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iGBHow-toHow to eject water out of iPhone speakers (2024 Guide)

How to eject water out of iPhone speakers (2024 Guide)

The latest iPhones are rated IP68 and can withstand submerging under 6 meters for up to 30 minutes. However, if water gets into their speaker grills, it’s hard to get it out. This water can muffle your iPhone audio, and trying to dry water inside the speaker can cause severe damage. Also, you can’t claim a warranty, free support, or replacement in case of water damage.

If you’re unsure how to tackle this situation, I’ll show you three methods to get water out of iPhone speakers to make your life easier.

What should you know about getting water out of iPhone speakers?

Before you try to get water out of your iPhone, you should be mindful of a few things.

  • Make sure to wipe the iPhone using a soft, dry cloth to prevent excess water from penetrating inside.
  • If you’ve spilled anything other than water (tea, coffee, juice, wine, etc.), clean the affected area with fresh water to remove the stickiness. 
  • Ensure you don’t have your AirPods or other wireless earbuds connected to your iPhone. We want to route the audio through the iPhone speaker to remove the water.
  • Apple suggested gently tapping the iPhone speaker grills on your palm to get rid of excess water. Also, you may leave the phone for at least half an hour in a dry place with proper ventilation.
  • Your iPhone will show liquid detected in lightning connector alert if water has gone into the charging port, too. As such, avoid plugging your wet iPhone into charging for the next 5 hours! Also, using accessories while the port is wet can damage it and your iPhone.
  • Avoid opening the SIM tray of a wet iPhone. Doing so may let the ejected water get inside the iPhone, resulting in a damaged SIM card.
  • Avoid using compressed air or an external heat source to accelerate the water evaporation. Heat can cause harm to the iPhone battery.
  • Don’t put wet iPhone in rice, as it increases the risk of further harm since rice grains can get inside the ports and speaker grills and lead to other issues.

How to eject water from iPhone speakers

With your iPhone clean and dry, let’s explore the workarounds for getting water out of your iPhone speakers. I have outlined three solutions, including using Siri Shortcut to Sonic App and a tone generator website. However, the Siri Shortcut was the sure shot to remove water from my iPhone speaker. 

How to get water out of iPhone speakers using Siri Shortcut

Unlike the Apple Watch’s Water Lock feature, which ejects water if it somehow seeps in, iPhones don’t have a similar feature built-in. You do, however, get the Shortcuts app, which we can use to run the Water Eject shortcut to eject water out of iPhone speakers.

Water Eject is one of the best iOS shortcuts that uses a low-frequency sound to remove water from the iPhone speaker grills. It relies on the principle of sound waves, where the ultra-low 165Hz frequency tone causes the water molecules to vibrate and eventually get pushed out of the speaker.

  1. Get the Water Eject shortcut.
  2. Tap on Get ShortcutAdd Shortcut.

    Add shortcut to eject water from iphone
  3. Now, you will be redirected to the Shortcuts app. Tap the Water Eject shortcut to run it. You can also say, “Hey Siri, Water Eject,” to activate the shortcut.

    Begin eject water
  4. Select Begin Water Ejection and ensure that your iPhone volume is set to max.
  5. Your iPhone will start vibrating and emit a very low sound. Try to hold your device up horizontally.
  6. After a few seconds, the shortcut will stop running and ask for some permissions. Allow them as required.
  7. You will see a notification that says, “The H2O has been successfully ejected from [your iPhone name, date, time].”

How to eject water from iPhone speakers using Sonic App

If you prefer using an app to avoid shortcut setup, there are apps like Sonic or Water Eject Speaker Cleaner that you can use instead. They make sounds until the water is removed and your iPhone is dried.

I will use the Sonic Tone Generator app to demonstrate the process. It can generate sine wave sound tones and lets you precisely adjust the frequency. Besides, it has dedicated speaker cleaning sessions to help quickly eject water from iPhone speakers. 

  1. Install the Sonic app on your iPhone from the App Store.
  2. Open the Sonic app.
  3. Tap and hold down the water drop icon.
  4. Now, swipe anywhere on the screen to adjust the frequency. You can also use the plus (+) and minus () buttons.
  5. Repeat this process multiple times until all the water is pushed out. 
  6. Hit Stop to end the process.

    Use sonic app to eject water from iphone speaker grill 1

How to get water out of iPhone speakers using a tone generator website

The easiest way to fix iPhone speaker water damage is to use a tone generator website. Such websites make sounds that shake the water out of your iPhone’s speakers.

I tried it on my iPhone, and it worked! Just play the sound and listen for a crackling noise. 

  1. Open FixMySpeakers in a web browser on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the water droplet to start playing a sound.
  3. Once water droplets stop coming out of the speaker grills, pause the sound.

    Using online tone generators

Video: How to Eject Water from iPhone Speaker | A Secret Shortcut

Wrapping up…

Getting water out of your iPhone speakers is easy enough, and any of the above methods should do the job. However, if they don’t and your iPhone speakers still sound muddy, contact Apple Support. You may also take your device for inspection at an Apple Store or authorized service center.

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