How to Mirror iPhone Screen to Android TV Quickly and Hassle-Free

How To Mirror iPhone Screen To Android TV Quickly and Hassle-Free

Whether for binging videos, working, attending classes, or video chatting, you can easily mirror iPhone screen to Android TV for a way better experience. With our TVs becoming smarter, we don’t need an HDMI adapter anymore; we can achieve the feat wirelessly.

How to Mirror iPhone Screen to AirPlay 2-Compatible Android TV

To cast the iPhone screen, you might or might not require a third-party app, depending on whether the TV is AirPlay 2-compatible or not. In both the scenarios, there is an important prerequisite – The iOS device and the TV should be connected to the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Step #1. Open Control Center on your Device and tap on Screen Mirroring.

Step #2. Select the TV name from the dialogue box.

Step #3. A four-digit AirPlay passcode will prompt on your TV, enter it on the iOS device.

Mirror iPhone or iPad Screen to AirPlay 2-Compatible Smart TV
Credit: Apple

iOS Screen Mirroring will soon begin. You might have to adjust the TV’s aspect ratio or zoom settings for better viewing.

Note: If you own an Apple TV device, repeat the same steps to mirror your iPhone.

To stop mirroring iPhone to Android TV, open Control Center and tap Stop Mirroring. AirPlay can also be used to directly cast music or videos on your TV when playing tap Cast icon.

In case you are facing any issue with AirPlay, check out this troubleshooting guide for help.

How to Mirror iPhone Screen to Android TV With AirScreen app

There are quite a few screen-mirroring apps that can seamlessly do the job. However, we prefer the AirScreen – AirPlay & Chromecast & DLNA app for its ease of access and multiple utilities.

The app supports AirPlay, MiraCast, Google Cast, and DLNA. Thanks to which you can mirror an iOS, macOS, Windows, or Android device to your Android TV.

Before you start, download and install the AirScreen app on your Android TV via Google Play store or download the apk file and sideload the app.

Step #1. Open the app on your TV and select the AirPlay option from the main screen.

Step #2. Now, select Start from the lefthand side menu.

Step #3. Once initiated, you will see Waiting for a connection, message on the bottom of the screen.

Note: The screen will also show device ID, server name, and the Wi-Fi name on the top left corner of the TV screen.

Step #4. Now, open the Control Center on your iPhone and tap on Screen Mirroring

Step #5. In the dialogue box, tap on the TV (device name).

Once the connection is made, your iPhone’s screen will instantly mirror to the TV. Change the phone’s orientation for landscape or portrait view. To stop mirroring your iPhone, open Control Center and tap Stop Mirroring.

AirScreen is free to download and a pretty flexible app. The only hiccup is that the free version allows just 15 videos per day.

Signing Off 

Mirroring your iPhone screen to Android TV is pretty hassle-free. And the fun of a bigger display, whether you are gaming, surfing or binging, is pretty great as well. Please feel free to ping us in the comment section, in case of any query.

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  1. I tried this and it didn’t work. The tv doesn’t even appear on the list to mirror. I even tried the QR code connect method but the IP address didn’t exist that the app directs you to.

  2. Did you check your device’s AirPlay compatibility? You can also try this troubleshoot guide by Apple In case the problem persists, please feel free to connect with us again, we’ll try and resolve the issue.

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