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How to Create Slideshow on Mac in Photos App

A slideshow is a perfect way to organize your photos and view or show them to someone. The Photos app on Mac makes it super simple to do this. Moreover, you can select a theme and text, music, etc. to customize it your way. Just follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to create a slideshow on Mac.

How to Make a Slideshow on Mac

  1. Open the Photos app on your Mac.
  2. Click on File at the Menu bar and scroll down to find Create.
  3. In Create, Go to Slideshow and then click on Photos.Click on File Select Create goto Slideshow and then Click on Photos on Mac
  4. Enter the Slideshow Name and click on OK.Give Name to Slideshow and Click on OK in Photos App on Mac
  5. Select and add photos in the slideshow and click on Add.Select Photos and Click on Add to Make Slideshow in Photos App on Mac

Your Slideshow will be created.

Reorder Photos in Slideshow

For Reorder photos drag and drop slides in the slideshow.

Drag and Drop Slide to Arrange Photos in Slideshow on Mac

Change or Select a Theme For the Slideshow

There are total Seven Themes to choose for Slideshow project.

List of Slides themes,

  • Ken Burns (pan and zoom effect)
  • Origami
  • Reflections
  • Sliding Panels
  • Vintage Prints
  • Classic (by default set)
  • Magazine

Click on Theme Picker button in the Photos app and then select a theme from the list.

Change Theme of Slideshow in Photos App on Mac

Add Music to a Slideshow

Click on Music in Photos app and select music from Apple Music (iTunes) or using built-in Theme Songs in Slideshow.

Click on Music Icon and Select Theme Songs from Dropdown Menu
Select Song to Add Music to Slidshow in Photos App on Mac

Change Duration Settings For Slideshow

  1. Fit to Music – To set the slideshow according to the length of the selected music.
  2. Custom – Set a particular display time for the slideshow and adjust the slider as per your needs.
    Select Custom and Drag Slider to Change Duration of Slides
  3. Transition – You can set a transition for the slideshow and choose the type of transition.
  4. Scale photos to fit screenAs per the name, you can set the slideshow fit to the screen.
    Enable Scale photos to fit screen to Change Transition on Slideshow in Mac Photos App

Add Text to Slideshow

After selecting a photo, Click on the ‘+’ icon at Photos app (bottom right corner) and Click on Add Text.

Select Slide Click on Plus and Then Click on Add Text in Photos App on Mac
Add Text to Slideshow in Photos App on Mac

Add the Created Slideshow to Favorites

At the Menu bar, Choose Image and click on Add to Favorites.

Click on Image from Top Menu bar and Select Add to Favorites on Mac
  • Preview the slideshow after exporting and make changes if required.
Preview Created Slideshow on Mac
  • Export the Slideshow and set file save location.
Click on Export in Photos App on Mac
Give Name Select Location and Click on Save to Export Slideshow from Photos App on Mac

Add or Remove Photos in a Slideshow on Mac

To add more photos, Click on ‘+’ icon and then click on Add Photos. You can select images to include in a slideshow and click on Add.

Click on Plus icon in Photos App on Mac
Click on Add Photos on Mac
Add Photos in Slideshow on Mac

Delete a photo from the slideshow, Click on the Preview, and tap on the trackpad with your two fingers. You will see the option of Delete Slide. Click on it.

Delete Slide from Slideshow Using Mac Trackpad

Another way, select the slide from Preview and go to Image at the Menu bar. Scroll down and click on Delete Slide.

Select image from top menu and click on delete slide on mac

How to Play an Instant Slideshow on Mac

  1. Open the Photos app and click on Photos at your Sidebar.
  2. Select Days from the toolbar.
  3. Now, select photos from the day.Select Photos from Sidebar Click on Days and Select Images in Photos App on Mac
  4. From your Menu bar, select the File and choose Play Slideshow.Select File from Top Menu and Click on Play Slidshow on Mac

Also, you can even add Themes and Music.

Choose Theme for Instant Slide Show in Photos App on Mac

Music can be added by clicking on the music icon and choosing the preferred song. And to remove the song, you can click on the song again and uncheck it.

Select Music Tab on Click on Theme Song
Select Song and Click on Play Slideshow in Photos App on Mac

Create Photo Slideshow on Mac without any Trouble

There are several complex third-party apps for creating slideshows, mixing videos, and making short movies. Still, The Photos app is the most widely used in Mac, and the simplicity of the app lets users make quick photo slideshows without any trouble.

Do share your excellent views in the comment section below!! We’ll see you soon with more such insights!

Till then, keep reading and keep exploring!!

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