How to Change Live Photos to Still in Photos for Mac

I like viewing Live Photos on the big screen of Mac. As soon as you take the pointer on the Live Photos, they come to life and seem to interact with you. At times, while browsing through the Photos app, you might want to change those live images to still photos just to navigate through the library with the peace of mind.

Turning off Live Photos on Mac is easy. Later, if you want those pics to come alive again, you can turn them on. Let’s find out how it works.

How to Change Live Photos to Still in Photos for Mac

Step #1. Launch Photos app on your Mac.

Step #2. Next, you need to select the photo which you want to change into the still.

(Simply, hover the mouse on any photo, if it’s Live Photo, it will come alive.)

Step #3. Now, you need to the right click on the image.

Step #4. Finally, select Turn off Live Photo in the menu.

Convert Live Photo to Still Photo on Mac

If you change your mind and wish to turn on the live photo again, check following steps.

How to Turn on Live Photo in Mac Photos

Turning on Live Photos is equally easy.

Step #1. Open Photos app on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, head over to the Live Photo which you want to turn on.

Step #3. Next, right-click on the photo and choose Turn on Live Photo.

Turn On Still Photo to Live Photo On Mac

How to Change Live Photo to Still on iPhone

While editing any Live Photo on your iPhone, you may want to duplicate it so that your favorite pic remains in its real element. To do so, select any Live Photo on your iOS device → Tap on the share button → select Duplicate and finally choose Duplicate as Still Photo.

Save Live Photo as Still Photo on iPhone

Alternatively, select the photo → Tap on Edit button → Tap on the tiny blue circle → Tap on Done (Once you edit, the tiny blue circle will turn white.)

Convert Live Photo into Still Photo on iPhone

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Wrapping Up

Photos apps for Mac and iOS has significantly improved in recent times. Features like Markup lets you edit images in Photos app on your Mac to your best liking.

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However, there could be many features, which you would want Apple to bring in the Photos app for macOS. As for instance, a better way to hide your personal photos must be on the wish list of many users.

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