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How to enable persistent notifications on iPhone and iPad

When you receive an iPhone notification, it disappears automatically after a few seconds. If you are busy with something else on your screen, it’s too easy to miss an important one.

To address this, you can set persistent notifications for specific (or all) apps that will ensure their notifications stay at the screen’s top unless you manually dismiss them. Let me show you how to enable persistent notifications on iPhone and iPad.

How to set persistent notifications for apps on your iOS devices

  1. Open iPhone Settings and tap Notifications.

    Open iPhone Settings app and tap Notifications
  2. Select the desired app from the list.
  3. Make sure ‘Banners’ is checked.
  4. Next, tap Banner Style and choose ‘Persistent.’

    Enable persistent notifications on iPhone and iPad

Now, when you receive a notification from this app, it will stay at the top of the screen. You can manually dismiss it. Or, when you go to the Home Screen, launch Siri, switch to another app, or lock your iPhone, the persistent notification will be dismissed.

Note: There is no single toggle to enable iOS persistent notification for all apps. You will have to do it on an individual app basis.

To disable persistent notifications: Follow the same steps, that is, go to SettingsNotificationsapp nameBanner Style → choose Temporary.

Tip: Make sure to set persistent banner notifications only for a few most essential apps. I would advise not to set it for shopping or social media apps.

Extra info: By default, the Phone app is set to persistent notifications. Even if you set it to Temporary, it will still show a persistent notification on top of the unlocked iPhone screen in iOS 14.

This is how you can customize notifications to stay on the top of the screen. I hope this quick guide was handy. Here are some of the most popular user queries.


Q. What is a persistent notification on iPhone?

As evident from the name, it is the kind of banner notification that sticks on top of the unlocked iPhone screen. You need to dismiss it manually.

Q. Can you make notifications reappear on iPhone?

If you dismiss a persistent notification, it will still show up in the notification center (assuming the app is allowed to show or keep notifications in the Notification Center).

Q. What is the difference between temporary and persistent notifications?

Temporary notifications automatically hide after a few seconds. In comparison, persistent notifications do not hide automatically. You have to dismiss them manually. They also go away if you go to the Home screen, lock the iPhone, invoke Siri, or switch to a different app.

Q. Why would I use iOS persistent notifications?

These are helpful if you have an app whose notification you do not want to miss while working on something else on your iPhone. For example, you are playing a game, and you get an important text. You may not be able to respond immediately. Here the persistent notification will stay on the screen’s top. You can take some time to pause the game and reply to the notification.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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