Trust,” and the iPhone or iPad connects and charges.

But for many users, this message keeps coming up every time you connect the iDevice even after having “trusted” the computer already. If the message appears on the loop, this article is for you.

How to Stop “Trust This Computer” Message on iPhone and iPad

Before we move on to the troubleshooting guide, it is wise to check the cable you are using. This issue of frequent “Trust This Computer” alert may arise if you are not using an authentic MFi certified cable. In case you have got the best charging cable, you can go ahead and check other solutions.

#1. Update iTunes

Although it is not a “sure” solution to the message loop, it did fix the issue in some cases. While you are at it, also check the version of your macOS. Ensure that your Mac and iTunes are running on the latest version.

If you are using iTunes for Windows, ensure that the iTunes Mobile Device Helper runs automatically at startup. Check out Microsoft’s tutorial for the same. Also, if you use any other Apple-related software, update that too. Certain mobile-related services are linked to software and the only way to update these services is by updating the software.

#2. Reset Trust Settings on iPhone and iPad

In order to turn off Trust This Computer warning, try changing your settings for trusted computers.

Step #1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch the Settings on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Tap on General and scroll down to select Reset.

Tap on General and Select Reset in iPhone Settings

Step #3. Here select Reset Location & Privacy.

Tap on Reset Location and Privacy in Settings App on iPhone

Step #4. Enter your Passcode and tap on Reset Settings.

Enter Passcode and Tap Reset Settings on iPhone

This action will reset the Location & Privacy data of your iPhone or iPad to factory settings. Apart from revoking certain permissions from apps, this will erase all trusted computers. Now, when you connect to a formerly trusted computer, the Trust alert will pop again (hopefully, this time it won’t go in the loop).

In case the problem isn’t resolved, try resetting the network settings. This will reset all Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings. Go to SettingsGeneralResetReset Network Settings and follow the instructions.

#3. Disable Apple Device

Though this message will disable Trust This Computer alert, it comes with a more significant issue. It will not let the computer “detect” and connect the iDevice but will charge the iDevice nevertheless. What this means is that you won’t be able to do sync or other data-transfer jobs with the iPhone/iPad when you follow this step. Proceed with caution.

Step #1. Connect your iPhone/iPad → Head over to the Control Panel.

Step #2. Click on Hardware & Sounds → Click and open Device Manager.

Step #3. In the Device Manager window, you should see a listing that has the name of your iDevice.

Step #4. Right-click on iDevice’s name and click on Properties.

Step #5. Click on the Hardware tab and then click on Properties → Go to the Driver tab → Click on Disable.

As I said, the problem with this method is that this will disable data transfer (sync). But it is known to disable the “Trust this computer” message loop.

#4. Is Personal Hotspot On?

Our readers are smart enough to come up with good suggestions. Dan VanWinkle has rightly pointed out that “When the personal hotspot is turned on, it will ask every time you connect your iPhone to a computer because it’s requesting access to the hotspot network over cable.”

That’s all, folks!

I have tried my best to cover all possible solutions for the issue. Feel free to contact us in the comment section below and we might be able to help you further. In case you are facing any other Apple ecosystem related issue, you can use the comment box for that as well.

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How to Stop Trust this Computer Message on iPhone or iPad

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  1. [SOLVED]

    I will share with you my experience with this problem. I have 2 MACBOOK PRO and a Windows. When connecting on the Macbook Pro 13 ‘it works perfectly, not from the message and on windows TBM. On the macbook pro 15 ‘, he gives this message all the time, there’s no point in clicking or doing anything. I did everything I saw on the internet and nothing resolved, not even apple support got a solution! But today I managed to charge my phone on the macbook 15 ‘what did I do?

    – I opened Itunes (Music)
    – I went to Account
    – View My Account
    – I put email and password.

    It automatically stopped the message and the phone charged normally.

    Sorry for the translated English, I’m Brazilian.

  2. How do I eliminate the trust this computer message when my iDevice connects to an Ubuntu host running Windows via virtualization. Meaning that if I follow the above instructions for windows/iTunes I would have to first go into VMware Workstation’s settings for each Windows machine, proceed to USB Controller section in the Hardware tab, check the option for “Show all USB input devices,” boot the selected windows guest machine and then do the above procedure. However I would still have to choose to connect the iDevice to the guest and disconnect from the host, then the “trust this computer” message would only disappear while the iDevice is connected to Windows. When I connect the iDevice to the Laptop without having windows running meaning I just want to charge the iDevice or browse the text files or images that Linux has been granted permission to view/display by Apple if and only if the end user authorizes the connection.

    In other words I would like my iPhone to permanently trust my Linux laptop by identifying a unique characteristic of my laptop as if it were a signature of my machine and based on that the iDevice recognizing that this machine is allowed access.

  3. This is a security feature to prevent computers from automatically downloading content from your phone.
    Simple fix in Windows:
    1. Plug your phone into your computer.
    2. Open Control Panel
    3. If you are viewing by category, click on “Hardware and Sound”, the “AutoPlay”. If you are viewing by icon, just click “AutoPlay”.
    4. Scroll down to the bottom and find your iPhone/iPad.
    5. In the dropdown select “Take no action”.
    6. Click the Save button.

  4. my iphone is completely disable and I do not have the computer that my iphone is sync to … when I plug it into iTunes the trust screen comes up by I cannot put in my passcode because it is disable…How do I get back into my phone with out losing all my data? iphone 5 ios 8

  5. unfortunately, this doesn’t help me, since i’m being forced to use Linux Mint (16/Petra) via LiveCD >>;
    thankfully, this rarely is an issue since i rarely leave my iphone unlocked when i leave it to charge. ><;

  6. I used the solution #2 above to fix the Trust issue with my 4S Iphone. The I07 update has not been a friendly update. It has screwed up stuff while improving a few things. I am not techno savy and it takes forever for me to learn the miserable little things.

  7. This is not a valid solution for this incredibly annoying problem! Reason? I am using the latest version of Ubuntu and plugging my iPhone 5 brings up this “trust”/”don’t trust” nonsense! Obviously, nothing above is useful.
    BTW, Ubuntu is also in some ridiculous loop, with the pop-up message that states the iPhone is locked! I just want to charge my phone! Grrr

    • Yeah. One of our systems runs on Ubuntu and on that, we havent been able
      to get this sorted. However, you can get out of the loop. On the iPhone
      press ‘Don’t Trust’ and on Ubuntu, press Esc (or cancel) when the error
      dialog box pops up.


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How to Stop Trust this Computer Message on iPhone or iPad
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