How to Clear Apple News History on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

How to Clear Apple News History on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple News keeps a tab on what you search and the type of stories you like reading. And based on your reading habits, the app provides suggestions so that you can quickly access your favorite stuff.

However, you can view and delete your entire News history along with recommendations both from your iOS or macOS device on your own terms. Personally, I like to clear out such data for a couple of main reasons: prevent the app from being cluttered over time and also keep the privacy about what I’m reading or the things that interest me intact.

Whatever could be your purpose; let me show you how to wipe it out!

How to View and Delete Apple News History on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Clear Apple News History and Recommendations on iOS Device

Step #1. Open Apple News app on your device.

Open Apple News app on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on the Following tab or Sidebar icon.

Tap on Following tab in Apple News app

Step #3. Now, scroll down and tap on History. On the next screen, you will have access to all the recommended stuff and the stories you’ve browsed.

Tap on History in iOS Apple News App

Delete Individual History:

To remove individual News history, you need to swipe left from right on the specific article and then hit Delete.

Clear Individual Apple News History on iPhone and iPad

To Delete Entire News History and Recommendations:

Tap on Clear at the top right. Now, you get three options:

  • Clear History: It will clean up all the browsed data
  • To Clear Recommendations: It will wipe out the information that’s used from your reading habit to suggest stories
  • Clear All: It will eliminate everything
Clear reading history in Apple News on iPhone and iPad

You can choose any options based on your need. I’m going to select Clear All as I want to wipe out everything.

Delete Apple News History and Recommendations on macOS

Step #1. Open News app on your Mac.

Open News app on Mac

Step #2. Now, you need to click on History at the bottom in the sidebar. (Just in case, the sidebar is hidden, click the sidebar icon in the toolbar.)

Click on History in the sidebar in Mac Apple News app

Step #3. Next, click on Clear at the top right of the screen.

Click on Clear in Mac Apple News App

Step #4. Next up, you have three options to choose from: Clear History, Clear Recommendations and Clear All. Select any option as per your need and you are ready to go.

Delete Apple News History and Recommendations on macOS

Wrapping Up…

So, that’s the way you can keep the news app running smoothly and also shield your privacy (if at all that’s in your picture).

Just in case you wish to perfectly customize the app in line with your taste, do check out our complete guide and also the Siri Shortcuts that can let you instantly access your favorite stuff.

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