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There are certain things that separate iCloud Drive from other cloud based apps. Though it may not be as universal as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive but it has its own highly useful features that make it one of its own kinds. Do you know from where you can access all the documents and data that you store in iCloud Drive?

If you think that iCloud Drive is a full-fledged app that can let you access your files right from it without any other help, then it's not true at all. To be more precise, it’s not an app. However, it lets you access files from any supported apps from within. For example, Documents 5, Cloud Opener and Goodreader are the apps that allow you to access iCloud Drive files from within the app. Let's know more about these apps!

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How to Access Files from iCloud Drive on iPhone and iPad

How to Access iCloud Drive Files on iPhone and iPad

Documents 5

Documents 5 iPhone App IconDocuments 5 is very useful app that makes it easy for you to access the data which you have saved in iCloud Drive. This app allows you to open most of the file types within the app. If it doesn't support any file type, it will let you open that file through another supported app.

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Step #1. Tap on the iCloud icon from the bottom left corner.

Tap Cloud Icon in Documents 5 iPhone App

Step #2. Tap on iCloud Drive.

Tap on iCloud Drive in Documents 5 iPhone App

Step #3. Now, you can access files which you have saved from supported apps.

iCloud Drive Supported Apps for Documents 5

Price: Free
Download Documents 5

Cloud Opener

Cloud Opener iPhone App IconCloud Opener is the one stop solution of all the confusions and doubts that may have cropped up regarding how you can use iCloud Drive easily. This app lets you have direct access to all the data you have stored in iCloud Drive. All you have to do is just download it from App Store and use it like a pro. And, it’s free.

Step #1. Launch Cloud Opener.

Step #2. Tap on Cloud icon.

Tap on Cloud Icon in Cloud Opener App

Step #3. Navigate through any files.

iCloud Drive Supported Apps for Cloud Opener

You can view all the iCloud Drive data according to their dates, names and tags.

Price: Free
Download Cloud Opener


GoodReader iPhone App IconJust like Documents 5, Goodreader allows you to have easy access to iCloud Drive files.

Step #1. Launch Goodreader.

Step #2. Tap on iCloud icon.

Step #3. Tap on iCloud Drive.

Step #4. View any files.

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Price: $4.99
Download GoodReader

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