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How to stop apps from opening on startup on Mac

Do you want to stop unnecessary programs and apps from opening whenever you start up your Mac? Multiple startup programs on Mac make it sluggish. So, deleting irrelevant login items is necessary to optimize your Mac’s startup process. This guide will show you ways to stop apps from opening on startup on Mac.

How to stop applications from opening on startup from Dock

If you find multiple applications are opened after login, you may quickly remove them from the startup list by following these steps:

  1. Right-click the desired app icon from the Dock on your Mac.
  2. Select Options → Uncheck Open at Login.

    Go to Options click on Open at Login

How to remove startup and login items from Mac

Changing each startup program from Dock can be daunting. So, let’s find all the login items on your Mac and delete them altogether. You can follow the below-mentioned method for your Mac running on macOS Sonoma or Ventura.

  1. Click the Apple logo () → Go to System Settings on your Mac.

    Click Apple Logo and System Settings in macOS Ventura
  2. Navigate to General → Choose Login Items.

    Select general and login items in mac settings
  3. Here, you can find all the login items on your Mac.

    Observe the active startup applications
  4. Select an application → Click the (-) icon to remove it from the Mac startup list.

    Select an application and click the icon
  5. Now, your Mac will stop the respective apps from opening on startup.
  6. Alternatively, to curate a personalized list, click the (+) icon to add login items.

    Tap the icon to add applications at startup
  7. Open the Applications folder → Select an application → Click Open.

    Access applications folder select an application and click open to save your preferences

Tips for organizing Mac startup items effectively

Startup programs are authorized to launch and operate automatically when your Mac boots up. So you don’t need to manually open the apps. But, this process is resource-intensive.

Therefore, change startup programs and remove the unnecessary ones to ensure your MacBook runs smoothly. Also, hover through the pointers below for a flawless performance on Mac.

  • Newly installed apps can join the login items list. So, take the time to review the list regularly and ensure you only have what you need.
  • Use a startup manager utility app like CleanMyMac X to manage your login apps and programs easily. So you can get an alert if any unknown items appear.
  • Configure your Mac with multiple users. This can help you control which startup items are active when each user logs in.
  • Disable launch agents and launch daemons. As a result, you can reduce the number of startup items that are running and decrease the chances that a virus will be able to launch itself on your Mac.
  • Exercising caution while tweaking startup and login items on Mac is vital. Do not remove any critical system files or applications necessary for your Mac’s operation.
Will removing startup and login items have any impact on my applications on Mac?

This process primarily helps optimize the performance of your Mac and free up system resources. However, to do so, you must get used to manually accessing the respective application when you turn on your device.

How frequently should I review and remove startup and login items on my Mac?

Reviewing your startup and login items periodically is good practice, especially after installing or uninstalling applications. This helps ensure that only necessary programs and applications are running at startup.

Happy computing!

In conclusion, the abovementioned tricks and techniques are proven and practical steps toward optimizing your Mac. Bid farewell to unnecessary delays and enjoy a snappier system by stopping apps from opening on Mac startup.

Thank you for reading. Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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