Happin iOS app: Find local events and friends

Happin Local Events & Friends iOS App Review

Happin is a social networking app that lets you find real-life events around you and mingle with like-minded people. It’s a boredom killer if you use it judiciously.


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Easily find and attend events around you.
  • See everyone attending a similar event.
  • Create events and invite people.
  • Buy event tickets for many people.


  • The app isn’t yet popular.
  • The security checks can be more thorough.

Price: Free


Of course, you have fun on social media and interact with various people in your life over the internet. Some you’ve never met physically, and others you only see once in a while. Ever thought about going beyond the virtual interaction and meeting these people in real life? It’s all possible with Happin!

On Happin, you get to meet and network with new people, see what your friends are up to, share your moments with them, and organize real-life hangouts, parties, and many more. Trust me, you don’t want to underestimate this revolutionary social space’s mental and social benefits!

So how does Happin work, and why do I love it?

Happin review: How does it work?

Happin iPhone app review

Happin uses social networking to bring people with similar social inclinations together. It grabs your geolocation, allowing you to find people close to you who also love doing what you love.

On Happin, you can find and opt-in to attend local events that interest you. And if you’re planning to fix a hangout, it lets you invite your friends over without sending individual invitations. Invariably, your friends can see what you’re up to and join in if they’re interested.

When you join an event, you can also browse through the profiles of other attendees and mingle with those sharing similar vibes. With Happin events, you can remove boredom by transforming virtual social interactions into actionable real-life meetings.

What we love about Happin

Here’s the thing: So you want to throw a housewarming party, a hangout, or a random fun event? Do you want to invite people but don’t know who might be interested? All you have to do is throw it out on Happin, and like-minded folks join the train? I bet that’s a unique way to network with people.

Discover events around you

As earlier mentioned, Happin lets you discover events around you to boost your fun life. Therefore, joining an upcoming local event that interests you is always only a few taps away.

I particularly love that you can filter events based on periods on the app. For instance, tell Happin to only show events coming up tomorrow or the weekend if that’s your free time.

Share what you’re up to with others

Happin is all about sharing social values. It doesn’t only lets you share what you’re about doing with others, but you can also see what your connections are about doing. When you share your activities with others on Happin, you can’t tell who might want to join.

Create your own event

While you can discover events around you, Happin also lets you create your event and set a date. While creating events, you get to specify the maximum number of attendees. So the invitation closes once people hit your set limit.

Similarly, you can choose who sees your upcoming events to trim attendees down to specific people. For instance, you can choose to allow your only friends to opt into your event. To give more details about your event, write a description of how it’ll go in the description box.

In addition to organizing real-life events, you can hang out with friends on the app and pull up a virtual live streaming party or a virtual after-party audio event.

Connect with like-minded people near you

After opting for an event, you can browse the attendees of that event to see who might be a perfect match for your vibe. So you can meet up and chat with them on the app.

Well, that’s a great way to set up momentum for real-life conversation at the real-life event. And who knows? Things might work out more affectionately, after all. Winks.


Happin also prioritizes your security since you’re likely meeting with people in real life. Although I find it a bit shallow, the app uses the number of events someone has attended to verify and rate them. Well, that’s fine.

But a thorough KYC involving past criminal histories to rate crime tendencies might go a long way. The developer probably currently eases the verification process because the app isn’t yet as popular.

Share hangout moments

There’s no show without evidence of the fun. Happin lets you share pictures of the activities in an event with your friends. So they can have a feel of how it all went down. This might be a channel to publicize a periodic concert, meeting, or party.

Happin lends a real way to hang out and have fun

How does Happin iPhone app work

Getting started with Happin is straightforward. Thankfully, it’s available on the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android. To start, you’ll install the app from the appropriate store and register an account. However, you can sign up for the app via your Apple ID or Google account.

The app will take you through a few steps typical of account creation. Once in the app, tap the avatar icon at the extreme lower-right to visit your profile. You can tap the cross (+) icon at the mid-bottom to create an event or share hangout moments.

Use the search icon towards the bottom-left to search for specific events. When you tap the search icon, you’ll also see a horizontal list of event categories directly below the search bar at the top. You’ll see a list of friends’ statuses and what they’re up to by tapping the Happin logo icon at the extreme bottom-right.

And to make the platform more fun for yourself and boost trust, tap the Invite friends now banner to invite people from other social apps or your contact book.

To join an event: tap the event you wish to join and indicate that you’re in to follow it. Some events come with paid tickets, though.

Therefore, you might have to purchase a ticket on the marketplace to get an access code. No worries, the process is as easy as clicking a Get Tickets button. I find it interesting that you can buy many tickets if you’re inviting your friends along.

Happin: Is it worth sharing the fun?


User Interface
User Experience
Event location precision
User security

How would it feel to find like-minded people to hang out with and share fun moments? Yes, you can organize virtual meetings on Happin. But in the real sense, it’s more than that. It brings people together mentally, socially, and physically.

So my verdict is that it’s worth it. Got any questions or comments? Let me know in the comments section below. Have fun inviting your friends to collaborate on Happin!

Price: Free


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