How to get water out of iPhone speakers (2023)

How to get water out of iPhone speaker

Unlike Apple Watch, there is no official way to eject water from the speaker grills, even though the modern iPhones are water-resistant. It not only muffles audio but also causes severe damage if the water is not ejected. Fret not! I’ve rounded up all the best ways to get water out of iPhone speaker.

Note: Though newer iPhones (iPhone 7 and later) are IP67 and IP68 water-resistant, you can’t claim a warranty, free support, or replacement in case of water damage.

Irrespective of whether your iPhone is waterproof, this article explains how to water out of speakers and clean water from the Phone’s speaker grills.

How does it work?

All the ways below use a sound of a certain frequency to push the water out of the iPhone speaker grills. The working principle is similar to the official water eject feature on Apple Watch. Feel free to use any method you like.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure to wipe the iPhone (you recently dropped in a pool or splashed water) using a soft dry cloth.
  • If you spilled anything other than water (tea, coffee, juice, wine, etc.), clean the affected area with fresh water. Make sure the tap’s water pressure is not too high.
  • Ensure Lightning cable, earphone, or any accessory is not connected.
  • Do not plug your wet iPhone into charging. Forget charging for the next 5 hours!
  • Do not open the SIM tray of a wet iPhone.
  • Make sure not to insert anything inside the Lightning connector or the tiny speaker grills to dry water inside it.

3 Ways to get water out of iPhone speakers

  1. Use the Sonic app
  2. Use Water Eject Shortcut
  3. Using tone-generator website

1. Use the Sonic app

  1. Install the free Sonic app from the App Store and open it.
  2. Place the iPhone on a flat surface or one that is slightly inclined toward the bottom (gravity will assist). Use the volume up button to set it to the maximum.
  3. Tap-and-hold down on the water drop icon.
  4. Now, swipe anywhere on the screen to set the frequency to a number between 160 to 200.
  5. Repeat the above process multiple times (until you see no water droplets being pushed out of the speaker grill.) Automatic: If this does not help, tap the water droplet icon and let the app make the appropriate sound frequency to push water out.
    Note: Manually changing frequency is of no use in the automatic mode.Use Sonic app to eject water from iPhone speaker Grill

2. Use Water Eject Shortcut

Before you begin: You have to allow untrusted shortcuts on your iPhone.

For this, go to SettingsShortcuts → toggle on Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.

  1. Add Water Eject shortcut by Josh0678 using this link.
  2. After that, tap My Shortcuts. Next, tap the shortcut to run it.
  3. Tap Begin Water Ejection. Make sure iPhone volume is set to max.Use Water Eject Shortcut to eject water from iPhone speaker Grill

You can check the below video to see how this shortcut ejects the water from iPhone.

3. Using tone-generator website

  1. Visit a website like FixMySpeakers or OnlineToneGenerator.
  2. On FixMySpeakers, tap the water droplet button to start playing a sound.Use Fix My Speakers to eject water from iPhone speaker Grill
  3. On OnlineToneGenerator, tap PLAY. You may use the slider to adjust the frequency. Take caution. Make sure not to damage your iPhone speakers!
    Use Online Tone Generator to eject water from iPhone speaker Grill
  4. Once water droplets stop coming out of the speaker grills, pause the sound.

Other recommendations

  • Dry water using a fan or blower: Apple recommends using a fan or blower to accelerate the water evaporation. Make sure to take proper caution while following this.
  • Silica gel (better than rice): Yes, unboiled rice works. But it is a slow process that may take over 24 hours. I suggest using silica gel to get better and quicker results. For this, keep your iPhone in a closed box with a few packets of silica gel.
  • Apple support: Finally, if you believe that your iPhone speakers still sound muddy, give it some hours, and then contact Apple Support. You may also take your device for inspection at an Apple Store or authorized service center.

I hope this guide helped you. If you have further questions, please reach me via the comments section below👍.

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  1. Dropped my phone in the toilet yesterday and the speaker has been messed up for a day.
    I didn’t think it would work since it has been a day but it worked IMMEDIATELY!!
    Thank you so much 😊

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