Colorgram Adult Coloring Book iPhone and iPad App

Colorgram Adult Coloring Book iPhone and iPad app is exactly what you should use to not only give your creativity great wings.
Colorgram Adult Coloring Book iPhone and iPad App

Cool music and fun-loving videos have long been an integral part of my life. Whenever the fast-paced and hectic life seems to be getting stressful, I take the help of some of my all-time favorite tracks to take me out of strain. And when I wish to laugh my heart out, I go for hilarious videos.

There is one more thing I often try out—“coloring.” Apart from filling my inner core with the abundance of peace, it re-energizes my ability to be creative and playful. About a week back, I got 4 Axis Solutions’ “Colorgram Adult Coloring Book” to review. Having given it a try and explored all of its features, I came out impressed with the coloring app for iOS. So, what makes it an ideal de-stressor?

Wide Range of Vibrant Colors to Choose From

The app boasts the variety of vibrant colors to let you design your creativity to your heart’s liking. Hence, you can give your imagination a realistic look.

ColorGram iPhone App Color Options

The one thing I always want in abundance while coloring artwork is the availability of a lot of different colors. It not only offers me more options but also allows me to decorate my creativity perfectly.

I’m really glad that the app has got all sorts of colors to beautify any artwork.

Over 20 Smart Filters

Another notable feature which I have found in this coloring app for iPhone and iPad is the collection of over 20 excellent filters. With so many options available, you will love trying out multiple combinations to find out which one can win attention right from the onset.

Colorgram iPhone and iPad App Filters

To me, filters are a must have as they let you embellish your art elegantly. Whenever I want to add an X-factor to my art, I make sure to use the most suitable filter.

Replay Your Creativity

It’s great to watch your creativity. And the app ensures you can view your masterpiece in style.

Once you have created a fine art, you can replay it in sequence. If you wish to add more spice to your art, you can add music to it as well. Even better, Colorgram lets you choose from multiple types of tunes to ensure you can pick the right one for your special art.

iMessage and Apple Watch App

Colorgram also supports iMessage and Apple Watch. That means you can send your great arts to your friends and loved ones right from iMessage.

Colorgram iMessage App

You can also use Colorgram Watch app to bring more fun into coloring.

Colorgram Apple Watch App

How to Color Pictures in Colorgram on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Once you have downloaded Colorgram on your iOS device, launch it. (The app comes with a one-week free trial.)

Step #2. Make sure Books tab at the bottom is selected, if it’s not already.

Tap on Books Tab in Colorgram iPhone App

Next, choose the type of artwork you want to color. For instance, you have multiple types of options like Fashionable Girls, Festive Celebrations. In this test, I’m going to select Festive Celebrations.

Choose Artwork Type in Colorgram iPhone App

Step #3. Check out the plethora of options through which you can wish your friend. Tap on the one you want to try your hands on.

Select Artwork in Colorgram iPhone App

Step #4. Next up, you need to select your favorite color and then tap on the spot where you wish to use that particular color. Make the most of the plenty of available colors and use them smartly to give your art the desired look.

Create Artwork in ColorGram iPhone App

You can use your two fingers to pan and rotate your artwork. To fill multiple areas quickly, just drag your finger along the artwork. To go forward or backward, tap on the respective arrow at the top center.

Step #5. Once you have created a fantastic artwork, tap on the play button at the bottom left corner.

Review Artwork in Colorgram iPhone App

Step #6. If you want to add music to your creativity, tap on the music button at the bottom right corner and then turn on the toggle next to Music. Then select a nice music.

Add Music to Artwork in ColorGram iPhone App

Step #7. Once you are done, tap on right icon located at the top right corner and select the background.

Customize Artwork in Colorgram App

Step #8. You can access/share saved artwork by tapping on My Artworks tab.

Access Saved Artwrks in Colorgram iPhone App

That’s it!

Join the Community To Share and Explore

Share Your Artwork with Community in Colorgram iPhone App

Beyond features and intuitive design, what has attracted me about this app is the ability to join a community of like-minded people to share and explore great arts. If you are someone who has a penchant for wonderful arts, you will love being part of the community.

Price and Availability

This coloring app comes at $2.99 weekly along with one-week trial period. Its monthly subscription price is $7.99 monthly, while the yearly subscription price stands at $39.99.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 10 or later. It’s also available for Apple Watch.


The verdict

Simply put, Colorgram is one of the most exceptional coloring apps for iOS. What has stood it in good stead is the well-thought-out interface, intuitive features and more importantly; the ability to make your fascination for designing something incredibly beautiful a great experience.

If you are someone who is looking for something worthwhile to bring out the creativity from you and also help you de-stress with ease, you shouldn’t miss out on Colorgram.

Being said that, I would have loved there been a full-fledged free app (I mean without any time limitation). The premium version of the app is slightly on the expensive side of the fence. However, looking at the rich features the app boasts, it’s worth having a go at it.

Let me know what you think of Colorgram and whether you’d like to use it.

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