How to Block a Number on Your iPhone: 3 Methods Explained

how to block number or contact on iphone

In today’s era, annoying calls can be considered as a drawback. Luckily, you can block specific callers on your iPhone, and eventually stay away from them safely without cutting yourself off from the people you want to talk. No matter whosoever it is, Apple lets control the communication you received from around the globe. Now let us begin with the guide and learn how to block a number on the iPhone.

What Happens When You Block a Number or Contact?

  • You can prevent spammers from approaching you through text messages, calls, or FaceTime after you Block them.
  • Even after Blocking a contact number, they can still send you a voicemail, but you will not receive a message.
  • Messages that are sent or received won’t be delivered. Also, the contact will not get notified about he/she being blocked.
  • Spam calls can also be muted by enabling ‘silence unknown callers’ setting. However, after doing so, you’ll only receive calls from known callers or those whose contact number is saved on your iPhone. Open the Settings app → Go to Phone → Scroll down and tap on Silence Unknown Callers and turn on the switch.

How to Block a Phone Number on iPhone

From the FaceTime app:

You can block any unwanted calls through Facetime as well; all you need to do is:

  1. Open the “FaceTime” app.
  2. To block a specific contact, tap ‘i’ located towards the right from the numbers list.
  3. Click on “Block this caller” and tap “Block”block contact in facetime app on iphone

From the Phone app:

Unwanted callers can be smoothly blocked from the Phone app, as follows:

  1. Go to “Recents” from the phone app.
  2. Tap ‘i’ located towards the right corner of every contact number.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the contact and tap on “Block this caller” and Confirm by tapping “Block Contact”.block specific contact from phone app on iphone

From the Messages app:

Blocking callers through messages too is very easy:-

  1. Open the conversation that you wish to block in the Messages app.
  2. Tap on the contact at the top of the conversation and then info.tap on conversation and tap on contact then tap on info in messages app on iphone
  3. Tap on info and scroll down to find the option of Block this Caller and confirm by tapping Block Contact.tap on info and select block this caller to block contact in messages app on iphone

How to Unblock a Number on iPhone

Now if you wish to unblock the contact you have blocked, these steps.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Go to the Phone app.
  3. Tap on Blocked settings tap on phone and then tap on blocked contacts on iphone

Now you will see a list of contacts you have already blocked. Now, Swipe right to left across the contact number you wish to unblock and tap Unblock.

swipe on blocked contact and tap unblock on iphone

The same procedure can be followed to “Unblock” anyone you’ve blocked from “Facetime” and “Messages” as well. All you need to do is, under the settings app, you need to choose the app from which you want to unblock.

Go to the Settings app → Scroll down and tap on the desired app → Scroll down to find Blocked contacts → Manage your Blocked list.

Signing Off!!

Unnecessary calls and spam messages are disliked by everyone, just a small effort to help people get through it quickly and effectively. Hoping you all liked the guidelines.

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