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FYSH app for iPhone and iPad: Marketplace for side hustle

FYSH is a mobile app that helps freelancers and clients connect. You have a marketplace to search for jobs and workers, an in-app chat, an appointment calendar, and an invoice section for when the job is complete.


  • Intuitive and attractive interface
  • Dedicated marketplace for job and worker searches
  • Extra features like appointments and invoices


  • Not many listings
  • Some feature limitations

Price: Free | In-app purchases start at $4.99

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As a freelancer, finding work can be challenging with all the competition. On the flip side, finding the right person for the job can be hard if you need to hire a freelancer. With FYSH on iPhone and iPad, both freelancers and clients can take advantage of built-in features for locating jobs and workers, chatting about the project, scheduling an appointment to meet, and invoicing when the work is done.

Whether you offer or need handyman services, design, house cleaning, cooking, or writing, FYSH can help you connect and get the job started. In this review, I’ll take a closer look at the FYSH app and its features, and try to decipher if you should get the app!

FYSH app – User interface

When you first open FYSH, you’re greeted with an attractive and easy-to-use interface.

You have tabs across the bottom for the primary areas, including Home, Chat, Invoices, and the Marketplace. So, finding where you need to go is a breeze.

To keep up with your notifications, you have a handy Bell icon on the top right of each screen that shows you unread messages.

For additional sections, tap the Menu icon on the top left. You’ll then see each section of the app with subsections along with options to head to your account profile and get support.

Overall, the UI is something you’d get used to pretty quickly, and it won’t give you much to complain about.

About FYSH job marketplace – The heart of the app

The FYSH marketplace is the prime spot for finding a job or worker. You simply choose a service category, whether you’re seeking a client or a worker, and then enter a location. You can also check the box to display remote work only.

To place your own listing in the marketplace, tap Create My FYSH Market Listing. You can then upload a cover photo, add your display name and a service title, enter a description, and provide a location.

You can also check the box here for remote work, which shows your listing outside of the 50-mile radius of your location.

Salient features of FYSH app

Along with the search feature in the marketplace, you can take advantage of additional tools to manage your job or worker. These let you take care of business right from your iPhone or iPad.

  • Calendar: Use the day or month view and create appointments with clients or workers. Currently, you must add physical locations for appointments. With the ability to choose only remote work, hopefully, phone numbers or video conference links will be options down the road.
  • Chat: Communicate with your contacts or chat with new FYSH connections. You can grant access to your iPhone or iPad contacts when you initially visit the Chat section.
  • Invoices: Send or receive invoices for services performed and manage payments within the app via Stripe. You do need a Stripe account to send invoices.

Should you download FYSH app?

The job and worker listings are currently a bit slim; the app simply needs more users to sign up and create listings.

Additionally, some of the features are slightly limited. As an example, you must add a physical location to create an appointment, and it doesn’t appear that you can edit or cancel an existing appointment.

The developers are working on making the app much better, and it’s only a matter of time before it takes the market by storm. So, for now, I definitely think all side hustlers should give the FYSH app a shot!


FYSH is available on iPhone and iPad for free. You can check out in-app purchases starting at $4.99 to boost your listing.


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