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How to fix ghost touch on iPhone

Ghost touch occurs when your iPhone screen starts functioning independently. Although touchscreen displays have completely changed the way we use phones, they have drawbacks.

Before we delve deeper into the solutions to fix ghost touch on iPhone, let’s first understand what it is and which devices have experienced it.

What is ghost touch on iPhone?

As the name suggests, ghost touch is when the screen seems to react to non-existing touches, and the application starts functioning without you doing anything. Ghost touches are bothersome and may necessitate having your iPhone repaired by Apple. However, before attempting some quick fixes, you must first understand what causes ghost touch on iPhones.

What causes ghost touch on iPhone

  • Replacing or removing the touch screen during repair

Usually, if touch screens have been changed or removed during repairs, you might experience issues with screen sensitivity and ghost touch. 

  • Manufacturing defects

Ghost touch can occasionally result from a manufacturing error. Back office and supply chain implications, industrial automation, data analytics, and other areas of the manufacturing/logistics departments might be responsible for such faults. Programming errors can even sabotage the entire software processing. Therefore, the program installation gone wrong might be to blame. 

  • Hardware problems

Ghost touch might also be caused by a hardware issue. To check for hardware issues on your iPhone, launch Settings select Privacy & Security (iOS 16) or Privacy (iOS 15 or earlier) Analytics & Improvements Analytics Data. There could be a list of error logs there. 

Steps to check for error logs on an iPhone
  • Software issues

A glitch in the software, such as the iOS 16 upgrade, is a frequent cause of ghost touch. If there is a flaw in the update, it can influence how sensitive the screen is, and you might get an extremely annoying ghost touch. 

Which iPhones are affected by ghost touch?

In November 2018, Apple acknowledged that some iPhone X models had touchscreen problems. Even though that’s an old issue, some users of iOS 16 on iPhone X have brought it up in 2022 as well. Apple hasn’t publicly acknowledged the iPhone ghost touch issue, but investigations and internet complaints have proven that other models have also been impacted. Below is a list of the models rumored to have this screen glitch: 

  • iPhone 5 
  • iPhone 6 
  • iPhone 7 
  • iPhone 8 
  • iPhone XS 
  • iPhone XR 
  • iPhone 11 
  • iPhone 12  
  • iPhone 13

Note: Ghost Touch can occasionally be experienced on any iPhone.

How to fix ghost touch on iPhone

Here are 10 simple solutions that help you stop ghost touch on your iPhone. Let’s get started!

1. Check the Accessibility settings on your iPhone

Accessibility settings may have an impact on the touch of your iPhone. You may have unintentionally activated Touch Accommodation, Assistive Touch, Back Tap, or even a function that recognizes taps on your phone’s back. To adjust these settings:

  1. Open Settings Accessibility Touch.
  2. Now, toggle off/on these four options as per your liking: Assistive Touch, Touch Accommodations, Back Tap, or Haptic Touch.
Steps highlighted for opening Accessibility touch settings on an iPhone with iOS 16

2. Restart your iPhone

If you have problems with the iPhone screen glitch, you may always try restarting your smartphone. Rebooting always updates your devices, and it also fixes any ghost screen issues that may have been caused by applications. Follow the steps mentioned in our detailed guide to restart your iPhone

3. Stop using third-party accessories

Some third-party charging cables, headphone jack adapters, battery charging cases, and other accessories might cause odd screen motions. If you only experience ghost touch while a physical peripheral is attached, it is most likely the accessory that is to blame. So, it is recommended to use accessories certified by Apple and check if the problem is resolved. 

4. Clean your screen

You may think it’s only a silly step, but you have no idea how effective this one could be. To start cleaning the screen on your iPhone, make sure all external peripherals are unplugged. Now, wipe the screen with a soft cloth. Lint-free cloths and screen cleaning sprays are preferred.  

5. Update to the latest iOS

Your iPhone may face compatibility issues if you’re using an older version of iOS. Your existing iOS may have some bugs that may lead to phantom touch issues on your iPhone. To rectify the iPhone glitch screen, you may update iOS to the latest version using the steps mentioned in our detailed guide.

6. Update apps in App Store

iPhone’s ghost touch issue might be caused by out-of-date applications. It would be best if you upgraded the out-of-date apps on the Apple Store to correct them. You may have a few applications waiting for updates if automatic updates are not enabled. Read the following article for detailed information about how to update an app on iPhone.

7. Remove or replace your iPhone’s screen protector

Screen protectors are very thin sheets of glass or plastic that are used to shield the iPhone’s screen from damage. While they are often advantageous, they occasionally may interfere with your touchscreen’s functionality. Be careful not to scratch your iPhone’s screen when removing the screen protector from your phone. 

8. Reset iPhone Settings

If you feel like the ghost touch issue is because of the settings you’ve customized recently, then you can always revert back to your iPhone’s default settings. To reset your settings back to default, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Launch Settings General.
  2. Go to Transfer or Reset iPhone Reset Reset All Settings.  
Steps showing how to factory reset an iPhone

9. Do a factory reset

This is the last resort if your iPhone continues to have ghost touch errors. You can attempt factory resetting your iPhone to fix the glitch screen issue. I advise backing up your iPhone before continuing because this step will erase the device’s data. Please go through our guide on how to factory reset your iPhone and iPad for detailed steps.

10. Contact Apple Support

Well, if none of the aforementioned measures work for you, there’s always Apple Support. You might be able to get your screen changed for free, depending on your iPhone model and warranty. To obtain assistance, you can get in touch with Apple Support directly or go to a nearby Apple Store or authorized Apple Service Provider.

Winding up…

Please let us know in the comment section if you experience any other issues with your device. I’ll respond as soon as possible. Don’t forget to read the other articles as well. Below is a list of a few topics that might interest you.

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