6 Features I Want to See in My Future iPhones

Future iPhone Features

Imagination is the source of all art and science. It was human imagination that took us thus far, from caves to castles and stones to smartphones. While living in the present, we think of the future. Our mind paints beautiful dreams and then we fulfill those dreams with every tool – manual or smart – at our disposal.

When it comes to a smartphone, our imagination leads us to picture a world, which is most comfortable for us. Our need for a smartphone is mostly based on the problems we face in our life, and we look up to that smartphone as the final solution. There is nothing wrong, though, to expect miracles from smartphone manufacturers.

Apple has introduced many revolutionary features in its leading product – iPhone. Ten years back, who knew our face would become a password to unlock the phone. We hardly had an idea that our fingerprints can be used anywhere else, outside of forensic laboratories.

Technology has broken many stereotypes. With imaginative brains and our intellectual abilities, we have turned impossible into possible. For the last many years, Apple has done a lot of research to improve its product line and services. The company has registered many patents for products, which are now in a very nascent stage. Based on all this, we can imagine or guess that Apple’s future iPhones will have certain features.

But not everything mentioned here is based on patents or R&D going on in Apple’s lab. We like to play with our imagination. Professionals and experts do their homework and amateurs wait for inspiration. We have done both. We have done some homework and we waited for inspiration as well. But remember, homework is repetitive and therefore, there can be some ideas already registered somewhere on this virtual or real world. While inspiration brings fresh ideas; you may find the ideas weird, but they can be realized in the near future.

Features I Expect Apple to Include in My Future iPhones

A declaration is necessary here. We may not follow our editorial title word for word; so if you find some of our expectations related to iPhone accessories (made by Apple), don’t get surprised or shocked.

Two of our expectations may sound like they are grounded in science fiction, but then didn’t sci-fi envision a journey to the moon well before Mr.Armstrong put his foot on that round object in 1969? Every expectation may not stem from our knowledge of concrete mobile technology. We should leave something to our imagination. After all, groundbreaking technologies have their foundation laid on the fertile land of imagination. Let’s start with the health-centric features.

Blood Pressure Monitoring in Armband

Blood Pressure Monitoring in Armband

Image credit: TechnologyReview.com

When Apple filed a patent for a wearable blood-pressure monitor, experts began to think that Apple might roll this device into its upcoming smartwatch. If Apple can pack this cuff in its future Apple Watch, the company can also design an armband that can measure the blood pressure of the wearer.

This armband can be equipped with Bluetooth technology, so that wearer can save the readings directly on his/her connected iPhone.

Apple has already forayed into the production of many accessories for its devices. Since the company underlines the importance of health, an armband with the blood pressure monitoring feature could be a considerable breakthrough for Apple. Moreover, the number of people suffering from blood pressure is increasing; therefore, Apple’s entry into this sector would make sense.

Blood Sugar Monitoring

Blood Sugar Monitoring Feature in Future iPhone

One Drop Chrome is already selling its blood glucose monitoring kit on the Apple store. This made me imagine why can’t Apple install a technology that can measure blood glucose in its future iPhones. This can be a far-fetched imagination as there is no patent filed by the company that hints bloggers to think in this line. But as mentioned earlier, many notable inventions and discoveries had their roots in science fictions.

Apple may begin to work in this line and can come up with a blood sugar monitoring feature probably after five or ten years. For this purpose, Apple cannot get rid of the lightning port as it is rumored that the company is planning to manufacture iPhones without lightning ports.

iPhones Compatibility with Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil Compatible with iPhone

When Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, Steve Jobs rhetorically asked, “Who wants a stylus?” with an implied answer “Nobody.” Today, there is a need for a stylus though. With large sized smartphones making successful forays in our lifestyle, users have begun to appreciate stylus. The case in point is Samsung’s Note series smartphones. Since Apple is planning to come up with large-sized iPhones, the company can keep those phablets compatible with Apple’s Pencil.

This iPen will make users explore the future device more efficiently. When the user wants to use iPen, s/he should be able to disable 3D Touch on the iPhone, as with iPen, the user may not decide the 3D Touch sensitivity.

Ultra-Portable and Foldable Design

Foldable iPhone

Image credit: MacObserver.com

Though I have relished taking a shot at the ultra-large iPhone with the huge display for both larger-than-life gaming and awesome media viewing, my small pocket has always found it a bit inconvenient to carry the device. Even the palm doesn’t always feel at home while holding the smartphone.

Not to mention the occasional fumbling and the unwanted slip-ups that keep on haunting me about the possible damage. Worse, the skyrocketing price of the iPhone repair parts hardly offers any respite. So, what’s the way out of this problem?

Truth be told, the rumors about the foldable iPhone have been going around for quite some time. Moreover, several other smartphone vendors like Samsung, LG, and Huawei have all reportedly jumped on the bandwagon to produce foldable devices in the next couple of years.

But hold on, the foldable design that has dominated my imagination is slightly different from what the rumors mills are saying about the future smartphones! Well, I want my iPhone to sport a paper-thin design that can be effortlessly double or triple folded so that I can slip the device into the even tiny pocket.

With the incredibly lightweight profile, I can hold the iPhone more comfortable and wouldn’t worry about accidental drops. The elastic and shock-absorbing design would offer enhanced grip and also prevent breakage.

I know many of you might be thinking about what type of materials can give shape to this futuristic iPhone. I won’t dive into that and leave it for the imagination of smartphone vendors.

Long Range Wireless Charging

Long range Wireless Charging in Future iPhones

Image credit: wccftech.com

Again, the idea about the long-range wireless charging has been blowing hot and cold for a long time. In fact, Apple was said to be getting it ready for the iPhone X but had to drop it mid-way due to technical issues.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy the comfort of wireless charging. The prime reason why I feel a bit closer to the wireless charging technology is that I hate being surrounded by wires and don’t like to see my desktop being cluttered by cables and adapters. However, I find the Qi wireless charging system quite a greenhorn. To say the least, it doesn’t offer an efficient charging solution.

So, what can show the way forward to the existing wireless charging technology? That’s the point!

I want the wireless charging mat or stand to feature Bluetooth and connect to the iPhone wirelessly. And once they have been paired, charging should begin.

The moment your iPhone enters the Bluetooth range (around 10 meters), you get an alert asking you to start charging the device. Just hit the “OK” button and watch the magic happen! No more dropping the iPhone on the charging mat and waiting for it to get juiced up!

Boy, I know it does seem to be slightly far-fetched at this stage. But it’s worth dreaming for the better, isn’t it? Till than you can manage with wireless chargers available in the market.

Voice ID

Voice ID in Future iPhone

Image credit: wccftech.com

Apple’s gold standard “Face ID” is great and I have found it up to the mark. However, I would be more than happy to have “Voice ID” as well.

Wondering how Voice Unlock may work or how it can be a worthy addition?

Thanks to Siri, your iPhone already recognizes your voice. And therefore, it wouldn’t be a big challenge for the iOS device to be able to get unlocked by identifying the voice of the owner.

Talking about whether it would be worth or not, I think many folks would give it a thumbs up. Imagine this situation: you are taking a nap in your bed. Suddenly, your spouse is asking you to unlock the iPhone to allow your little kid to play his favorite game. Wouldn’t it be more convenient just to speak a secret code to unlock the iPhone instead of glancing at the screen? I would have preferred to have this functionality.

Have any wildcards? Share Them With Us!

The features mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg as there can be many more hot additions. Have got any cool feature running in your mind, which you would love to have a go on your iPhone. Feel free to shoot it down below in the comments:

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